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The Descendants of Johann Nicolas Wichner

Fifth Generation (Part 1)

Twin Daughters of Jean Louis Cureau and Marie Amada Vicknair:

  1. Marie Celeste Cureau, born July 7,1812 (SJB), died March 15,1817 (SMI).
  2. Marie Cureau, born July 7,1812 (SJB), married February 16,1836 (SMI), to Drauzin Bourgeois, son of Pierre Bourgeois and Genevieve LeBlanc.

Son of Jean Baptist Adam Vicknair and Marie Zelina Lambert:

  1. Joseph Vicknair, born June 9,1824 (SMI), married first to Marie Josephine Graneau, born August 17,1833 (ASC), daughter of Leopold Graneau and Marie Elizabeth Gautreau, and after her death, he married Marie Arsene Keller, born September 11,1831 (SJB), daughter of Michel Keller and Emeranthe Keller, and the widow of Vincent Scivicque. Joseph was the father of three children by his first marriage, and at least four children by his second marriage.

Children of Francois Bienvenu Vicknair and Marie Louise Fauser:

  1. Marie Therese Vicknair, born March 4,1836 (SGA), married October 18,1852, in Ascension Parish, to Paul Guidry. At least two children were born to them.
  2. Marie Lezida Vicknair, born August 31, 1837 (SGA), posterity unknown.
  3. Francois Ulger Vicknair, born December 8,1840 (SGA), never married, died in Donaldsonville, LA, on September 20,1892.
  4. Joseph Washington Vicknair, born September 16,1843 (SGA), posterity unknown.
  5. Marie Angelique Vicknair, born October 9,1849 (ASC).

Children of Jean Louis Ory and Genevieve Chauff:

  1. Exupere Ory, born December 5,1817 (SJB), posterity unknown.
  2. Lezin Ory, born January 22,1819 (SJB), married February 7,1839 (SJB), to Melanie Cambre, born May 15,1821 (SJB), daughter of Matthias Cambre and Charlotte Perilloux. Lezin died March 3,1897 (SP), and Melanie died January 28,1904 (SP). Ten children were born to them.

Children of George Tregre and Marie Marguerite Ory:

  1. Marie Irene Tregre, born December 24,1815 (SJB), married October 12,1833 (SJB), to Edmond Ory, born September 10,1811 (SJB), son of Antoine Ory and Marguerite Cambre. Marie Irene died March 16,1854 (SJB), and was the mother of at least eight children.
  2. Marie Delphine Tregre, born December 31,1817 (SJB), married August 17,1833 (SJB), to Pierre Clement, born August 17,1808 (SJB), son of Jacques Clement and Therese Elfer, and the widower of Helene Perilloux. Pierre died May 13,1853 (SJB), and was the father of eight children by his second marriage.
  3. Victorin Tregre, born September 3,1820 (SJB), posterity unknown.
  4. George Tregre, born April 5,1824 (SJB), married April 19,1845 (SJB), to Marie Anaise Madere, born July 13,1830 (SJB), daughter of Nicaisse Madere and Marie Josephine Triche. George died September 26,1853 (SJB), and Marie Anaise remarried on April 13,1858 (SJB), to Pierre Ursin Leche. Marie Anaise died October 1,1892 (SP), and she and George were the parents of at least three children.
  5. Marie Marguerite Tregre, born February 5,1827 (SJB), married May 7,1844 (SJB), to Godfrey Froisil (Froisy), born November 9,1821 (SJB), son of Jean Baptist Froisil and Emeranthe Cambre. Godfrey died August 15,1894 (SP), and Marie Marguerite died January 23,1906 (SP), and they were the parents of at least thirteen children.

Children of Antoine Vicknair and Rose Libeau:

  1. Eugene Vicknair, born March 21,1827 (SJB), died January 18,1847 (ASC).
  2. Eulalie Vicknair, born February 14,1829 (SJB), never married. She died in Reserve, LA, on March 20,1907 (SP).
  3. Ulger Vicknair, born November 14,1830 (SJB), married April 8,1856 (SJB), to Therese Hermina Clement, born April 18,1834 (SJB), daughter of Celestin Clement and Marie Emeranthe Lasseigne. Therese Hermina died in Reserve, LA, on March 4,1910 (SP), and Ulger died there on September 28.1916 (SP). Eight children were born to this couple.
  4. Antoine Vicknair, born December 24,1832 (SJB), married February 2,1866 (SP), to Charlotte Elise Walters, born November 30,1844 (SJB), daughter of Herman Pierre Walters and Marie Aurolise Vicknair. Charlotte Elise died November 29,1914 (SP), there were no children of this union.
  5. Alphonse Vicknair, born October 6,1834 (SJB), died in New Orleans, LA on May 12,1837, and was buried in Edgard, LA (SJB).
  6. Augusta Vicknair, born April 7.1839 (SJB), married April 20,1858 (SJB), to Joseph Thomas Pollet, born December 29,1839 (SJB), son of Leonard Pollet and Marie Arsene Poche. Joseph Thomas Pollet died October 27,1891 (SP), and Augusta died in St. James Parish on June 17,1926. Eight children were born to them.
  7. Donatien Claiborne Vicknair, born May 22,1841 (SJB), died September 11,1847 (ASC).
  8. Henriette Vicknair, born August 28,1843 (SJB), married March 20,1871 (SP), to Charles Arvillere Cicet, born November 6,1838 (SJB), son of Pierre Cicet and Delphine Bredy. Charles in Reserve, LA on September 24,1897 (SP), and Henriette died in New Orleans on August 22,1938 (SP). Six children were born to them.
  9. Celima Vicknair, born August 28,1845 (SJB), posterity unknown.
  10. Antoine Renest Vicknair, born April 16,1849 (ASC), married February 21,1871 (SP), to Heloise Duhe, born February 4,1850 (SJB), daughter of Eli Duhe and Marie Victorine Marchand. Heloise died November 15,1879 (SP), and Antoine Renest remarried on March 6,1886 (SP), to Clemence Madere, born September 18,1868 (SP), daughter of Cleophas Madere and Marie Octavie Duhe, and the niece of Heloise Duhe. Antoine Renest died in Reserve, LA on August 21,1931 (SP), and his widow died there on September 11,1962. Antoine Renest was the father of seven children by his first marriage, and eleven by his second marriage.
  11. Rose Antoinette Vicknair, born April 16,1852 (SJB), married September 24,1872 (SP), to Charles Marcellin Lasseigne, born September 1,1847 (SJB), son of Jean Theophile Lasseigne and Catherine Geiger. Charles Marcellin died in Reserve, LA on September 13,1895 (SP), and Rose Antoinette died November 7,1934 (SP). Four children were born to them.
  12. Marie Leoncia Vicknair, born December 6,1855 (ASC), married February 13,1876 (SP), to Henry Simon Bossier, born October 28,1854 (SJB), son of Onezime Numa Bossier and Marie Adele Desnoyer. Henry died October 11,1879 (SP), Marie Leoncia never remarried, and she died December 15,1932 (SP). One daughter was born to this couple.

Children of Jean Baptist Gendron and Agathe Vicknair:

  1. Antoine Gendron, born December 22,1823 (SJB), married May 1,1849 (SJB), to Marie Celima Clement, born August 7,1828 (SJB), daughter of Celestin Clement and Marie Emeranthe Lasseigne. Antoine died November 11,1904 (SP), and Marie Celima died October 13,1915 (SP), and they were the parents of six children.
  2. Marguerite Celine Gendron, born January 25,1826 (SJB), married February 26,1846 (SJB), to Pierre Valzume Cicet, born August 22,1825 (SJB), son of Charles Cicet and Marie Azelie Montz. Marguerite Celine died October 17,1853 (SJB), and Pierre died October 20,1853 (SJB). Three children were born to them.
  3. Jean Baptist Adolph Gendron, born January 21,1828 (SJB), married March 4,1851 (SJB), to Marie Emma Haydel. Jean Baptist Adolph died October 2,1853 (SJB). I have located no children for this couple.
  4. Innocent Aline Gendron, born May 4,1830 (SJB), married December 2,1848 (SMI), to Thomas Joseph Pollet, born May 3,1818 (SJB), son of Simon Pollet and Julie Berthelot. Innocent Aline died October 25,1853 (SJB). One son was born to them.
  5. Charles Emile Gendron, born October 7,1832 (SJB), married April 26,1852 (SJB), to Marie Marcelite Perilloux, born March 7,1836 (SJB), daughter of George Perilloux and Emilie Montz. Charles Emile died September 29,1853 (SJB), Marie Marcelite remarried to Edouard Poche, and she was the mother of one son from her first marriage.

Children of Valery Vicknair and Marie Adeleine (Adele) Vicknair:

  1. Marie Adelaide Vicknair, born February 16,1833, died February 23,1833 (SJB).
  2. Marie Mathilde Vicknair, born January 21,1835 (SJB), married January 29,1853 (SJT), to Adolph Simphorien Boudreaux, born July 31,1831 (SJT), son of Jean Baptist Boudreaux and Constance Naquin. Marie Mathilde died October 23,1864 (SJT). Six children were born to this couple.
  3. Eugenie Marie Vicknair, born September 23,1837 (SJB), married April 22,1858 (SJT), to George Dionne, born ca. 1830, in St. Pierre, Les Becquets, Canada, son of Gabriel Dionne and Archangel Paris. George was the owner of Enterprise Plantation in Lafourche Parish, when he died n New Orleans, LA on November 11,1902, and was buried in Thibodaux, LA. Eugenie died in New Orleans on January 30,1929, and was buried in Metairie Cemetery. Nine children were born of this union.
  4. Francois Vicknair, born ca. 1839, married April 14,1866 (SJT), to Marie Cecilia Lasseigne, born November 10.1848 (SJT), daughter of Leonard Lasseigne and Marie Eliza Vicknair. Francois died December 14,1883 (SJT), and Marie Cecilia died August 19,1916. One daughter was born to them.
  5. Henriette Vicknair, born ca. 1841, died February 4, 1857 (SJT).
  6. Marie Adele Zoe Vicknair, born June 16,1845 (SJB), married January 27,1866 (SJT), to Onezime Dionne, a younger brother of George Dionne, above. Marie Adele Zoe died July 18,1882 (SJT). Six children were born to them.
  7. Josephine Vicknair, born October 28,1847 (SJT), married January 6,1887 (SPH), to Leonard Pollet, son of Felix Pollet and Elvire Lasseigne. No children.
  8. Marie Odile Vicknair, born July 4,1849 (SJT), married June 11,1868 (SJT), to Leandre Douradour Pitre, born April 30,1841 (SJT), son of Mathurin Pitre and Esther Thibodaux. Leandre died in Lafourche Parish on January 25,1917. Nine children.
  9. Marie Laurentia Vicknair, born September 5,1851 (SJT), married September 23,1874 (SJT) to Joseph Leonard, born May 3.1849 (SJT), son of Joseph Leonard and Marie Celeste Kerne. Marie Laurentia died December 29,1886 (SJT), Joseph died March 7,1929. Six children.
  10. Pierre Adam Vicknair, born September 9,1852 (SJT), posterity unknown.
  11. Marie Victoria Vicknair, born September 16,1853 (SJT), married May 15,1873 (SJT), to Felix Lasseigne. Six children.
  12. Evella Vicknair, born June 25,1855 (SJT), posterity unknown.

Children of Jean Vicknair and Euphrosine Madere:

  1. Seraphin Justin Vicknair, born August 8,1833 (SJB), married September 25,1851 (SJB), to Marie Ernestine Perilloux, born ca. 1836, daughter of Marcellin Perilloux and Delphine Vicknair. Seraphin Justin died November 3,1853 (SJB), Marie Ernestine remarried to Elphege Poche, and she died September 16,1866 (SP). One daughter was born of the first marriage.
  2. Genevieve Vicknair, born March 8,1835 (SJB), married November 9,1852 (SJB), to Ovide Vicknair, born July 4,1830 (SJB), son of Jean Jacques Vicknair and Rosalie Artemise Madere. Genevieve died November 12,1853 (SJB), Ovide remarried June 21,1855 (SJB), to Marie Rosina Vicknair, a younger sister of Genevieve. One daughter was born to them.
  3. Marie Rosina Vicknair, born October 9,1836 (SJB), married June 21,1855, to Ovide Vicknair (Listed above). Marie Rosina died March 5,1879 (SP), Ovide died August 10,1910 (SP), and they were the parents of ten children.
  4. Euphrosine Marguerite Vicknair, born May 25,1838 (SJB), married May 4,1858 (SJB), to Alexander Lezin Lasseigne, born November 16,1838 (SJB), son of Andre Lasseigne and Marguerite Vicknair. Euphrosine Marguerite died in St. Martinville, LA on July 2,1921, and Alexander Lezin died there on June 11,1924. Ten children.
  5. Jean Vicknair, born November 30,1839 (SJB), died August 23,1857 (SJB).
  6. Felicien Vicknair, born August 9,1841 (SB), married April 30,1861 (SJB), to Eve Conrad, born July 22,1845 (SJB), daughter of Pierre Conrad and Marguerite Virginie Madere. Eight children.
  7. Augustin Vicknair, born August 14,1843 (SJB), married April 16,1864 (SP), to Marie Leoncia Cicet, born January 19,1849 (SJB), daughter of Pierre Valzume Cicet and Marguerite Celine Gendron. Augustin drowned July 29,1919 in St. Martinville, LA. Seven children.
  8. Zephyrin Vicknair, born June 5.1845 (SJB), married April 21,1868 (SP), to Marguerite Roussel. Zephyrin died February 7,1915 in St. Martinville, LA. Six children.
  9. Virginie Vicknair, born October 19,1846 (SJB), died November 5,1846 (SJB).
  10. Ovide Aureli Vicknair, born December 19,1847 (SJB), died October 13,1848 (SJB).
  11. Eve Vicknair, born September 1,1849 (SJB), died May 21,1852 (SJB).
  12. Marie Celestine Vicknair, born April 3,1851 (SJB), died June 3,1852 (SJB).
  13. Louisa Vicknair, born August 27,1853 (SJB), married February 28,1868 (SP), to Jean Leonard Perilloux, born November 15,1844 (SJB), son of Louis Zephirin Perilloux and Honorine Rodrigue. Louisa died November 6,1871 (SJB), and Jean Leonard died April 17,1875. One daughter was born to them.

Children of Jean Alphonse Durand and Anasthasie Vicknair:

  1. Romuald Durand, born February 6,1836 (SJB), died March 5,1837 (SJB).
  2. Marie Armaide Dorothee Granier Durand, born October 20,1837 (SJB), married February 8,1854 (SMC), to Andre Lasseigne, born February 6,1820 (SJB), son of Andre Lasseigne and Marguerite Vicknair. This couple and the nine children born to them were residents of St. Martin Parish.
  3. Marie Anasthasie Durand, born October 1,1839 (SJB), married October 25,1859 (SMC), to Adolph Clairville Lasseigne, born September 18,1842 (SMC). Adolph Clairville died April 16,1909 (SMC), and was the father of nine children, all residents of St. Martin Parish.

Children of Maxmillien Hebert and Marie Aimee Vicknair:

  1. Marie Eve Felicie Hebert, born February 11,1844 (SJT), married June 9,1860 at St. Francis de Sales Church in Houma, LA, to Ademar Thibodaux, son of Leon Thibodaux and Dalila Bonvillan.
  2. Maximen Hebert, born ca, 1845, died February 11,1846 (SJT).
  3. Maximen Rene Hebert, born January 22,1847 (SJT), married April 21,1870 (SFD), to Josephine Bonvillan, born ca. 1850, daughter of Marcellin Bonvillan and Emilie Thibodaux. Josephine died May 21,1897, and Maximen Rene remarried on July 26,1899, to Emillienne Trahan. Maximen Rene died April 9, 1916 in Houma, LA, and was the father of twelve children by his first marriage, and nine children by his second marriage.
  4. Paul Remi Hebert, born February 9,1849 (SJT), died August 1,1851 (SJT).
  5. Marie Lolita Hebert, born April 25,1851 (SJT), married February 18,1871 (SFD), to Joseph Poche, born ca. 1850, son of Eugene Poche and Marie Lezima Vicknair. Marie Lolita died March 27,1884, in Bayou Black, Terrebonne Parish, and was the mother of five children. Joseph remarried in 1886, to Marie Conrad.
  6. Felicien Hebert, born July 2,1853 (SJT), posterity unknown.
  7. Jean Hilaire Hebert, born January 14,1856 (SJT), married March 13,1902 (SFD), to Livie Guidry, daughter of Joseph Guidry and Elodie Thibodaux.
  8. Arthur Adam Hebert, born April 19,1858 (SJT), died February 3,1863 (SJT).
  9. Joseph Webster Hebert, born November 30,1861 (SJT), posterity unknown.
  10. Marie Felicia Otiana Hebert, born February 20,1864 (SFD), posterity unknown.

Children of Etienne Vicknair and Marie Armenaide Cicet (1st marriage):

  1. Paul Remy Vicknair, born October 11,1845 (SJB), married April 26,1869 (SP), to Marie Eugenie Leche, born April 1,1850 (SJB), daughter of Pierre Ursin Leche and Marie Honorine Duhe. Paul Remy died August 26,1878 (SP), Marie Eugenie died February 10,1879 (SP), and they were the parents of two children.
  2. Louis Valzume Vicknair, born February 17,1848 (SJB), married April 26,1873 in Assumpion Parish, to Marie Virginie Leche, born November 12,1852 (ASC), daughter of Pierre Ursin Leche and Marie Honorine Duhe. Louis Valzume died March 12,1916 (SP), and Marie Virginie died May 17,1937 (SP). Eight children were born to this couple.
  3. Julien Vicknair, born July 5,1850 (SJB), died in Harahan, LA on December 5,1917. No further information available.

Children of Etienne Vicknair and Marie Eugenie Pollet 2nd marriage:

  1. Marie Desiree Vicknair, born May 21,1855 (SJB), married John B. Pollet, born October 11,1847. Marie Desiree died in New Orleans on January 7,1911, John B. died there on March 20,1911. Seven sons were born to them.
  2. Marie Arsene Vicknair, born December 5,1856 (SJB), posterity unknown.
  3. Joseph Etienne Vicknair, born December 29,1858 (SJB), died in New Orleans on March 3,1876.
  4. Antoine Damien Vicknair, born May 10,1863, married Emily Haydel, born March 8,1893, daughter of Edmond Haydel and Marguerite Kinler. Antoine Damien died in Harahan, LA on March 29,1927, and was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. Emily died in New Orleans, LA on May 12,1963, and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Five children were born to this couple.
  5. Pauline Vicknair, born May 7,1865, posterity unknown.
  6. Septime Vicknair, born January 8,1867 (SP), married Mary Madeline Haydel, born ca. 1874, died in New Orleans on October 31,1915, Septime died there on October 29,1943, and they were interred in St. Mary's Cemetery. Five children were born to them.
  7. Eugenie (Jennie) Vicknair, born September 18,1873, married first to Charles Hof, who died December 7,1900, and then to Jack Keiner. Eugenie died in the New Orleans area on November 23,1945, buried in Carrollton Cemetery, and was the mother of three daughters by her first marriage, and one daughter by her second marriage.

Children of Jean Baptist Marchand and Eugenie Vicknair:

  1. Marie Victorine Marchand, born December 8,1812 (SJB), married February 19,1828 (SJB), to Eli Duhe, born November 27,1807 (SJB), son of Elie Duhe and Marianne Pontif. Eli drowned July 8,1864 (SP), and Marie Victorine died October 7,1888 (SP). They were the parents of fourteen children.
  2. Jean Baptist Marchand, born July 2,1816 (SJB), married September 10,1842 (ASC), to Catherine Bredy, born December 10,1826 (sjb), daughter of Philippe Bredy and Catherine Keller. Thirteen children.
  3. Alexandre Marchand, born December 22,1817 (SJB), married July 12,1841 (ASC), to Marie Martha Melancon, daughter of David Melancon and Modeste Gautreaux, and then on May 19,1856, to Marie Olivia Mire, born May 14,1830, in St. James, LA, daughter of __________Mire and Melanie Bourgeois. Marie Olivia Mire died in Darrow, LA, on December 30,1916. Alexandre was the father of five by his first marriage, and eight by his second marriage.
  4. Eloise Marchand, born August 25,1819 (SJB), married May 9,1840 (ASC), to Valentine Gautreaux. Eight children.
  5. Marguerite Eugenie Marchand, born February 23,1821 (SJB), married in 1845 (ASC), to Richard Bryant Haney, of Fredericksburg, VA, son of Richard Haney and Margaret Wible.
  6. Jean Francois Marchand, born May 13,1823 (SJB), died October 11,1853 (ASC).
  7. Ovide Marchand, born January 26,1825 (SJB), married February 24,1851 (ASC), to Rosalie Orestine Lanoux, born October 8,1832 (ASC), daughter of Jacques Lanoux and Delphine Savoie. Twelve children.
  8. Theodule Marchand, born September 24,1826 (SJB), married October 28,1850 (ASC), to Marie Dometilde Babin, daughter of Maxile Babin and Adeline Landry. Marie Dometilde died January 17,1906, Theodule died October 30,1907, and was buried in Prairieville Cemetery. Eight children.

Children of Charles Gueret and Catherine Vicknair:

  1. Marie Antoinette Gueret, born December 21,1819 (SJB), died January 20,1824 (SJB).
  2. Jean Francois Gueret, born November 26,1821 (SJB), married June 26,1841 (SJB), to Marie Eugenie Madere, born December 15,1821 (SJB), daughter of Auguste Madere and Marianne Bredy. Jean Francois died October 25,1841 (SJB), Marie Eugenie married a second time to Pierre Louis Roussel, and a third time to Louis Folse.
  3. Catherine Gueret, born August 19,1823 (SJB), died October 8,1824 (SJB).
  4. Jacques Philip Gueret, born January 5,1825 (SJB), married June 13,1846 (SJB), to Ursule Leche, born October 21,1830 (SJB), daughter of Jacques Leche and Elizabeth Strantz. Jacques Philip died September 29,1853 (SJB), Ursule died June 23.1865 (SP). Six children were born to them.
  5. Marie Adeline Gueret, born March 20,1827 (SJB), died November 11,1827 (SJB).
  6. Charles Gueret, born September 26,1828 (SJB), posterity unknown.
  7. Edmond Gueret, born April 7,1832 (SJB), married December 27,1856 (ASM), to Octavie O'Brien, daughter of Edward O'Brien and Pauline Orillion.

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