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Page of Worship

HAVE you ever gone to a movie, and loved it so much that you came out of the theater with your jaw hanging around your knees? That was my reaction to Contact. That sort of feeling happens so rarely, and when it does, the movie stays with you for a very long time. Contact is a fantastic movie, with a wonderful all-star cast, brilliant special effects, and a stunning story line. What else do you want?

CONTACT is the story of Ellie Arroway, a young radio-astronomer, who's passion is the attempt to contact other life-forms in the galaxy, through the SETI program. After years of struggle with narrow-minded colleagues, Ellie and her team discover a message, sent from inhabitants of the Vega system, in the constellation of Lyra. The movie is Ellie's story, through the discovery, and her travels through space and history. If you want any more of the story-line that that, go hire the movie! You won't regret it.

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