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Ok, ladies and gentlemen, here is my Contact sound collection. Feel free to download these, that's what they're here for! Knock yourself out!

15-6-2001 OK, yes I know some of the links of this page aren't connected, but keep an eye on this page, I promise I'll fix them within the next couple of weeks. Promise!

awful.wav: (16 bit, 650kb, 60 sec.) Sound bite of the main soundtrack.

message.wav: (16 bit, 11kb, 1 sec.) Single *blap* from the message. Repeat this at length, and you'll go nuts.

ring.wav: (16 bit, 170kb, 7 sec.) The sound of the machine's rings passing under Ellie as she enters the machine. Weird.

CQ01.wav: (189kb, 8 sec.) Young Ellie, "CQ, CQ, this is W9GFO here, come back?"

smallmoves.wav: (103kb, 5 sec.) Ellieís Dad, "Small moves, Ellie. Small moves."

pensacola.wav: (264kb, 12 sec.) Young Ellie, "Pensacola, whereís Pensacola?" Ellieís Dad, "Iíll give you a hint. Orange juice." Young Ellie, "Copy that, K4WLD. Howís the weather down there in Florida?"

wasteofspace.wav: (305kb, 13 sec.) Ellieís Dad, "Yeah?" Young Ellie, "Do you think thereís people on other planets?" Ellieís Dad, "I donít know, Sparks. But I guess Iíd say, if it is just us, seems like an awful waste of space."

antenna.wav: (115kb, 6 sec.) Young Ellie, "Iím gonna need a bigger antenna."

itlldo.wav: (146kb, 7 sec) Fish, "Isnít she a beauty?" Ellie, "Itíll do."

brilliant.wav: (275kb, 13 sec.) Kent, "That you are brilliant, driven, a major pain in the ass, and obsessed with a field of study that he considers tantamount to professional suicide." Ellie, "Anything else?" Kent, "Those were the highlights."

greenmen.wav: (44kb, 2 sec.) Ellie, "Little green men!"

billion.wav: (65kb, 3 sec.) Ellie, "One down, couple billion to go."

arecebo.wav: (135kb, 6 sec.) Palmer, "Arecebo, right?" Ellie, "Is this a joke?" Palmer, "Yeah."

study.wav: (528kb, 25 sec.) Palmer, "What are you studying up there?" Ellie, "Oh, the usual. Nebulae, quasars, pulsars, stuff like that. What are you writing?" Palmer, "The usual. Nouns, adverbs, adjective here and there." Ellie, "I work on a project called SETI." Palmer, "Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence? Wow, man, that is out there."

seti.wav: (189kb, 9 sec.) Palmer, "SETI, man, thatís fringe. Crossed paths with this guy before. I mean, something like that must really chap his ass, huh?"

dinner.wav: (44kb, 2 sec.) Palmer, "Will you have dinner with me tonight?" (Krys - YES!!!)

ET.wav: (200kb, 9 sec.) Drumlin, "Ellie, still waiting for ET to call? Well, I understand weíre having a little receptionÖÖ" Ellie, "Good to see you too! A**hole."

astronomer.wav: (1095kb, 50 sec.) Palmer, "When did you know you wanted to be an astronomer?" Ellie, "Well, when I was about 8 years old, I was watching the sunset, and I asked my dad ĎWhatís the bright star over there?í, and he said that it wasn't really a star at all, it was a whole planet called Venus! Which should be over there soon. He said, ĎYou know why they called it Venus? Because it they thought it was so beautiful and glowing. But what they didnít know was that it is filled with deadly gases, and sulfuric acid rain.í Wow, I thought. This is it, Iím hooked!"

billion02.wav: (920kb, 43 sec.) Ellie, "There are four hundred billion stars out there, just in our galaxy alone. If only one, out of a million of those had planets, and if just one out of a million of those had life, and if just one out of a million of those had intelligent life, there would be literally millions of civilizations out there." Palmer, "But if there wasnít, it would be an awful waste of space." Ellie, "Amen!"

god.wav: (38kb, 2 sec.) Palmer, "It was God!"

medicine.wav: (137kb, 7 sec.) Young Ellie, "We should have kept some medicine in the downstairs bathroom. Then I could have gotten to it sooner."

dad.wav: (1056kb, 49 sec.) Young Ellie, "CQ, this is W9GFO, do you copy? Dad, this is Ellie, come back. This is Eleanor Arrowway, transmitting on 14.2 megahertz. Dad, are you there? Come back. Dad, are you there? Dad, this is Ellie."

plug.wav: (787kb, 37 sec.) Ellie, "Is it true? Huh? Did you pull the plug?" Drumlin, "I know you canít see it now but Iím doing you a favor." Ellie, "Oh, thatís great!" Drumlin, "You are far too promising a scientist to be wasting your gifts on this nonsense!" Ellie, "Look, I donít consider what could potentially be the most important discovery of the human race nonsense, OK? Thereís four hundred billion stars out thereÖÖ" Drumlin, "Ö.and only two probabilities. One, there is intelligent life out there but itís so far away youíll never contact it in your lifetime, and twoÖÖ Ellie, "Youíre making a decisionÖÖ" Drumlin, "TWO, thereís nothing out there but carbon compounds and noble gases, and youíre wasting your time. In the mean time you wonít be published, you wonít be taken seriously, and your career will be over before itís begun." Ellie, "So what? Itís my life!"

confrontational.wav: (123kb, 6 sec.) Kent, "Try not to be too confrontational." Ellie, "Huh? Confrontational, me? What do you mean?"

nutty.wav: (924kb, 43 sec.) Ellie, "Youíre right, itís crazy. In fact itís even worse than that, itís nuts. You want to hear something really nutty? I heard of a couple guys who want to build something called an airplane. You know, you get people to go in it, and you fly around like birds, itís ridiculous, right? And what about breaking the sound barrier, or rockets to the moon, or atomic energy, or a mission to Mars? Science fiction, right? Look, all Iím asking is for you to have the tiniest bit of vision, you know, to step back for one minute and look at the big picture. To take a chance on something which might end up being the most profoundly impactful moment for humanity, for the history of history."

priestess.wav: (153kb, 7 sec.) Kent, "Uh, these are government owned telescopes, they can lease them to whom ever they want, and they donít want the high priestess of the desert using them any more."

happier.wav: (638kb, 20 sec.) Palmer, "The question that Iím asking is this; are we happier? As a human race, is the world fundamentally a better place because of science and technology? We shop at home, we surf the Web, but at the same time we feel emptier, lonelier and more cut off from each other than at any other time in human history. Weíve become a synthesized society, and greatly encouageÖÖÖ." (fades into message sound)

message.wav: (706kb, 33 sec.) (Message sound fades in) Ellie, "Holy s**t!!"

awake.wav: (93kb, 5 sec.) Ellie, "Hey, is anybody awake in there? Iím moving the Array!"

hydrogen.wav: (62kb, 3 sec.) Ellie, "Hydrogen times pi. Told ya!"

sucker.wav: (44kb, 2 sec.) Fish, "Strong sucker, too."

local.wav: (39 kb, 2 sec.) Willy, "Whatever it is, it ainít local!"

laser.wav: (115kb, 5 sec.) Willy, "Well, not if they use their laser blasters and photon torpedoes." Fish, "Thatís not funny, Willy!"

explain.wav: (296kb, 14 sec.) Kitz, "Explain this to me. If the source of the signal is so sophisticated, why the remedial math?" Senator, "Exactly, why donít they just speak English?" Ellie, "Well, maybe because 70% of the planet speaks other languages. Mathematics os the only truly universal language, Senator."

noidea.wav: (61kb, 3 sec.) Kent, "Who are all these people?" Ellie, "I have no idea."

ambassador.wav: (124kb, 6 sec.) Constance, "20 million people dies defeating that son of a bitch, and heís out first ambassador to space?"

record.wav: (124kb, 6 sec.) Drumlin, "That they recorded it and sent it back is simply a way of saying ĎHello, we heard you.í" Kitz, "Or ĎSieg Heil, youíre our kind of people!í" Drumlin, "I donít think so."

jackpot.wav: (38kb, 2 sec.) Ellie, "Jackpot!"

mean.wav": (281kb, 13 sec.) Constance, "What does it mean, Doctor?" Ellie, "Well, we have no idea. It could be anything. It could be the first volume of an Encyclopedia Galactica." Kitz, "Instructions to acquaint us with their colonization procedure." Drumlin, "Moses, with a few billion new commandments."

Leno.wav: (138kb, 7 sec.) Jay Leno, "So it turns out thereís life on other planets. Boy, this is really going to chance the Miss Universe contest, donít you think?"

freaks.wav: (2162kb, 100 sec.) Various cuts from the scene outside the VLA. Incl. Purple People Eater, Spaceman, Neo Nazis, Spirit in the Sky, Hail to Vega, Psycho Christian preaching, "Ö.but they have failed! Itís the same people who again and again have brought us to the brink of destruction. Whoíve polluted out air, whoíve poisoned our water. Now these scientists have had their chance. Are these the kind of people you want talking to your God for you?"

engineer.wav: (150kb, 7 sec.) Hadden, "Once upon a time, I was a hell of an engineer."

maybe.wav: (270kb, 13 sec.) Hadden, "Maybe I can help deal you back in." Ellie, "I didnít realize that I was out." Hadden, "Oh, maybe not out, but certainly being handed your hat."

contribution.wav: (541kb, 25 sec.) Hadden, "But before I do, I wish to make a small contribution, a little gesture of good will to the people of this little planet that have givenÖÖ from whom I have taken so much." Ellie, "You found the primer!" Hadden, "Clever girl! Lights!"

machine.wav: (1059kb, 49 sec.) Ellie, "Yes. It is our belief that the message contains instructions for building something, some kind of machine." Constance, "A machine? That does what, Doctor?" Ellie, "Well, we donít know. It might be some type of advanced communication device, or it could be a teaching machine of some kind, or it might turn out to be some kind of a transport." Kitz, "Transport?" Drumlin, "Thereís no proof of that." Kitz, "The fact is, you donít know what it does. It could be anything. It could be a Trojan Horse. We build it, and out pours the entire Vegan army." Military Guy 1, "Why bother even risking the personnel, it could be a weapon." Military Guy 2, "Right, some kind of a Doomsday machine." Kitz, "Exactly. Every time they detect a new civilization they fax down these construction documents from outer space, we poor saps build whatever this thing is, and blow ourselves to kingdom come."

egghead.wav: (118kb, 6 sec.) Kitz, "Why is it that the default position of the egghead set is that alien would always be benign, why is that, Doctor?"

hope.wav: (130kb, 6 sec.) Palmer, "And my hope here is that we can find a common ground, break through any obstacles that may have kept us apart."

pulse.wav: (100kb, 5 sec.) Ellie, "Here he is, the man with his finger on the spiritual pulse of the nation, huh?"

dress.wav: (52kb, 3 sec.) Ellie, "Do you know where I could find, like, a really great dress?"

beautiful.wav: (122kb, 6 sec.) Palmer, "Wow, you look beautiful, Ellie."

occams2.wav: (1357kb, 63 sec.) Ellie, "Iíve got one for you." Palmer, "What have you got?" Ellie, "Occams Razor, you ever heard of it?" Palmer, "Hoccams Razor, it sounds like some slasher movie." Ellie, "No, Occams Razor, itís a basic scientific principle, and it says, all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one." Palmer, "Makes sense to me." Ellie, "All right. So whatís more likely? Thank you. An all-powerful, mysterious God created the universe and then decided not to give any proof of his existence, or that he simply doesnít exist at all, and that we created him, so that we wouldnít have to feel so small and alone." Palmer, "I donít know. I couldnít imagine living in a world where God didnít exist. I wouldnít want to." Ellie, "How do you know youíre not deluding yourself? I mean, for me, Iíd need proof." Palmer, "Proof. Did you love your father?" Ellie, "What?" Palmer, "Your dad, did you love him?" Ellie, "Yes, very much." Palmer, "Prove it."

kosher.wav: (140kb, 7 sec.) Ellie, "So is this kosher? Fraternizing with the enemy? Selectors and selectees, mingling around?"

searching.wav: (763kb, 36 sec.) Ellie, "For as long as I can remember, Iíve been searching for something, some reason why weíre here. What are we doing here? Who are we? If this is the chance to find out even just a little part of that answer, I donít know, I think itís worth a human life. Donít you?" Palmer, "Youíre an incredibly brave woman, Ellie." Ellie, "Or incredibly nuts!"

funny.wav: (125kb, 6 sec.) Ellie, "Funny, Iíve always believed that the world was what we make of it."

grandstand.wav: (191kb, 9 sec.) Man 1, "What the hell's he talking about?" Man 2, "Can anyone say Ďgrandstanding?í" Man 3, "He sure knows heís on TV." Man 4, "Back home thatís what we call an overcooked ham."

test.wav: (75kb, 7 sec.) Annoucer, "And we have begun the full scale test of earth's first system built by the sharing of knowledge with a neighbours in our universe."

firstrule.wav: (910kb, 43 sec.) Hadden, "First rule in government spending: Why build one when you can have two at twice the price? Only, this one can be kept secret, controlled by Americans, built by the Japanese sub-contractors, who also happen to be recently acquired, wholly subsidiaries of Hadden Industries. They still want an American to go, Doctor. Wanna take a ride?"

muchtime.wav: (685kb, 32 sec.) Palmer, "I know you donít have much time. As soon as I found out about the machine I called the President. I came with Kitz. I had to see you one more time. Oh God, Iím sorry." Ellie, "Itís OK! No, Iím glad you came." Palmer, "Listen, thereís something that Iíve got to say to you. The reason I didnít vote for you to go, Ellie, was a good reason, but it wasnít the real one. I didnít vote for you to go because I donít want to lose you. You find your way home, all right?"

smell.wav: (122kb, 6 sec.) Kent, "Nice to smell you again, Mr Kitz." Kitz, "You too." Kent, "Wouldnít pick him as a Polo man."

power.wav: (91kb, 4 sec.) Ellie, "Who let you in there, huh?" Kent, "A higher power intervened."

oktogo.wav: (115kb, 6 sec.) Ellie, "Control, if you're reading me, I'm okay to go. Okay to go."

alive.wav: (7kb, 1 sec.) Ellie, "They're alive!"

noidea.wav: (70kb, 6 sec.) Ellie, "I had no idea. I had no idea!"

contact.wav: (2739kb, 127 sec.) Ellie, "Why did you contact us?" Ellieís Dad/Alien, "You contacted us. We were just listening." Ellie, "And there are others?" Ellieís Dad/Alien, "Many others." Ellie, "They all travel here through that transit system that you built?" Ellieís Dad/Alien, "We didnít build it. We donít know who did. No, they were gone long before we ever got here. Maybe some day theyíll come back." Ellie, "All the other civilizations that you find, they come here?" Ellieís Dad/Alien, "Not all." Ellie, "Is this some test?" Ellieís Dad/Alien, "No, no tests. You have your motherís hands. Youíre an interesting species, an interesting mix. Youíre capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only youíre not. See, in all our searching, the only thing weíve found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other." Ellie, "What happens now?" Ellieís Dad/Alien, "Now, you go home." Ellie, "Home? But I have so many questions. Do we get to come back?" Ellieís Dad/Alien, "This was just a first step. In time, youíll take another." Ellie, "But other people need to see what Iíve seen, they need to seeÖÖ" Ellieís Dad/Alien, "This is the way itís been done for billions of years. Small moves, Ellie. Small moves."

congress.wav: (372kb, 17 sec.) Kitz, "I have made no decision to run for Congress, I have announced no candidacy, and that fact that I resigned as National Security Adviser has nothing to do with anything, other than that I want to devote all my energy to this inquiry. The people of the world have a right to know what really happened."

likely.wav: (732kb, 34 sec.) Kitz, "Exactly. Now, you tell me, what is more likely here. That a message from aliens results in a magical machine that whisks you away to the center of the galaxy to go wind surfing with dear old dad, and then a split second later returns you home without a single shred of proof, or that your experience is the result of being the unwitting star of in the farewell performance of one S.R. Hadden, a man with the means, the motive and the opportunity to play you, and indeed the rest of us, as pawns in the biggest, the most elaborate, the most expensive hoax of all time?"

experience.wav: (874kb, 41 sec.) Ellie, "I had an experience, I canít prove it, I canít even explain it, but everything that I know as a human being, everything that I am tells me that it was real! I was given something wonderful, something that changed me forever, a vision of the universe that tells us undeniably how tiny and insignificant we are, and how rare and precious we all are, a vision that tells us we belong to something that is greater than ourselves, that we are not, that none of us are alone!"

interesting.wav: (275kb, 13 sec.) Constance, "What interests me is that it recorded approximately 18 hours of it." Kitz, "That is interesting, isnít it?"

universe.wav: (431kb, 20 sec.) Ellie, "The universe is a pretty big place. Itís bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if itís just us, seems like an awful waste of space, right?"

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