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Our Corriedales

Crossfire Hill Colored Corriedales are purebred Corriedales. Our first breeding group was purchased from Rod and Eldora Porch. We have used rams from Joanne Lincoln, Robert Millikan, GO Corriedales, Bruce Hoffman and Gary Ricketts. We have added to the ewe flock with Mudge, GO, Sundown and Phillippi breeding. Our current colored rams are from Phillippi Corriedales, one is Phillippi breeding and one is King breeding. Our whites are from GO Corriedales (Hoffman/Sundown), Gary Ricketts (Ene/Ricketts) and a Homebred(GO/Phillippi).

Our goal is to produce a medium size Corriedale with good breed type, style and a beautiful handspinning fleece. Our fleeces grade in the 50's and low 60's-we are trying to retain the traditional corriedale lock in these fleeces regardless of grade

In addition to black lambs and an occasional grey lamb we have several interesting color patterns in our sheep. There are photos of these pattern on the pages:Corriedale Colors in Pictures

lateral stripes:dark belly, white markings on the face and lips.At birth, the body is either dark grey and black, or dark grey and light grey.

black and tan(formerly reverse badgerface):light belly and rear, white markings on the face and lips. the body wool is solid black at birth.

english blue(formerlyblue):dark belly, white markings on the face and upper lip. The body wool is darker in front of the shoulders and lighter behind the shoulders.

many lambs have white spots and blazes on the head and face.

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