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Corriedale Wool

A Handspun Sweater crafted by Sheila Pritchett from a Natural Colored Corriedale Fleece

MORE ABOUT CORRIEDALE WOOL: this discussion of Corriedale Fleece is taken from Jackie Gustafson's article on "FIBRE BREED ANALYSIS"

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CORRIEDALE The Corriedale is the result of selected breeding using Lincoln and English Leicester rams on Merino ewes. This breed is the oldest of the crossbred wool breeds. It was developed in New Zealand and was first registered in 1868


This type of fleece has a bright luster. The average staple length is between 4-7 inches. By reason of its length this fleece is excellent for beginners. Avoid fleece that is matted at the tips and excessive stickiness as this type of fleece will noil in carding which in turn will produce lumpy wool that will eventually pill.


Corriedale wool cards well for woolen yarn. If you have noils to remove, comb the fleece, which will guarantee smooth wool.


The wool from the Corriedale thickens when you wash it so be sure to spin finer wool than necessary, but do not overspin as you will lose the pliability for which this wool is recognized. The wool should be very light, soft, and airy no matter what thickness.


This wool is ideal for baby wear. You can also use it for anything that requres soft pliable wool. Another tip, this wool felts easily so launder with care and when you want to make a felt project try Corriedale. 2001Jackie Gustafson


Karen Hallett(Crossfire Hill Corriedales)

Fill tub with very hot water and enough Dawn detergent so that the water feels slippery. Soak the fleece about 20 minutes. DO NOT allow the water to cool with the fleece in it, as the grease will harden on the fleece. Empty the tub and fill with very hot rinse water-do not stir or agitate the fleece. After 20 minutes empty the rinse water. Spin out the water if possible. If the fleece still feels sticky repeat the entire process. Vinigar can be added to the final rinse to maintain acidity. Waiting to wash until you are ready to spin will keep the fleece from getting sticky while it's stored.

Needle felted bear crafted by Nita Schwenn from Corriedale pencil roving

colored and white corriedale fleeces available

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