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Interesting Links

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Sheep Links

American Corriedale Assn
Natural Colored Wool Growers
Australian Corriedale Assn
Coloured Sheep Breeders of New Zealand
New Zealand Corriedales
Puget Sound Purebred Sheep Breeders Directory
Go Corriedales

Fiber and Equipment Links

Kbbspin, formerly Housecleaning Pages
Fibers on the Internet
The Black Sheep Newsletter
Ron's Fiber Home
The Fiber Equipment & Barter Page
The Bellwether: Spindles, Local Fiber, Dyes, Books, Videos and more...
The Wheel Thing: Spinning wheels, carders,combs, looms, books, fiber
Dawn's Custom Carding:fleece washing, carded batts, roving and you get your prepared fiber back quickly too
Shepherd's Extravaganza
Lisa's Handspun Hats: One of a kind handspun and hand dyed fiber art hats, made from a variety of natural fibers

My Links

Crossfire Hill Homepage
Corriedale Wool
Fleeces for Sale
Ordering Fleeces/Our Awards
Our Corriedales
Sheepskins for Sale