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Washable Sheepskins for Sale

Corriedale sheepskins have very dense wool, this makes for a plush springy feel to them. Our sheepskins have different lengths of wool-from 1" to 4" and are of different sizes.

Contact us about what you are looking for. Prices range from $145 to $195 depending on the size of the skin and the length of the wool. Shipping will be extra The sheepskins come in white, black, grey, brown and many are multicolored (usually light and dark patches of the same color such as grey/dark grey, black/grey). Not all sizes, colors, or lengths of wool are available year round. let me know what you are looking for and i can email you a picture of any sheepskins that might be suitable in color, fleece length or size..

Corriedale sheepskins are excellent cushioning for the beds of people suffering from Arthritis or M.S. Several of our customers were unable to sleep all night until they tried sleeping on a sheepskin.

They are also very good for pet beds and are used on car seats, on chairs or couches and as throw rugs. Our sheepskins are all machine washable and can be dried in the dryer.

White Corriedale Sheepskin

An example of a multi-colored sheepskin


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