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Are Dead People Really Dead?—(by Michelle Delio, April 2, 2001, Wired News ) The living dead aren't just characters in low-budget horror movies, according to a new book that details the history of premature burial and the technology used to detect death.

Evergreen Cemetery

Milwaukee's Best —(by Karen Kruse ) Forest Home was established in 1850 and contains the final resting places of beer barons Blatz, Schlitz, and Pabst, William Davidson, the co-founder of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, fifteen Milwaukee mayors, and five Wisconsin governors, among other famous Milwaukee residents. Forest Home is typical of Victorian cemeteries in its park-like setting with lush greenery and winding roads. The grounds are kept in impeccable condition.

General Information — Things to do in the classroom before the trip to prepare and also worksheets for students to take with them.

Independence Cemetery

Home page for Cemetery Studies

Day of the Living Dead—(by Karen Kruse ) For a truly enlightening afternoon, I urge you to try a cemetery walk. Held on the fourth Sunday every September,the "Historic Elgin Cemetery Walk" showcases some of the Bluff City Cemetery's famous "residents" coming to life for the day. They describe their lives and deaths in and around the Elgin area. This walking tour lasted approximately an hour and included dramatizations done by members of the Elgin Historical Society acting as their dead counterparts as they stood near their final resting spots. Come join me as I relive my marvelously odd afternoon.

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The Fighting McCooks—

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Pictures of Spring Grove Cemetery

Cemetery Art and Symbolism —(by Pam Reid ) Family research is engrossing, gripping; interesting, intriguing; and exciting. This is one hobby that has the power to provoke in us to the need to know more and more about our ancestors and their lives. For many, it becomes almost an obsession. Why? Perhaps it is because it is the only chance we ever have to truly become detectives. We can search out the secrets and passions of our ancestors and perhaps learn more about ourselves in the process. That in itself is an intriguing prospect.

Ghosts of History Live in Rosehill Cemetery —(by Karen Kruse ) What do you think of when I say Halloween? Witches? Ghosts? Things that go bump in the night? What about cemeteries? Of course you do, but cemeteries aren't just for the deceased. They can be unexpected sources of interesting afternoons spent learning about history and art. My favorite cemetery to visit is Chicago's Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum at 5800 N. Ravenswood Av. Set on 350 acres of land it's the largest cemetery in Chicago and one of its oldest.

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Spring Grove Cemetery—

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Cemetery can teach lessons—Column by The Post's David Wecker