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Ron Harrison Writes...
Friday, 31 March 2023
2023 WVSSAC (West Virginia) Girls State Tournament Championship Class 1A, 2A, 3A, & 4A March 11, 2023ship
Topic: Basketball


2023 WVSSAC (West Virginia) Girls State Touurnament
Class 1A, 2A,3A, & 4A
Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center

Charleston, WV
March 11, 2023

© 2023 Ron Harrison

Morgantown vs. Wheeling Park (Girls) Class 4A Championship

Morgantown coach Jason White started the following lineup: 5-8 Jr. Sofia Wassick, 5-8 Sr. Kate Hawkins, 6-0 Jr. Lily Jordan, 5-4 Sr. Mia Henkins, and 5-7 Sr. Lindsay Bechtel. Wheeling Park coach Ryan Young countered with 5-9 Sr. Sophie Abraham, 5-8 So. Alexis Bordas, 5-10 Jr. Jillian Huffman, 5-6 So. Lala Woods, and 5-7 Jr. Natalie Daugherty.

Morgantown trailed 36-32 after three quarters but rallied to earn a 54-50 victory over Wheeling Park. There were nine ties and eight lead changes in this game. Morgantown shot 34.7% from the field including two of 12 from the three point line. The Mohigans connected on 18 of 22 free throws, pulled down 40 rebounds, and scored 15 points off 13 Wheeling Park turnovers. Wheeling Park shot 38% from the field including five of 17 from beyond the arc. The Lady Patriots connected on seven of seven free throws, pulled down 26 rebounds, and scored 13 points off 16 Morgantown turnovers.

Lily Jordan led Morgantown with 18 points including six of nine free throws, 13 rebounds, and four assists. Sofia Wassick added 14 points, eight rebounds, and two steals. Kate Hawkins recorded 12 points including two three point baskets, six of six free throws, seven rebounds, and two steals. Lindsay Bechtel chipped in with eight points including four of five free throws, and five rebounds,

Alexis Bordas led Wheeling Park with 24 points including two three point baskets, four rebounds, and four steals. Lala Woods added 14 points including five of five free throws, five rebounds, two assists, and three steals.

Morgantown - 6,13,13,22,54
Wheeling Park - 4,14,18,14,50

Morgantown - (54) – Wassick 14, Hawkins 12, Jordan 18, Henkins 2, Bechtel 8.
Wheeling Park - (50) – Abraham 2, Bordas 24, Huffman 0, Woods 14, Daugherty 3, Heller 5, Delk 2.

Tucker County vs. Cameron (Girls) Class 1A Championship

Tucker County coach Dave Helmick started the following lineup: 5-11 Jr. Ericka Zirk, 5-10 Jr. Avery Colebank, 6-1 Sr. Kadie Colebank, 5-8 Jr. Brylee Wetzel, and 5-8 Jr. Macy Helmick. Cameron coach Holy Pettit countered with 5-9 Jr. Ashlee Dobbs, 5-7 Jr. Maci Neely, 6-3 Jr. Ashlynn Van Tassell, 5-6 Jr. Kenzie Clutter, and 5-6 Jr. Emilee Dobbs.

Cameron defeated Tucker County by the score of 53-46. Cameron shot 40.4% from the field including one of 19 from the three point line. The Dragons connected on 14 of 23 free throws, pulled down 36 rebounds, and scored 15 points off 14 Tucker County turnovers. Tucker County shot 37% from the field including four of 15 from beyond the arc. The Mountain Lions connected on eight of 13 free throws, pulled down 28 rebounds, and scored 11 points off 12 Cameron turnovers.

Ashlynn Van Tassell led Cameron with 24 points including 10 of 12 from the field, four of eight from the free throw line, 15 rebounds, and four blocked shots. Maci Neely added 14 points, two rebounds, and three steals. Kenzie Clutter recorded seven points, six rebounds, and seven assists. 5-7 Sr. Gracie Carter chipped in with four points and six rebounds.

Kadie Colebank led Tucker County with 13 points, seven rebounds, two assists, and two blocked shots. Ericka Zirk added 11 points, six rebounds, and three steals. Macy Helmick recorded 10 points and four assists.

Tucker County - 6,8,16,16,46
Cameron - 13,15,16,9,53

Tucker County - (46) – Zirk 11, A. Colebank 2, K. Colebank 13, Wetzel 3, Helmick 10, A. Hicks 2, K, Hicks 5.
Cameron - (53) – A. Dobbs 0, Neely 14, Van Tassell 24, Clutter 7, E. Dobbs 4, Carter 4.

Wyoming East vs. Summers County (Girls) Class 2A Championship

Wyoming East coach Angie Boninsegna started the following lineup: 5-9 Jr. Maddie Clark, 5-8 Sr. Colleen Lookabill, 5-9 Sr. Kayley Bane, 5-6 So. Cadence Blackburn, and 5-7 Sr. Abby Russell. Summers County coach Chad Meador countered with 5-9 Sr. Sullivan Pivont, 5-9 So. Abby Persinger, 6-0 Jr. Grace Harvey, 5-4 Sr. Liv Meador, and 5-8 So. Avery Lilly.

Wyoming East defeated Summers County by the score of 57-41. Wyoming East shot 51.4% from the field including five of 14 from the three point line. The Warriors connected on 14 of 23 free throws, pulled down 32 rebounds, and scored nine points off 10 Summers County turnovers. Summers County shot 37.8% from the field including four of 11 from beyond the arc. The Lady Bobcats connected on three of seven free throws, pulled down 21 rebounds, and scored 10 points off 13 Wyoming East turnovers.

Maddie Clark led Wyoming East with 17 points, four rebounds, four assists, and two steals. Abby Russell added 13 points including three three point baskets. Colleen Lookabill recorded 12 points, eight rebounds, and two assists.

Sullivan Pivont led Summers County with 15 points including three three point baskets and two steals. Liv Meador added 12 points, four assists, and two steals. Grace Harvey recorded eight points and six rebounds.

Wyoming East - 15,20,9,13,57
Summers County - 10,14,9,8,41

Wyoming East - (57) – Clark 17, Lookabill 12, Bane 3, Blackburn 4, Russell 13, Baker 4, Cameron 4.
Summers County - (41) – Pivont 15, Persinger 2, Harvey 8, Meador 12, Lilly 4.

Philip Barbour vs. North Marion (Girls) Class 3A Championship

Philip Barbour coach Rick Mouser started the following lineup: 5-8 Sr. Averi Carpenter, 5-7 Sr. Mattie Marsh, 6-0 So. Mackenna Halfin, 5-3 Jr. Bralyn Sparks, and 5-3 Jr. Arrington Sparks. North Marion coach Mike Parish countered with 5-9 So. Aubrey Hamilton, 5-9 So. Kathryn Carson, 5-11 Sr, Olivia Toland, 5-5 Sr. Addie Elliott, and 5-6 Jr. Emma Freels.

North Marion defeated Philip Barbour by the score of 88-60. North Marion shot 56.5% from the field including 12 of 22 from the three point line. The Lady Huskies connected on six of 12 free throws, pulled down 47 rebounds, and committed 18 turnovers. Philip Barbour shot 35.7% from the field including three of 18 from beyond the arc. The Lady Colts connected on seven of 16 free throws, pulled down 34 rebounds, and committed 14 turnovers.

Olivia Toland led North Marion with 18 points including two three point baskets, three rebounds, nine assists, and two steals. Emma Freels added 18 points including four three point baskets, two rebounds, four assists, two blocked shots, and four steals. 5-3 Fr. Brooklyn Jackson recorded 13 points including three three point baskets. Aubrey Hamilton chipped in with 12 points, 13 rebounds, and two assists.

Mackenna Halfin led Philip Barbour with 16 points, 13 rebounds, six blocked shots, and three steals. Braylyn Sparks added 14 points, four rebounds, six assists, and four steals. Averi Carpenter recorded 14 points including two three point baskets. Arrington Sparks chipped in with nine points, two rebounds, and four steals. Mattie Marsh added six points, 10 rebounds, three assists, and two steals.

Philip Barbour - 10,14,17,19,60
North Marion - 26,25,15,22,88

Philip Barbour - (60) – Carpenter 14, Marsh 6, Halfin 16, B. Sparks 14, A. Sparks 9, Satterfield 1.
North Marion - (88) – Hamilton 12, Carson 6, Toland 18, Elliott 6, Freels 18, Jackson 13, Parker 6, Kotsko 7, Smith 2.


A special thanks to the Event Stats Crew for the comprehensive stats provided for these games.


Please feel free to send your comments and questions concerning the event, teams, or players to me at

Ron Harrison’s reports on this and other basketball events appear on

Posted by REH at 12:11 PM EDT
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