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Ron Harrison Writes...
Saturday, 19 June 2021
2021 Coaster Classic (8th Grade Girls Division) May 21-23, 2021
Topic: Basketball



2021 Coaster Classic (8th Grade Girls Division)

Cedar Point Sports Center

Sandusky, Ohio

May 21-23, 2021


There were twenty seven teams in this division that were placed into seven pools as follows: Pool A: (North Coast Showtime-Bryce, North Coast Showtime-Josh, and Westside Irish), Pool B: (4K, Buckeye Blast NL Bohn, NOW Jets, and SMAC Hustle), Pool C: (Bluegrass Girls Basketball, Athlete HQ White, SMAC Huskies, and JH 95 AfterShock), Pool D: (Athlete HQ Local, Buckeye Blast NL Neil, Findlay Bombers, and Midwest Power), Pool E: (Ohio Lakers, Ohio Xtreme Black, PSA, Westside Elite, and SMAC NCO Webb), Pool F(NLA Swish, Ohio Xtreme Huffman, Richmond Heat 2025, and Shutem Down), and Pool G: (SMAC Tastic, Team Huddle Teal, and MAC Spiak).


Friday May 21st


Pool Play


Westside Irish,48,North Coast Showtime-Bryce,18

North Coast Showtime-Josh,43,North Coast Showtime-Bryce,17

Westside Irish,56,North Coast Showtime-Josh,37


Saturday May 22nd


Pool Play


4K,35,Buckeye Blast NL Bohn,23

SMAC Hustle,33,NWO Jets,16

Midwest Power,30,Findlay Bombers,24

Buckeye Blast NL Neil,46,Athlete HQ Local,5

4K,50,NOW Jets,24

Ohio Xtreme Black,42,Ohio Lakers,23

SMAC NCO Webb,36,PSA,7

Buckeye Blast NL Bohn,42,SMAC Hustle,22

Buckeye Blast NL Neil,40,Findlay Bombers,24

PSA,34,Ohio Lakers,31

Westside Elite,57,Ohio SMAC NCO Webb,24

Westside Elite,51,Ohio Xtreme Black,22

Midwest Power,37,Athlete HQ Local,6

Bluegrass Girls Basketball,47,Athlete HQ White,11

JH 95 AfterShock,50,SMAC Huskies,43

Richmond Heat 2025,41,Shutem Down,31

Bluegrass Girls Basketball,50,SMAC Huskies,37

JH 95 AfterShock,48,Athlete HQ White,27

Team Huddle Teal,35,SMAC Tastic,24

Shutem Down,45,NLA Swish,21

Richmond Heat 2025,59,Ohio Xtreme Huffman,25

Ohio Xtreme Huffman,38,NLA Swish,29

MAC Spiak,50,Team Huddle Teal,29

MAC Spiak,42,SMAC Tastic,25


Sunday May 23rd


Tournament Play


Bronze Division Consolation


PSA,23,Athlete HQ Local,21,Quarterfinal

NWO Jets,won,forfeit,Quarterfinal

Athlete HQ White,37,Ohio Lakers,35.Quarterfinal

NLA Swish,36,PSA,8,Semifinal

NWO Jets,39.Athlete HQ White,26,Semifinal

NLA Swish,43,NWO Jets,10,Championship


Silver Division


Findlay Bombers,39,Ohio Xtreme Black,26,Quarterfinal

SMAC Hustle,36,SMAC Tastic,35,Quarterfinal

SMAC Huskies,43,Ohio Xtreme Huffman,40,Quarterfinal

North Coast Showtime-Bryce vs. Findaly Bombers,Unknown,Semifinal

SMAC Huskies,42,SMAC Hustle,24,Semifinal

SMAC Huskies defeated unknown,Championship


Gold Division


SMAC NCO Webb,39,Midwest Power,34,Quarterfinal

Team Huddle Teal,45,Buckeye Blast NL Bohn,30,Quarterfinal

Shutem Down,35,JH 95 AfterShock,11,Quarterfinal

North Coast Showtime-Josh,36,SMAC NCO Webb,30,Semifinal

Shutem Down,55,Team Huddle Teal,30,Semifinal

Shutem Down,44,North Coast Showtime-Josh,36,Championship


Platinum Division


Buckeye Blast NL Neil,33,Westside Elite,31,Quarterfinal

MAC Spiak,43,4K,19,Quarterfinal

Richmond Heat 2025,51,Bluegrass Girls Basketball,38,Quarterfinal

Buckeye Blast NL Neil,30,Westside Irish,16,Semifinal

Richmond Heat 2025,65,MAC Spiak,50,Semifinal

Richmond Heat 2025,45,Buckeye Blast NL Neil,35,Championship


Richmond Heat 2025 finished 5-0 with an average win margin of 17.6 PPG.  The team is coached by Dennis Campbell and Erin McClain.  Members include Brittany Campbell, Brooke Campbell, Jayci Long, Nataya Strader, Tiana Long, Abby Gilbert, Cameryn Ridderkhoff, Maria Himes, and Skylar Collingsworth.


A special thanks to the event staff for providing scores and updates.




Posted by REH at 4:26 PM EDT
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