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Ron Harrison Writes...
Tuesday, 17 May 2016
2016 KBA AAU All Star (Boy) 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade May13-15, 2016
Topic: Basketball




2016 Kentucky Basketball Academy AAU All-Star (Boys)

9th Grade, 10th Grade, and 11th Grade

KBA, LCA, Imani, and Sayre

Lexington, KY

May 13-15, 2016


9th Grade Division – There were 21 teams entered in this division and placed into seven pools as follows: Pool A: NKY Squad, Kentucky Premier, and Ambition Athletics.  Pool B: Team Manimal 9th Grade, Cameron Hoskins All Stars 9th Grade, and Lextown Ballerz.  Pool C: Bearcats, Charlotte Court – Oreese , and Louisville Rising Stars.  Pool D: KY Prodigy 9th Grade Gray, Charlotte Court – Smiley, and KY Basketball Club Bulldogs – Walsburger.  Pool E: NKY Force, HLB, and PAL Heat.  Pool F: WKY Elite, NKY Legends, and KY Bluegrass Elite.


10th Grade Division – There were 18 teams entered in this division and placed into six pools as follows:  Pool A: Attucks Wolfpack, Next Level, and Team Vision – 2018.  Pool B: Cameron Hoskins All Stars, KY Bluegrass Elite, and Rising Talent.  Pool C: CKY Flex, NKY Tarheels, and Louisville River City Rockets.  Pool D: HLB, PAL Heat, and Mason County Reign.  Pool E: KY Players, WKY Elite, and Louisville Lightning, and Pool F: KY Premier, Team Vision – 2019, and Louisville Suns.


11th Grade Division – There were 27 teams entered in this division and placed into nine pools as follows:  Pool A: Team Vision – White, KY Swarm, and Charlotte Court – Smiley.  Pool B: Team Manimal – Gold, Louisville Spartans, and CKY Storm.  Pool C: Team Manimal – Black, Owensboro Kentucky Thunder, and D1 Elite, Pool D: Shelby Heat, NKY Kings, and Derby City Elite.  Pool E: Team Prime Time, Matt’s Mustangs, and Kentucky Hoopsters.  Pool F: Tri-State Maulers, Next Level, and Kentucky Premier.  Pool G: Team Vision – Blue, Louisville Prospects, and KY Bluegrass Elite.  Pool H: WKY Elite, Louisville River City Rockets, and KY DreamChasers. and Pool I: Purchase Pride, Louisville Lightning, and KY Grind 2017.


Friday May 13th


Pool Play


9th Grade Division


Charlotte Court – Smiley,71,KY Prodigy 9th Grade Gray,44

NKY Force,50,PAL Heat,28

KY Prodigy 9th Grade Gray,76,NKY Basketball Club Bulldogs – Walsburger,74

Louisville Rising Stars,75,Charlotte Court – Oreese,25


10th Grade Division


Next Level,69,Team Vision – 2018,37

PAL Heat,75,HLB,66

Rising Talent,71,KY Bluegrass Elite,66

Louisville Lightning,66,KY Players,59


11th Grade Division


Matt’s Mustangs,65,Kentucky Hoopsters,57

Team Vision –White,69,Charlotte Court – Smiley,62

Team Vision – Blue,67,KY Bluegrass Elite,66

Shelby Heat,88,NKY Kings,68

KY Grind 2017,66,Louisville Lightning,63



Saturday May 14th


Pool Play


9th Grade Division


NKY Squad,66,Kentucky Premier,33

WKY Elite,61,NKY Legends,37

Louisville Rising Stars,80,Bearcats,23

Kentucky Royals,58,KBC Bulldogs 2020,30

NKY Squad,64,Ambition Athletics,35

Team Manimal,Won,Cameron Hoskins All Stars 9th Grade,Forfeit

Charlotte Court – Smiley,76,KY Basketball Club Bulldogs – Walsburger,66

HLB,53,PAL Heat,39

WKY Elite,64,KY Bluegrass Elite,36

Charlotte Court – Oreese,65,Bearcats,45

KY Travelers,57,KBC Bulldogs 2020,33

Ambition Athletics,69,Kentucky premier,49

Lextown Ballerz,Won,Cameron Hoskins All Stars 9th Grade,Forfeit

KY Bluegrass Elite,47,NKY Legends,44

KY Travelers,68,Kentucky Royals,60

Lextown Ballerz,56,Team Manimal – 9th,55

NKY Force,62,HLB,26


10th Grade Division


Next Level,59,Attucks Wolfpack,52

CKY Flex,Won,Louisville River City Rockets,Forfeit

Rising Talent,49,Cameron Hoskins All Stars,47

Team Vision – 2019,87,Kentucky Premier,86

PAL Heat,Won,Mason County Reign,Forfeit

CKY Flex,72,NKY Tarheels,41

Louisville Suns,61,Team Vision – 2019,54

HLB,Won,Mason County Reign,Forfeit

Attucks Wolfpack,73,Team Vision – 2018,38

WKY Elite,66,KY Players,58

Kentucky Premier,63,Louisville Suns,53

Cameron Hoskins All Stars,71,KY Bluegrass Elite,62

NKY Tarheels,Won,Louisville River City Rockets,Forfeit

Louisville Lightning,64,WKY Elite,51



11th Grade Division


Team Manimal – Gold,81,Louisville Spartans,41

KY DreamChasers,75,Louisville River City Rockets,62

D1 Elite,81,Owensboro Kentucky Thunder,65

Next Level,46,Tri-State maulers,40

Matt’s Mustangs,63,Team Prime Time,48

Derby City Elite,66,NKY Kings,55

KY Grind 2017,83,Purchase Pride,48

WKY Elite,84,Louisville River City Rockets,71

Team Manimal – Black,90,Owensboro Kentucky Thunder,67

Team Manimal – Gold,90,CKY Storm,37

Kentucky Premier,74,Tri-State Maulers,63

Kentucky Hoopsters,68,Team Prime Time,59

WKY Elite,65,KY DreamChasers,60

D1 Elite,64,Team Manimal – Black,61

Derby City Elite,75,Shelby Heat,73

Louisville Prospects,71,Team Vision – Blue,66

Charlotte Court – Smiley,59,KY Swarm,55

Next Level,68,Kentucky Premier,59

Louisville Spartans,73,CKY Storm,66

Louisville Lightning,73,Purchase Pride,64

KY Swarm,74,Team Vision – White,60

KY Bluegrass Elite,77,Louisville Prospects,58



Tournament Bracket


9th Grade Division


Charlotte Court – Oreese,47,KBC Bulldogs – 2020,45

Kentucky Royals,75,KY Bluegrass Elite,58

NKY Legends,61,Team Manimal – 9th,59

KY Basketball Club Bulldogs – Walsburger,80,Kentucky Premier,60

WKY Elite,71,KY Prodigy 9th Grade Gray,46

Lextown Ballerz,52,KY Basketball Club Bulldogs – Walsburger,32

Ambition Athletics,63,Pal Heat,56

Bearcats,Won,Cameron Hoskins All Stars 9th,Forfeit

Charlotte Court – Smiley,64,NKY Legends,51

NKY Force,63,Charlotte Court – Oreese,33

Louisville Rising Stars,78,Ambition Athletics,34


10th Grade Division


Team Vision – 2019,78,KY Bluegrass Elite,61

KY Players,59.Team Vision – 2018,42

Attucks Wolfpack,89,NKY Tarheels,70


11th Grade Division


Kentucky Premier,62,Team Prime Time,61

Team Manimal – Black,68,Purchase Pride,51

Louisville Lightning,87,KY DreamChasers,65

Matt’s Mustangs,84,Louisville Prospects,76

Louisville Spartans,84,Team Vision – White,83

Tri-State Maulers,79,Charlotte Court – Smiley,78

Kentucky Hoopsters,71,Shelby Heat,53

Next Level,89,Louisville River City Rockets,74



Sunday May 15th


Tournament Bracket


9th Grade Division


NKY Squad,71,Bearcats,42

KY Travelers,71,HLB,35

Kentucky Royals,62,NKY Squad,60,Quarterfinal

NKY Force,84,Charlotte Court – Smiley,73,Quarterfinal

KY Travelers,63,Lextown Ballerz,27,Quarterfinal

Louisville Rising Stars,75,WKY Elite,62,Quarterfinal

NKY Force,98,Kentucky Royals,96,Semifinal

KY Travelers,69,Louisville Rising Stars,61,Semifinal

KY Travelers,77,NKY Force,45,Championship


10th Grade Division


HLB,64,Cameron Hoskins All Stars,51

Team Vision – 2019,74,PAL Heat,72

Louisville Lightning,70,Louisville Suns,32

Rising Talent,Won,Mason County Reign,Forfeit

KY Players,71,CKY Flex,69

WKY Elite,54,Kentucky Premier,43

Louisville Lightning,60,Team Vision – 2019,57,Quarterfinal


Attucks Wolfpack,60,Rising Talent,56,Quarterfinal

WKY Elite,59,KY Players,43,Quarterfinal

Louisville Lightning,71,HLB,58,Semifinal

WKY Elite,66,Attucks Wolfpack,46,Semifinal

WKY Elite,74,Louisville Lightning,73,Championship


11th Grade Division


KY Bluegrass Elite,93,NKY Kings,72

KY Grind – 2017,102,Owensboro Kentucky Thunder,90

Team Vision – Blue,77,CKY Storm,65

Kentucky Premier,77,KY Swarm,61

Team Manimal – Black,81,WKY Elite,56

Louisville Lightning,65,Derby City Elite,51

Matt’s Mustangs,74,Louisville Spartans,33

Team Manimal – Gold,73,Tri-State Maulers,32

KY Grind – 2017,88,KY Bluegrass Elite,86

D1 Elite,80,Kentucky Hoopsters,70

Next Level,74,Team Vision – Blue,71

Team Manimal – Black,78,Kentucky Premier,70,Quarterfinal

Matt’s Mustangs,92,Louisville Lightning,78,Quarterfinal

Team Manimal – Gold,89,KY Grind – 2017,78,Quarterfinal

Next Level,76,D1 Elite,67,Quarterfinal

Matt’s Mustangs,76,Team Manimal – Black,61,Semifinal

Team Manimal – Gold,85,Next Level,62,Semifinal

Matt’s Mustangs,85,Team Manimal – Gold,57,Championship


I was present all day Sunday at the KBA and I will attempt to give you some limited statistics from selected games.  Please excuse the possible misspelling of names as I was copying stats hurriedly and attempting to decipher name spellings at the same time.  Here were five games going on at all times and the stat keepers are really hustling to get the next game entered in the short time between games.


9th Grade Division


NKY Squad 71  Bearcats 42Kameron Pardee and Garrett Jones led NKY Squad with 17 and 14 points respectively.  Aston Major led the Bearcats with 11 points.


Louisville Rising Stars 75 WKY Elite 62 (Quarterfinal)Stan Turner and David Johnson led the victors with 20 and 19 points respectively.  Jayden Scrubbs and Kolton Rice added 16 and 12 points respectively.  Trevor Dennis and Jamale Barber led WKY Elite with 16 and 15 points respectively.


Kentucky Royals 62  NKY Squad 60 (Quarterfinal)DontaieAllen and Watts led the Royals with 17 and 13 points respectively.  Deontae Miles and Grant Grubbs led NKY Squad with 21 and 20 points respectively.


NKY Force 98  Kentucky Royals 96 (Semifinal)Vince Rankin led NKY Force with 27 points.  Dalton Bruner, Drew Wilson, Yallen Woods, and Noah Wirth added 21, 19, 15, and 11 points respectively.  Dontaie Allen led Kentucky Royals with 24 points.  Spence Macke, Ty Houston, and TJ Deere added 18, 16, and 12 points respectively.


KY Travelers 69  Louisville Rising Stars 61 (Semifinal)Keaston Brown led KY Travelers with 21 points including four three point baskets.  Ramon Jackson and Jaylen Burbage added 14 and 12 points respectively.


KY Travelers 77  NKY Force 45 (Championship)Keaston Brown led KY Travelers with 23 points including several three point baskets.  Cory Gerton added 11 points.  Vince Rankin and Drew Wilson led NKY Force with 12 and 11 points respectively.


10th Grade Division


Team Vision – 2019 74  PAL Heat 72Chase Sanders led Team Vision – 2019 with 37 points including seven three point baskets.  Jacob Rice added 18 points.  Cameron King led PAL Heat with 17 points including four three point baskets.  Devontae Hayes, Darryl Bell, and Jaquisa Gray added 13, 11, and 10 points respectively.


Louisville Lightning 60  Team Vision – 2019 57 (Quarterfinal) Wyatt Battaile and Isaac Caudill led Louisville Lightning with 17 and 12 points respectively.  Jacob Rice, Brody Barton, and Chase Sanders led Team Vision – 2019 with 14, 13, and 12 points respectively.


Louisville Lightning 71  HLB 58 (Semifinal)Wyatt Battaile and Thomas led Louisville Lightning with 22 and 10 points respectively.  Howard and Allison led HLB with nine and seven points respectively.


WKY Elite 74  Louisville Lightning 73 (Championship)Jamus Key led WKY Elite in a classic battle with 20 points.  Terez Traynor, Skyelar Potter, and Ty Mink added 13, 12, and 11 points respectively.  Wyatt Battaile led Louisville Lightning with 18 points.  Wales, Thomas, Washington, and Young added 15, 14, 10, and 10 points respectively.


11th Grade Division


Team Vision – Blue 77  CKY Storm 65Josiah Thomas, Jordan Davis, Harry Sun, and Cole Corace led Team Vision – Blue with 16, 15, 13, and 12 points respectively.  Jekobe Wells and Amoryan Blackburn led CKY Storm with 24 and 19 points respectively.


KY Bluegrass Elite 93  NKY Kings 72Eli Jouett and Derrick Cippione led KY Bluegrass Elite with 20 and 15 points respectively.  Caleb Sergeant, Darren Bartech, and Hunter Meyer added 14, 14, and 10 points respectively.  Evan Ferguson and A. Hall led NKY Kings with 18 and 15 points respectively.


KY Grind – 2017 102  Owensboro Kentucky Thunder 90Cameron Greenup led the victors with 21 points including five three point baskets.  Isiah Okesson, Jake Duby, Michael Jefferson, and Kendrick Hamilton added 18, 14, 11, and 11 points respectively.  Tichenor, Newcom, Miller, and Marshall led Owensboro Kentucky Thunder with 20, 18, 13, and 12 points respectively.


Kentucky Premier 77  KY Swarm 61Reed Bradfield, Timmy Cottrell, and Spencer Hemmerich led Kentucky Premier with 19, 17, and 14 points respectively.  Anthony Harmon and Zane Wilson added KY Swarm with 14 points each.


Next Level 74  Team Vision – Blue 71Delvonte McCloud, James Baker, and Calvin Hackert led Next Level with 17, 14, and 13 points respectively.  Josiah Thomas led Team Vision – Blue with 17 points.  Trenton Russell added 15 points on five three point baskets.  Mohammed Ali chipped in with 13 points.


Team Manimal – Gold 73  Tri-State Maulers 32Peyton Broughton led Team Manimal – Gold with 25 points.  Kel Stotts added 15 points.  Joe Hocker led Tri-State Maulers with six points.


KY Grind – 2017 88  KY Bluegrass Elite 86Jake Duby led KY Grind – 2017 with 33 points including six three point baskets.  Michael Jefferson and Luke Johnson added 14 and 14 points respectively.  Hamilton, Caleb Sergeant, and Darren Bartech led KY Bluegrass Elite with 19, 17, and 12 points respectively.


Team Manimal – Black 81  WKY Elite 56 – Davonte Guillory, Treyvon Sylvester, and Kel Livers led Team Manimal – Black with 24, 18, and 16 points respectively.  Dustin Crump and J. Moss led WKY Elite with 27 and 22 points respectively.


Team Manimal – Gold 89  KY Grind – 2017 78 (Quarterfinal)Cole VonHandorf led Team Manimal – Gold with 24 points.  Peyton Broughton, Kel Stotts, and Damon Tobler added 21, 13, and 10 points respectively.  Luke Johnson led KY Grind – 2017 with 19 points including three three point baskets.  Jake Duby and Cameron Greenup added 18 and 14 points respectively.


Next Level 76  D1 Elite 67 (Quarterfinal)William Brown led the victors with 32 points including six three point baskets, seven assists, and four steals.


Team Manimal – Gold 85  Next Level 62 (Semifinal)Damon Tobler, Peyton Broughton, and Nico Johnson led Team Manimal – Gold with 17, 16, and 11 points respectively.  James Baker led Next Level with 19 points.  Cal Hackart added 15 points on five three point baskets.  Ramon Collins chipped in with 12 points.


Matt’s Mustangs 76  Team Manimal – Black 61 (Semifinal)Tim Dalton led Matt’s Mustangs with 23 points.  Taveion Hollingsworth, Mason Blair, and Bryson Asher added 12, 12, and 10 points respectively.  Daydrian Allen, Davonte Guillory, Trejan Walls, and Jared Grubb led Team Manimal – Black with 18, 14, 12, and 10 points respectively.


Matt’s Mustangs 85  Team Manimal – Gold 59 (Championship) – Matt’s Mustangs raced out to a 13-0 lead and was never threatened in an 85-59 victory over Team Manimal – Gold.  Taveion Hollingsworth was sensational today as he led the victors with 31 points, 23 of them coming in the first half.  Tim Dalton added 17 points and Mason Blair recorded 15 points.  Kel Stotts was the only effective offensive weapon for Team Manimal – Gold today as he recorded 18 points including four three point baskets.


Congratulations to all the teams and to KBA for putting on a first class event with some excellent teams and great individual talent.  A special note of appreciation to the KBA staff for all the help they provide me and the hospitality extended on championship Sunday.






Posted by REH at 10:25 PM EDT
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