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Wednesday, 3 August 2005
MoveOn Memes
Topic: Out of Flyover Land
At times it appears to me that the Conservative/Libertarian/Right Cause has forfeited the Paradigm Wars to the Left.

Maybe that is too harsh, but we have at times left ourselves at a Tactical and Strategic disadvantage by adopting the Memes of the Left, through Intellectual Laziness.

Air America has been, not in the Exempt Media, but in the Blogverse News lately.

Here are some examples of what I mean.

My friend Buster Block over at InMuscatine uses a nice Fresh 21st Century Paradigm in his post "What Did (Dead)Air America Know..."

(Dead)Air, has a nice ring to it, concise, rolls off the tongue well and TO THE POINT.

Now his Link to Michele Malkin I do NOT like

Michelle Malkin | AIR ENRON

Paradigms like Air Enron or Something-Gate bother me.

No matter what the issue, no matter how severe the Consequences when you use the Language of the Left we surrender to them the field advantage.

If we say Rathergate? They can smugly remind themselves of Watergate. Air Enron brings to mind the original Enron. Yeah Right! Like Enron suddenly went putrid on Bush's watch and was a respectable honest and a without blemish entity during the Clinton Years?

The truth does not matter. Vietnam started by one Democratic President, enlarged to its greatest extent under another Democratic President, became
Mr Nixon's War a Republican Presidents fault.

This meme is so ingrained in the American Psyche that it was Seared , mind you SEARED in the mind(?) of John Kerry that he was in Cambodia on Christmas Eve of 1968 while the President (Who else COULD it be but Nixon, no one even thinks or questions that assumption) was lying to the American People about the Truth.

Only thing was Mr Nixon did not BECOME President until Jan 20, 1969.

See how easy it is for Truth to be lost in Paradigm?

So NOT RatherGate, but rather Baghdad Dan Rather of the CBS Information Ministry.

Ignore the Lies of the Infidel Bloggers!
I have it on the highest authority that the documents are correct!
God Willing, our documents shall roast the stomachs of the pig Republicans
with their Authenticity

Not Air Enron. But Baghdad Al Frankin of the
Liberal Information Ministry.

"Air America is the highest rated program in the history of radio! It is broadcast around the world to an audience of billions! You are telling lies! Listen for yourself! Rush Limbaugh is committing suicide after hearing of the success of the mighty Al Franken!"

(What's that? What do you mean, 'Your paycheck didn't clear the bank?' Lies, all lies! Call the arrogant american bank and demand an explanation!)

Blatant biased reporting where the news seems to have been "created" for effect can become a "Rather"

Not MemoGate but MemoRather.

Get the picture?

Do NOT use THEIR Paradigms or Memes!

See? Even the Title "What Did (Dead)Air America Know..." Harks back to "What did he know and when did he know it"

Create NEW 21st Century ones that hits them square between the eyes!

So if YOU have a good idea for New Paradigms?

LEAVE A COMMENT! Share it with the rest of us.

Did I mention, I REALLY like (Dead)Air America?

UPDATE Strategic Plans by the Left like Teddy Kennedy's to Cut and Run and leave the Iraqis to swing in the breeze can be called,



Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 5:32 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:22 AM CDT

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