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Thursday, 12 October 2006
Evil Republican Magi
Update: I just found out this story even made the Wall Street Journal in Best of the Web on Opinion Journal! Psychics Stole the Election!
In an Election Day post on a pagan discussion group at, someone using the handle "DragonTDC" offers this explanation for what turned out to be Bush's victory:

I have decided to bump this post up from my archives for several reasons.

One: Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and a post about Evil Republican Magis with Hell Hounds seems somehow appropriate?

Two: Some say the outcome of this upcoming Election is in doubt and I say, Hey stick with what works! Let the other side have the roll over in your grave and mail in absentee ballots, zombie vote, we have Evil Magis
with Hell Hounds!

And Finally and most importantly.

Three: I want to JOIN. I mean to say, being an Evil Republican Magi with a Hell Hound sounds really cool!

But instead of a "Black Mercedes or a Lincoln, could I have a Black Dodge Daytona? There is something about that car that just looks evil. I remember as a teenager standing on the side of the road and watching one ease by, it was like seeing a Shark going put-put-put down the road. It Oozed Ominous!

The outcome of this last election had been blamed on many factors. The Evangelical Christian Moral Right, the Unteachable Ignorance of Red State Votes

But the TRUTH has finally come out!

The real cause of Bush's victory over the forces of Light and the Democratic Party---


Evil Republican Magi aided by Hell Hounds.

Read all about this suppressed dark secret. ;-)

Magical Election Tampering: SHUT IT DOWN!

Ok, I can understand the restlessness I've been feeling since yesterday. There's a lot riding on this election, and passions are running high on both sides, so naturally eceryone and their naked brother who has an ounce of Power and no clue about Shielding is leaking energy like a hair dryer in a bathtub. So it's Shields Up for me, but I'm still getting enough bleedover to make me jittery and a little manic if I don't concentrate. That's all to be expected.

What wasn't expected was that once I filtered out all that background noise, I started hearing a calm, resonable, and powerful head-voice saying things like "Kerry doesn't have the experience we need in these troubled times." and "Give Bush a chance to make it better."

Anyone who knows me KNOWS these are not my thoughts!

And besides, I voted last week. No, there's no way in Hades these are my thoughts.

Gods-damn it! The f*cking Republicans have got Magical help pumping out a clear, unified, focused broadcast, and you can be sure, every sensitive is picking it up. These are the people most likely to vote Kerry, and I'd like to think they are resolute enough not to be swayed by telepathic subliminal advertising, but it's such a rarely-done thing, and so few people are properly trained these days, that I fear it will be more effective. Just watch and see who says "I was going to vote for Kerry, but for some reason I changed my mind at the last minute."

Who would be doing this for them? Gee, who are the Mages driving around in those black Mercedes and Lincolns with the tinted windows? The ones who live in the mansions with the hell-hounds in the yard and the 7-foot tall hairless black doormen? Every town has some, the bigger the town, the more of these "High Magi" you will find.

I have no idea what their agenda may be, but you can be damn sure the welfare of the common human on the street is not a part of it.

So shield, people, shield. And screen. And if you can shield a polling place, do it! I'm not saying to try to interfere with people's choices, but rather prevent them from being interfered with.

This is important, people, and it may be too late already
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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CDT
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Updated: Monday, 16 October 2006 10:50 PM CDT

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