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Wednesday, 13 June 2007
Ideology versus Economics
Topic: Global Warming

Western Civilization is based on an Economic System called Capitalism.

It is my personal opinion that this system is mankind's first and best attempt to operate on some paradigm other than plunder and pillage.

The concept that a mutually agreed upon free exchange is preferable to a society based upon the acquisition of needs by force.

For the better part of the 20th Century our Way of Life was opposed by a Society that made decision based upon concerns of Ideology rather than Economics.

In fact Economic realities were ignored in the pursuit of Ideological Purity.

Anyone who has been reading here for awhile may understand my utter surprise to find that I am on the same side of a debate with the People's Republic of China.

It seems that today it is our Political Leaders who are basing decisions which affect one of the fundamental areas of our Society, our Energy Supply, upon Ideological basis rather than Economic ones.

It is the People's Republic of China which has come to certain decisions for economically sound reasons, not us this time.

Report: China to Block Ethanol Production

Report: China to Block Ethanol Production From Corn, Other Food Crops

BEIJING (AP) -- China is putting a moratorium on projects to make ethanol from corn and other food crops, telling producers to switch to crops not widely eaten in China, such as sorghum, a state news agency reported Monday.

China is promoting ethanol in an effort to reduce reliance on imported oil but worries that demand for raw material could push up food prices and the need for scarce farmland.

"Food-based ethanol fuel will not be the direction for China," the Xinhua News Agency quoted Xu Dingming, an official of the National Energy Leading Group, as saying at a weekend energy seminar.

The government plans to ask producers to switch to crops such as cassava and sorghum, Xinhua said, citing an official of China's top planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission.

The government "has been trying to avoid occupation of arable land, consumption of large amount of grain and damages to the environment in developing the renewable energies," the agency said.

Four Chinese companies currently make corn-based ethanol, with a total annual production capacity of just over 1 million tons, according to Xinhua.

China Oil and Food Corp., owner of the one of the ethanol producers, plans to focus on sorghum, its president Yu Xubo, was quoted as saying at the seminar.

Yes it seem they are concerned about the economic effects on food supply, that ethanol costs more than alternate energy sources, and the fact that the total environmental costs of ethanol production as an energy source may be counterproductive,

Me and the Chinese Communists agree on something.


Oh and our leaders it seems are promoting Ethanol and Biofuels based not upon Economic concerns but in an attempt at Global Climate Ideological Purity.

We pay more for even partial ethanol fuels, we may not see this at the pumps, because it is subsidized with our Tax dollars, but we pay extra for it anyway.

As a result the price of grain climbs and effects the food supply of the poorest segments of the world's population.

This is not the way to find alternate energy supplies. This is not the philosophy that made our Nation Great.

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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:41 AM CDT
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Updated: Wednesday, 13 June 2007 5:52 PM CDT

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