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Tuesday, 30 May 2006
My Name is Dan
And I Am
An American

Hi Dan!

I feel like making a virtual confession to Erik Svane's virtual self help group.

Americans Anonymous

Keep Your Hopes Up, Americans Overseas, Help Is Available!
"Hello, my name is Eric, and I'm an American."
"I used to be embarrassed to admit I carried a U.S. passport, for fear of what smug and self-righteous foreigners would carp to me about my country, and ashamed in turn about the embarrassment. These dark secrets led to feelings of guilt and to an evil circle from which I couldn't escape. That's when I discovered AA (Americans Anonymous)…” More

The reason I feel like this virtual meaning is because yesterday I had an American "Slip".

It was Memorial Day, I got to thinking about what we should remember, what we should be grateful for and that lead inevitably to being an American, what that means and entails.

As everyone know America is an Idea, therefore being an American is not just a Disease of Geography but of the Mind.

Images floated through my mind Apple Pie, Mom. Iwo Jima, and also those epithets hurled at Americans and at last my thoughts centered on the ONE slur that seems to be directed at us with the most venom.


Yes, often it seems that the word America is immediately followed with a rancorous gritting of the teeth and a spewing of the epithet McDonalds. as THE epitome of Yankee Imperialist Cultural Aggression, The Golden Arches of Infamy?

Not that any American gunship has ever steamed into a foreign harbor to force the inhabitants to give McDonald's their custom. In fact it seems that the people themselves seem to desire it, otherwise there would be no McDonald's in other lands.

Maybe that is what causes the Elite Intelligentsia of those countries so much ire?

In any event, I felt a sudden and overwhelming compulsion to do something symbolic, SO

I went to McDonalds and ordered a

Quar- No make that a DOUBLE Quaterpounder with CHEESE and Fries and a COKE.


It taseted GOOD too!

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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 5:21 AM CDT
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Updated: Tuesday, 30 May 2006 5:24 PM CDT

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