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Monday, 10 October 2005
The Wonderful World Wide Web
Topic: Out of Flyover Land
Just recently Tarek Heggy, a man for whom I have the deepest admiration and who I consider one of the Great Minds of our Age posted an Article in
Winds of Change

Tarek Heggy: Announcement & Archives
by Tarek Heggy at October 9, 2005 03:49 AM
I have thoroughly enjoyed writing to this wonderful site "WINDS-OF-CHANGE". However, I will not be posting much during the current academic year, as which I will be (most of the time) on the move.

I have already started by my visit to Erasmus university in the Netherlands where I lectured (on September 24th) at the 1995-2005 MBA & Ph.D Alumni reunion at The Rotterdam School of Management. Next week, I will be in Austria to lecture at The Hayek Institute and Vienna university. After Austria I have a full program that includes 16 lectures at the universities that I have been lecturing at for many years (Princeton, California-Berkely, Columbia, Oxford and King's College of London university). Furthermore, I will be participating in numerous conferences. For instance, on November 17th I will arrive to Jacksonville/Florida on an invitation from the USA former secretary of defense William Cohen to participate in the world future leaders project of The Cohen Group.
WINDS-OF-CHANGE readers who might be interested to follow-up with my past archive of writings etc. should go to:

1. posts 250 of my essays in English, French, Arabic, Hebrew & Russian). It also has

my personal CV
“Tarek Heggy is one of the most creative and prolific writers in the Arab world. His writings probe the political and social limits and present a refreshing message of self-reliance that challenges the prevailing sense that regional ills are largely made abroad”.

(Professor Shibley Telhami, Head of Al-Sadat Chair, Maryland University , USA).

2. Winds of Change.NET has a topic archive for my columns.

3. This Yahoo search results page.

With my best wishes to this great site and its readers, and to my friend Joe Katzman....

I along with others expressed my regrets and well wishes.

#2 from Dan Kauffman on October 9, 2005 06:35 AM

You will be missed, but I have had your website
bookmarked for sometime and will have to be content with perusing the archives.

So one might understand how I felt when I received this email

Dear Dan,

I am sincerely thankful to you for your nice words.

If you want me to provide you with all my future writings, personally, grateful you e-mail to me the address to which I should send my new material.

With my best wishes,

Tarek Heggy

Me the Grandson of a Western Kentucky Sharecropper and the Son of a man who was a 50 cent a day field hand before he joined the Navy.

Only in America and only on the World Wide Web could such a thing happen.

I am in awe of the internet. I have access to the Greatest minds of the Ages at my very fingertips, typing on my keyboard and SOME of them who are alive today even read what I write and write back to ME!

How COOL it that? So again one might NOT be surprised at my reaction to the same Organization that brought us.

Rwanda, The Food For Oil Scandal, the Pedophile Rings in the Congo,

deciding that IT should gain control of this Bastion of Freedom of Information, Freedom of Thought , Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Communication.

I agree with Protein Wisdom in his

Sunday riddle

Q: What do you get when you cross the UN and Kofi Annan with the internet?*

A: A 404 page that loves the Cognac and hates the Zionists.

Oh. And a pissed off Roger Simon, to boot.

Given what I am doing, I am barely off line these days (except when I sleep, and even then my dreams are sometimes wired), so I have been feeling on "en vacance" this weekend in the Santa Ynez Valley, only able to get online in spare moments when I can slip off to the WiFi at the Roasted Bean in beautiful downtown Santa Ynez (two blocks).

But.. cooled down or not... steam came out of my ears this morning when I read (via Glenn) The World Wide Web (of Bureaucrats) in the WSJ. My only quarrel with this excellent and important (to all of us, especially) oped, which opposes proposed United Nations control of the Internet, is that it is understated. "Bureaucrats"? How about "Criminals" - because that is just what many of them are! Can you imagine the conglomeration of vicious corrupt slime who gave us Oil-for-Food governing the Internet? We might as well turn in our laptops. It would be over. I couldn't agree more with the oped's conclusion:

Now it appears some of the prime movers are China and Iran.

While WSIS conferees have agreed to retain language enshrining free speech (despite the disapproval of countries that clearly oppose it) this is not a battle we've comfortably won. Some of the countries clamoring for regulation under the auspices of the U.N.--such as China and Iran--are among the most egregious violators of human rights.

Egregious violators of human rights = running demonstrators down with tanks or shooting them down in the street and dragging their bodies behind jeeps through the City to terrorize the populace.

I say NO. I say we do NOT turn over control of something so vital to the Freedom and Liberty of the World to those who would make decisions on OUR Liberties by means of Powerbroker Deals between Beijing, Brussels and the Persian Gulf.

To paraphrase

When you pry my cold dead fingers off my mouse!


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:45 AM CDT
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