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Tuesday, 25 October 2005
The Piggy Bank Jihad
First it was Piglet and the very best presentation has been of course Cox & Forkum's

Perils Before Swine

But just wait a minute. Dogs are even more
impure are they not?

First Piglet Then Lassie?????????

Dogs are also considered ritually impure by Muslims. In fact, according to this ruling, it's easier to remove the ritual impurity associated with pigs than that associated with dogs.

"With regard to how to cleanse oneself of pig-related impurity, some scholars are of the view that it should be washed seven times, one of which should be with earth, by analogy with dogs.

But the correct view is that pig-related impurity should be washed only once.

On further reflection is it not true.

It's Not Just Piglet and Lassie
It's us too!

84. The following ten things are originally impure:
(i) Urine (ii) Faeces (iii) Semen (iv) Dead body (v) Blood
(vi) Dog (vii) Pig (viii) Infidel
(ix) Wine (x) Barley wine (Beer)

Now it appears Banks are discontinuing handing out piggy banks?

That does not make sense. Usury is FORBIDDEN in Islam.

Interest: The Way to Inevitable Ruin

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Believers do not gorge yourselves on interest, multiplying (your money) again and again. Have fear of Allah, so that you may prosper. Guard yourselves against the fire which has been prepared for the disbelievers; and obey Allah and the messenger, that you may be graced with mercy. (The House of Imran, "Aal Imran": 3;130 -132)

Commentary by Sayyid Qutb
Translation: A. A. Salahi and S. A. Shamsi

So what is someone doing in a Bank to be offended by a piggybank if just being there is a violation of their beliefs.

I think we are having our chains jerked and there are enough idiots to fall for it.

Or should we just resign ourselves to dhimmitude?


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 9:27 PM CDT
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Updated: Tuesday, 25 October 2005 9:36 PM CDT
Sunday, 23 October 2005
Make Me An Offer?

My blog is worth $57,018.54.
How much is your blog worth?


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:03 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 23 October 2005 3:17 PM CDT
The Three Dimension Luck and Power Test
Mood:  cheeky

You Are Internal - Realist - Powerful

You feel your life is controlled internally.

If you want something, you make it happen.

You don't wait around for things to go your way.

You value your independence and don't like others to have control.

You are a realist when it comes to luck.

You don't attribute everything to luck, but you do know some things are random.

You don't beat yourself up when bad things happen to you...

But you do your best to try to make your own luck.

When it comes to who's in charge, it's you.

Life is a kingdom, and you're the grand ruler.

You don't care much about what others think.

But they better care what you think!

The Three Dimension Luck and Power Test

It would be interesting to see how those who label themselves Libertarian do on this test. For fun only it is not extensive enough for a real determination, but might evoke some chuckles.

I rather think my results indicate some obstinate libertarian leanings. ;-)


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:14 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 23 October 2005 7:26 AM CDT
Friday, 21 October 2005
The De Paul Brand
Supression of Freedom of Expression is DePaul's newest "Brand"?

I found this tonight on Powerline,

DePaul Invites Churchill, Suppresses Republicans

DePaul University in Chicago has invited Ward Churchill to its campus to speak on--of all things--human rights. The college's Republicans have tried to mobilize opposition to Churchill's visit, but have been blocked by the college's administration. Amazingly, the Republicans were denied the right to post flyers criticizing Churchill's visit on the ground that the flyers were "propaganda"!

Filmmaker Andrew Marcus has set up a terrific web site to follow the controversy, called Mental Ward. The site contains a wealth of information, including a video interview with the President of DePaul's Republicans. This is a great example of a single-purpose web site

Part of my reaction is prompted by the fact that De Paul has an alumni who is a modern day American Hero.

DePaul Alum Todd Beamer-Does Ward Churchill think Todd was a "Little Eichmann?"

Marathon Pundit ^ | October 7, 2005 | Marathon Pundit

Posted on 10/07/2005 9:03:20 PM PDT by Land_of_Lincoln_John

Heroic Todd Beamer was not in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. But he led the famous "Let's Roll" charge into the cockpit of Flight 93, which crashed that same day in Pennsylvania after being hijacked by al-Qaida terrorists.

He was a DePaul grad, earning his MBA from the Chicago school in 1993.

So, does October 20 and 21 DePaul speaker Churchill think Todd was a "Little Eichmann?"

Now Andrew Marcus does have some excellent contact addresses on his website, but before I went to there I had already found the department of De Paul to which I wanted to send a letter expressing my own emotions.

The De Paul Brand

Why "brand" DePaul?

In an environment filled with so many higher education options and alternatives, the benefits of articulating a consistent, clear message of DePaul's unique advantages are apparent. Our key audiences need to be able to understand quickly and clearly who DePaul is and what the university can offer them.

To me the message is quite clear, Politically Correct Dogma will be defended by the Inquisition against heretical views. Free Speech does not include the right to shout Bigot and Fraud at a Bigot and Fraud.

INNOVATIVE: DePaul is never content with the status quo. DePaul's educational tradition is marked by innovation, by creativity and by a persistent pursuit of novel solutions to meet the educational needs of the marketplace and society.

Have Torches and Pitchforks Will Travel We Burn Neo-Con Books too?

DIVERSE: DePaul provides access for all to higher education, regardless of

class, race, ethnicity or economic barriers.

The DePaul community is a welcoming one, marked by its inclusivity, diversity and openness to a wide range of students, faculty and staff.


notice how that does not appear in the regardless of statement above?

RISK-TAKING: DePaul dares to take a chance. Historically, the university has stepped outside tradition and beyond conservative approaches, consistently demonstrating an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit.

Well they are honest, no conservatives need apply, wonder how they jive entrepreneurial spirit with Socialist Rhetoric?

VALUES: DePaul's mission is visible to all. Its education is grounded in values of personalism, holistic education and the commitment to creating opportunities for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in society.

Those they deem advantaged and enfranchised better not try to step outside their place if they forget this little rule they will be reminded.

Why do we need brand guidelines?

A brand is only as strong as the consistency of the communications materials that convey it. Messages that deviate from the brand essence will be confusing to the audience. They will weaken or muddy the brand. (Imagine if Nike didn’t dictate how its advertisers and sponsors used the official "swoosh" logo.)

There you have it folks obviously the message of the Republican Club deviates from the brand essence is not consistent with the Brand Image De Paul wishes to disseminate.

Who needs these guidelines?

Everyone responsible for the creation or implementation of new communications materials—brochures, print ads, signage, electronic messages or others—needs the information on this site. If you have further questions about these guidelines, please contact:

Assistant Vice President
Marketing Communications

Enrollment Communications

Can we say Intellectual Censorship?

So I sent this department this letter.

Suppression of Freedom of Expression is your newest "Brand"?

There was a time that center's of higher learning were considered without
thought or question to be bastions of freedom of speech and expression.

It now appears that you differentiate some versions of speech and expression
as "propaganda" and ban them?

What books are you planning to burn in the future?

To think that the institute of higher learning attended by such heros
as Todd Beamer could sink so low, could forget meaning of Freedom and Liberty.

Could ban dissent in opposition to someone who called those like your famous
alumni "Little Eichmann's".

Perhaps you have no shame, then I hope you enjoy the newest Brand you have

I am trying to decide what an appropriate symbol for De Paul's new brand would be, should it include images of Fascists burning books or Inquisitors burning heretics?

Anyone have some ideas? Put them in the comments or an URL to a design.

I was thinking of something like this


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 11:27 PM CDT
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Updated: Friday, 21 October 2005 11:51 PM CDT
Wednesday, 19 October 2005
The Devil is Banned in Georgia?
Hat tip Tongue Tied in Speaking of the Devil
A high school marching band has been forbidden from playing a Charlie Daniels song at an upcoming bowl game because of fears that it might cross the line between church and state, according to the Washington Post.
The band at C.D. Hylton High School in Prince Williams County wanted to play Daniels' "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" during an upcoming appearance at the Peach Bowl.

A local resident, however, complained in a letter to the Potomac News, that a song about the devil was an inappropriate insertion of faith into the repertoire of a public school band. The band's director, Dennis Brown, pulled the song from the playlist.

A first reaction might be "Oh No, another Halloween is Evil protest by someone with more religion than sens>" and if that is your reaction you would be WRONG.

"local newspaper, the Potomac News, published a letter by a Woodbridge resident who, after having seen the C.D. Hylton Bulldawg Marching Band perform the country-western hit at a football game, wondered how a song about the devil could be played at school events, because of the separation of church and state.

Separation of Church and STATE? Someone please wake me up? I don't need legal and Constitutional protection from Laws respecting the Establishment of Satanism. Besides it turns out the idiot who wrote the letter in the first place is NOT offended or threatened by the word Devil in a song after all.

As for that nettlesome letter writer, Robert McLean? The defense contractor, whose children are home-schooled, said he went to Hylton's football game just because he enjoys the sport. His letter, he said, was meant to start a philosophical debate, not to wreck any student's marching band experience. Besides, he said, he loves "Devil."

"It was one of the first 45s I had as a kid," he said.

Hey McLean? Why don't you, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT from now on?

But he is not the real problem. It is people like

Hylton's longtime band director, Dennis Brown, pulled the song from the playlist. "I was just being protective of my students. I didn't want any negative publicity for C.D. Hylton High School," he said.

and the result of placating idiocy?

But Brown's strategy backfired. The decision has created a furor, and even Charlie Daniels has weighed in.

We just don't have enough Ragin Cajun General Honores to go around do we? Instead of junking the work of months by the band by banning a Charlie Daniel's song in GEORGIA for Pete's Sake, A simple "Don't get Stuck on Stupid" was all that was needed.

But we are overrun these days with the "Random Fluctuations of an Indeterminate Universe Forbid".
(might get visited by the Politically Correct Inquisition if I use God Forbid) ANYONE EVER gets offended, except for the large majority of everyday citizens, we don't count.

That is why we have the insanity of the Seminoles being forced to change their name. Is the Seminole Indian Nation offended by their name being used by an athletic team? No THEY like it but they SHOULD be offended so the PC Inquisitor is taking steps to remedy this injustice.

Oh this hypersensitivity is by no means recent. Some of us remember the Cold War, like the present, America was commonly called every name in the book, but man if we said ANYTHING about the Soviets there was a firestorm of recriminations, we might offend them you see, it was not diplomatic you see.

Odd thing was no one else felt like being diplomatic, they still don't. For instance ex-Chancellor Schroeder as part of his farewell uttered these immortal words,

"I do not want to name any catastrophes where you can see what happens if organized state action is absent. I could name countries, but the position I still hold forbids it, but everyone knows I mean America"

And how did our President respond to this occasion?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush called outgoing Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder "to thank him for his service" on Thursday, a day after the German leader criticized the United States, the White House said.

"While the two leaders had differences at times on policy, the president said that he enjoyed working with Chancellor Schroeder," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

"The president expressed his and Mrs. Bush's best wishes to Chancellor and Mrs. Schroeder as he prepares to leave office."

Now I suppose a case could be made about whether President Bush was sincere or not, but it is in keeping with the American hesitance to "kick a man when he is down" , unlike some European's tendency to try to trip someone so they can kick them when they are down.

We need as a Society to forget trying to be diplomatic when the other side is just looking for excuses to be offended.

We need more Reagans on the local, national and international levels.

Like I said before in those days American and America was called every name in the book and some invented on the spot that went into the new books and we were just supposed to "take it" and react in a Civilized manner.

And then came Reagan.

And he got up looked them right back in the eye and said they were.

The Evil Empire

And the talking heads gave a collective gasp of HORROR!

And me? I said RIGHT ON! there was FINALLY someone sticking up for US and it was about time!

So while in the Case of The Devil Came Down to Georgia, I think that idiot McLean should have kept his blamed mouth shut if he did not really care about the song, the real culprit is this

gasp someone might be offended freeze everyone into immobility! reaction.

We need some folks with the backbone to say.

"Don't like that song? Bring earplugs."


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:43 AM CDT
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Updated: Wednesday, 19 October 2005 7:34 AM CDT
Monday, 17 October 2005
Toledo Riot
The riot broke out Saturday when protesters confronted members of a group calling itself "America's Nazi Party," who had gathered at a city park. Members of the group didn't stick around long.

But rioters threw baseball-sized rocks at police, vandalized vehicles and stores, and set fire to a neighborhood bar, authorities said. More than 100 people were arrested and one officer was seriously injured.

Anyone else lock onto what jumped out at me?

First let me state for the record that I think Neo-Nazis are scum. It's that simple.

That said, marchers travel on foot?

The news says. , "vandalized vehicles and stores, and set fire to a neighborhood bar"--"this rally had taken place at a neutral site or in a downtown courthouse square," Navarre said, "I don't think we would have had the problems that we did. But because the rally occurred in a neighborhood that is really what the neighbor residents and the gang members took great exception to.

He said there hasn't been a problem in the neighborhood since the four-hour disturbance.

"And it was really confined to one small geographical area,"

Say what? They flipped out over the Neo-Nazis marching through their neighborhood so they-- trashed some local cars, stores and set fire to a local bar?

While--" Members of the group didn't stick around long"

Oh that is really great, The Neo-Nazis don't have to get their hands dirty.

All they have to do, is march into a neighborhood arouse the locals and then let the people who LIVE there tear the place up, while they leave.

Really brilliant.

Hard to decide who is more disgusting.

Most of the violence happened when residents, who had pelted the Nazi marchers with bottles and rocks, took out their anger on police, said Brian Jagodzinski, chief news photographer for CNN affiliate WTVG.

Video showed crowds at around 2:25 p.m. using bats to bring down a wooden fence as looters broke into a small grocery store.

"The crowd was very ... extremely agitated at the police ... for doing this [making arrests in] the community when they should be doing this to the Nazis," Jagodzinski said.

Around 3 p.m., crowds of young men pelted the outside of a two-story residence with rocks, smashed out the windows with wooden crates, ran inside and threw out the furniture and lamps from the upper-level windows to the sidewalk below.
No police were on the scene.

About 10 minutes later, the building's second story was in flames as a crowd of people watched.

Turns out the Neo-Nazis were not the only outsiders who turned up.

"About 20 members from both the International Socialists Organization and One People's Project showed up, and some handed eggs to African-American residents to throw at the Nazi marchers, White said."

Let us revisit one statement a second time.

"The crowd was very ... extremely agitated at the police ... for doing this [making arrests in] the community when they should be doing this to the Nazis," Jagodzinski said.

WELL? When the violence broke out, the Nazi marchers returned to their headquarters and who was it again, looting stores, setting fire to residences?

White separatist demonstration ends in violence, arrests

Just about everybody in the Polish Village neighborhood on the north side of Toledo knows the owner of Jim & Lou's Sportsman Club simply as Uncle Lou.

For 54 years, Louis Ratajski ran the pub that was a political hot spot for most budding politicians mulling a run for city office.

He planned to open Saturday afternoon so patrons could watch the Notre Dame football game.

Instead, he watched on television at his nephew's house a few miles away from the bar, where he lived, as a gang-fueled mob, sparked by the presence of a white supremacist group, looted and burned his beloved bar early Saturday afternoon after hundreds of people rioted, forcing the mayor to declare a state of emergency.

"It was just a plain little place, no frills," Ratajski, 86, said Sunday while his nephews and other family members picked through charred wood and carried out anything left after the blaze. "It will sink in later. The customers were more devastated."

Residents of north Toledo were trying to return to normal Sunday, but the destruction left by Saturday's riot was obvious -- from the boarded-up windows at a convenience mart to the extra police cars patrolling the streets.
Cox and Forkum has turned their usual genius to this event in Synergetic Racism

There really is not anything new here, for during the Watts Riot of 1992

Although rioters deliberately smashed and plundered Korean-owned businesses and spared some that said "black owner," many a black man's business was torched for the fun of seeing things burn. A building owned by a 10-year-old service organization called 100 Black Men was reduced to ashes. The Aquarian, which had just celebrated its 50th year, making it the oldest continuously operated black book store in the country, went up in flames. So did Broadway Federal Savings, a bank that had been owned and operated by three generations of the same black family. The blaze that gutted the bank also destroyed the office of Maxine Waters, a black congressional representative. The African Refugee Center and the Ethiopian Community Center were also put to the torch, [Edward Boyer, Black-owned businesses pay a heavy price, Los Angeles Times, May 8, 1992, p. A1.] as were two branches of the Los Angeles public library. [Amy Wallace, Mobs spared most of city's cultural centers during rampage, Los Angeles Times, May 5, 1992, p. B3.]

One would have to say that in the '92 Watts Riot of all the Black owned landmarks that were destroyed the
burning of the Broadway Federal Savings was the most tragic. For generations the only institution willing to loan money to members of that community gone, gone not as a protest of injustice, not as a reaction to police brutality, but merely an example of mindless wanton destruction.
That is not Social Protest not Politcal Action, just gangs, pillaging and plundering.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 9:47 AM CDT
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Updated: Monday, 17 October 2005 11:21 AM CDT
McCain's Private Comments
The full title of the email I got from was really but what caught my eye was something that had nothing to do with the US Supreme Court.

And in a conversation about the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, the former POW said as a result of the abuse revelations he'd "hate to be the next American captured by the enemy."

Is there anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence that really believes that what did or did not happen at Abu Ghraib has any bearing whatsoever as to how our troops would fare should they God Forbid fall into Terrorist hands?

I mean did the world at large and the forces arrayed against us pay to the conditions there before we took Iraq? Did they care at all?

This is from the same cloth as the outrage over suspected mistreatment of theQuran in Gitmo. Those who shrieked the loudest about that were totally silent when in Saudi Arabia, demonstrators held up Qurans for futile protection and were run down by Security Forces and the Qurans trampled under foot.

This is like the outcry in the Media and other venues when the Uzbek authorities fired upon demonstrators, The US had a base there so our faces became blackened , Not much was reported in the Major Media when after the incident created tensions between the US and that government we were asked and agreed to remove our base.

You see folks it is NOT about the things we have done are purported to have done, or have been done by those associated with us have done.

It is about us. the US , no matter what we do or do not do something can always be found to rabble rouse in the MidEast and Europe and in the Political Left in this county> You can take that to the Bank.

If it were really about Abu Ghraib then there would be some consideration to perspective such as that presented by Christopher Hitchens in A War to Be Proud Of
From the September 5 / September 12, 2005 issue: The case for overthrowing Saddam was unimpeachable. Why, then, is the administration tongue-tied?
by Christopher Hitchens
09/05/2005, Volume 010, Issue 47

LET ME BEGIN WITH A simple sentence that, even as I write it, appears less than Swiftian in the modesty of its proposal: "Prison conditions at Abu Ghraib have improved markedly and dramatically since the arrival of Coalition troops in Baghdad."

I could undertake to defend that statement against any member of Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International, and I know in advance that none of them could challenge it, let alone negate it. Before March 2003, Abu Ghraib was an abattoir, a torture chamber, and a concentration camp. Now, and not without reason, it is an international byword for Yankee imperialism and sadism. Yet the improvement is still, unarguably, the difference between night and day. How is it possible that the advocates of a post-Saddam Iraq have been placed on the defensive in this manner? And where should one begin?

Oh you see a lot of solemn head shaking somber words of condemnation, but on the reality, on the alternatives to our actions of going into Iraq? Silence, the silence of the ashamed and the spleen of the rhetoric is in part more bitter because we are succeeding despite the constant repetition that we are failing and that is the one thing that galls the Left the worst. That is the reason they have abandoned their moral stance of generations and are vehemently supporting Fascistic Fanatic Thugs.

The world has changed that much. The same voices that used to be raised against the Right for supporting Fascistic Dictatorships and Oppression are now raised in support of the same and against those who have deposed them. Michael Moore calls Minutemen those who walk into a crowd of children getting candy from American GIs and blow them into scraps of bloody dead meat. Who would have thought during the great upheaval of the 60s that the same political forces would one day stoop to such venality?

If I could have stood before Senator McCain when uttered those words, he'd "hate to be the next American captured by the enemy I would have liked to ask him where he got the idea that anything we do or do not do would affect how they treat us or anyone else for that matter?

I mean, if we are speaking about conditions mandated by the Geneva Convention? Civilians are supposed to be Protected Persons what manner of protection has the Geneva Convention given to Iraqi Civilians, Women and Children?

For that matter, what level of protection has the Geneva Convention ever given to our own troops?

Did it protect them from the Nazis?

Did it protect them from the Japanese?

Did it protect them from the Koreans?

Did it protect the Senator himself from the Vietnamese?

Who has ever honored that Convention?

Aside from the UK and the US?

It did not protect the captured German troop from the Soviets did it? Nor did it protect the captured Polish Army officers and Cadets from the Soviets in the Katyn Forest Massacre

Someone please if you can source when and where the Geneva Conventions were honored by other powers besides the US and the UK please leave the information in the comments section.

To my mind Abu Ghraib has no bearing whatsoever on how our troops will be treated if captured and the Geneva Convention is a meaningless piece of paper ignored by everyone except us and some of our allies.

It is a set of rules that no one plays by but us and we are held strictly to account devoid of any rational logic.

Abu Ghraibs happen in War, and we PUNISH those that do so if they are our own, NOT because the Geneva Convention says so, but because OUR Law says so.

Because there are some thing AMERICANS do not do.

I will have to admit making murdering scum stand with underwear on their heads, or terrifying them is not what I think of as torture. Feeding a young athlete into a woodchopper for losing an International Contest? Police Stations with meathooks in the ceiling for questioning prisoners? Those are the things I think of. Those are some of the things we put an end to. Those are some of the things that would have continued has the Political Forces arrayed against our Intervention prevailed.

THAT is the real truth of Iraq.

And Senator McCain's statement?

It is a fatuous political cheapshot.

OR I wrong him and his statement is a sincere expression of his true convictions.

In which case in my opinion the man has a blind spot of the reality of the world so broad as to make him completely unfit for the Presidency.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:35 AM CDT
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Updated: Monday, 17 October 2005 7:10 AM CDT
Thursday, 13 October 2005
They hate us because we are free.

The Dhimming of the West?

This all smacks of Dubya's fatuous insistence that "they hate us because we are free."

We have heard these words before and we have experienced that attitude. President Bush is continually accused of being too simplistic and then a series of arguments and rationals follow which in some cases purport that they hate us because we deserve to be hated and everything is our fault.

But is that also simplistic and could it even be false?

Islamist way or no way

The word peace, for example, implies to a Muslim the extension of the Dar al-Islam -- or House of Islam -- to the entire world. This is completely different from the Enlightenment concept of eternal peace that dominates Western thought. Only when the entire world is a Dar al-Islam will it be a Dar a-Salam, or House of Peace."

That's why they blew up Bali in 2002, and last weekend, and why they'll keep blowing it up. It's not about Bush or Blair or Iraq or Palestine. It's about a world where everything other than Islamism lies in ruins.

Democracy a lie

We have declared a bitter war against democracy and all those who seek to enact it," said the speaker in the 35-minute message.

"Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion," he said, and that is "against the rule of God"

Those are the words of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and it matters not whether you or I believe what he believes. He is quite willing to kill any and everyone who stands in the way of his goal. Total submission of the globe to Islam. His particular version of Islam, not some Mickey Mouse version that allows others to live their lives beside Muslims in Peace.

He really does Hate Democracy. He really does hate us because we are Free. We are not supposed to be Free, we are supposed to SUBMIT.

Islam divides the world into two portions.

Dar Al Islam which translates as the House of Peace
Dar Al Harb which translates as the House of War.

Now our Culture and their are both quite clear on what the Concept War means.

Where we differ is on the concept of Peace.

To us Peace means harmonious and nonviolent mutual acceptance.

That is not always the case with other Cultures and Languages.

Islam is commonly translated into English as Peace we get thereby Dar Al Islam, House of Peace and Religion of Peace.

But take a moment to look up the root words.

Islam [Arabic ?islm, submission, from ?aslama, to surrender, resign oneself, from Syriac ?alem, to make peace, surrender, derived stem of lem, to be complete. See lm in Semitic Roots.]

So while Dar Al Harb, the House of War is clear and apparent, what it really is, is that portion of the World which has yet to, submit, surrender, and resign to be complete, loose translation become Muslim and there is NOTHING in between.

Now Bali has been "blown up" another time!
Why? Do they support America? Not that I have noticed. Do they support the War in Iraq? I don't think so. Do they support Israel? You must be jesting Indonesia is 88% Muslim. I seriously doubt it.

So why bomb Bali? The US has been attacked in this decade by terrorist ONCE, as has London and Madrid.

Well actually while INDONESIA is predominately Muslim BALI is Hindu and of course Indonesia is not following strict Islamic Religous Law, that makes them Apostates, which is worse than being Infidels. You see professing Islam is not enough if you also dabble in that nasty concept called Democracy.

"We have declared a bitter war against democracy and all those who seek to enact it," said the speaker in the 35-minute message.

"Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion," he said, and that is "against the rule of God"

So we look at the world, up to 3 million Dead in Southern Sudan, at the hands of Jihadist Fanatics.
hundreds of thousands of Sufi Sunnis butchered in Dafur, at the hands of Jihadist Fanatics, hundreds more thousands slaughtered in the recent era in Algeria, at the hands of Jihadist Fanatics, a generation ago, up to 3 million Hindus butchered in Bangladesh at the hands of the Fathers of the present day butchers.

We see all this horror across the globe, 5 to 10 million dead, on the order of 50 million displaced. and we read

"This all smacks of Dubya's fatuous insistence that "they hate us because we are free." Radical Islamists stand far less of a chance of bringing down Western freedoms (such as they are) than these anti-Muslim jihadists; we're doing it for them. In general, we in the West have much more to fear from anti-Muslim totalitarianism than the ugly spectre of the Muslim kind these writers depict."

One wonders what level of megadeath genocide it takes before some people will accept that we are in the midst of a Global Conflict with an implacable foe who will only accept Victory or Death.

The spectre we depict? Is painted upon the face of the Earth with the blood of innocents butchered in the millions.

And THEY think "we in the West have much more to fear from anti-Muslim totalitarianism than the ugly spectre of the Muslim kind these writers depict"

They really DO hate us because we are Free and they are making generational plans to remedy this.

One of the Greates Threats to their plans is what will be happening in Iraq this weekend, Free People VOTING. Choosing their own Laws and Government.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 12 October 2005
This is just WRONG
I can see no other way to describe it.

This issue is not world reaching, it has no bearing on what I usually post on, no effect on the World War against Genocidal Jihad. It has no bearing on the composition of the Supreme Court for the next generation, nor on the elections next year or those two years later.

It only concerns one little boy. But WE as a Society are SUPPOSED to PROTECT children from abuse and if what is reported takes place, WE all of us will have failed in our duty,

And that is WRONG.



LESBIAN mom Kim Marshall wants doctors to turn her adopted baby boy into a baby girl with a full-blown sex change -- now!

And if somebody, somewhere, doesn't bring pressure to bear on the woman's plans, toddling 2-year-old Tommy Marshall will soon be toddling "Tammy."

"Looking back on it, I never should have adopted a boy, but he was all that was available and I took what I could get because I was desperate," says Marshall, whose significant other, Rosemary Johnson, says she "hasn't been real happy with a boy," either.

"It's not that Tommy isn't a sweet kid -- he's so kind and gentle that when we put him in his little sun dress, people actually think he's a girl.

"But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I could see trouble on the horizon.

"Little boys don't stay little boys forever. They grow up to be men. And if there's one thing I don't need in my life, it's a man," she fumes. "That's why I'm a lesbian. Duh."

It goes without saying that anti-gay groups such as the Christian Militia Against Forni- cation in Marshall's hometown of Atlanta, Ga., are none too pleased with the woman's plan to change the sex of her adopted baby.

"We've warned against allowing gays to adopt babies for years, and this is why," says Duff Carter, a founding member of the militia. "We all know why she wants a little girl anyway -- and that's to teach her to be a lesbian, too.

"We'll do everything in our power to stop this sex change. We've already raised $1,700 to pay our lawyers."

Sex-change surgeon Dr. Linda Chervil, who, it is rumored, may be a flaming lesbian herself, says she has no intentions of getting involved in the politics of the operation that's scheduled for April 15.

"I'm a physician, not a lawyer or a social critic," she told Weekly World News exclusively. "All I can tell you is that I have a patient who is in desperate need of a sex change, and I fully intend to put him under the knife."

The youngest child ever to undergo sex-change surgery was Nicholas Gray of London, England. Born a hermaphrodite with both male and female sex organs in 1999, his gay father decided to do away with the female plumbing when he was just 6 months old.

Back in Atlanta, a spokesman for the agency that helped Marshall adopt the baby boy professes to be "appalled" by the turn of events.

"I have nothing against gay people, but I've got to tell you, publicity like this doesn't help their cause," says Marcus Hughes.

"The last thing the great majority of Americans wants to hear is that gay parents are dickering around with their children's sex. It's like their worst nightmare come true."

Published on: 10/06/2005

That little boy needs to be TAKEN out of that sick situation and placed with parents who will love and care for HIM because HE is what they want in their life.

He needs to be protected from anyone who wants to carve him into something they find acceptable.

I realise that all parents try to mold their children into what they wish them to grow up into, but not with scapels and not to this extent.

You know something? I actually feel no matter WHAT a persons sexual orientation is, zalmost ALL will be appalled by this story, heterosexuals and homosexuals as well.

Little boys can grow up to be men? Now isn't THAT a revelation?

Update Weekly World News is a strange appearing publication. Free Republic lists the same story with Weekly World News as the source as does Yahoo of the three, all use Weekly World News as the primary source I would expect Yahoo, however to verify that it is indeed an actual, news story rather than fiction.

During some searching for more information I have stumbled upon who also had the story, but now has a retraction.

MANN received good information that the article regarding the adoptive mother who wanted a sex change operation for her son was, as many of you suspected, incorrect. All I can say is: Sorry! It was posted and defended in good faith (hey, even major media sources print bad stories from time to time). So, the story has been removed from MANN and sorry again for accidentally publicizing what appears now to be a false story.

-- Matt

But no information on how it was determined the story was a hoax. I signed up and asked for clarification. Were it not for the story still being on a Yahoo webpage. I would go ahead and retract, but I will instead wait for more information.


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Tuesday, 11 October 2005
Where my readers are from.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Very interesting website, it is designed so you can create a map off all the countries you have visited.

In this instance I used it to create one showing all the countries that have visited my blog here. ;-)

There is one qualification, it included Hong Kong as part of China, so I had to either discard Hong Kong or add China. Adding China made the map look SO more Cosmopolitan! LOL

So a sincere thank-you to each and every visitor here, please come again and I DO welcome comments!


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