Hackeysack Collection, Footbag Worldwide's
Hackeysack, Embroidery Floss
Hackeysack, Kate's Thread
Hacky Sack, Stars and Stripes
Hackeysack, triangle
Hair Mourning Jewelry- Victorian Hairwork Soc...
Hairpin Lace Fork (Snowgoose)
Hairpin Lace lesson
Hallowe'en, Ghost Fridgie, Cylinda's
Hallowe'en, Trick or Treat Bag
Halter Top and Hot Pants
Handmade for Charity
Hangar cover, plastic hangar
Hanky Edging
Hat, Adult, Melinda's
Hat, Beret, Janet's
Hat, Beret and fashion gloves
Hat, Brimmed
Hats, Caps for Cancer Kids (3)
Hat, Cap with Pom Poms
Hat, "Cat in the Hat"
Hat, Childs 6-24 mos, Panda
Hat, Child's Cap
Hat, Child's Chunky (AOL only)
Hat, Child's Cloche (AOL only)
Hat, Child's Toque
Hat, Cloche, Girl's
Hat, Cloche, Sharon's
Hat, Coonskin Cap
Hats, Fabulous, HBD
Hat, Floppy, Beverly's
Hat, Granny Squares
Hat, Kim's Shell Stitch
Hat, Medallion, Lover's Knot
Hat, Nancy's Ski Cap
Hat, Pillbox with purse
Hat, Pink Adult
Hat, Purple Blossom, Sharon's
Hat, Recycled, Debra's
Hat, Red, Adult
Hat, Ribbed Cap, Susan B's
Hat and Scarf Set, Beverly's
Hat, Ski, White
Hat, Slip-Stitch, Children's
Hat, Stocking
Hat, Stocking Cap and Scarf
Hat, Striped Cap, SusanB's
Hat, Thick and Warm
Hat, Veiled, and Purse
Hat, Yarmulke, Sharon's
Headband, Chenille, Kim's
Headband, Kim's Winter
Headband, Sylvia's
Headband, Lee M's
Heart & Pineapple Napkin Ring
Heating Pad Cover
Hints, Buttonholes
Hints: Crochet Tips, Knitted Threads
Hints, Doris'
Hints, Hook size, finishing, etc.
Hints, finishing
Hints, Misc. Knitting
Hints, Lee's
Hints, CP
Hook Conversion Table, Plastic Hooks, CP
Hook Conversion Table, Steel Hooks, CP
Hook, Which thread?
Hooks, Wood, Turn of the Century
Hot Air Balloon
Hotpad Collection, CP's
Hotpad Collection, Jodhi's #1
Hotpad Collection, Jodhi's #2
Hotpad Collection, Jodhi's #3
Hotpad Collection, Jodhi's #4
Hotpad Collection, Jodhi's #5
Hotpad Collection, Jodhi's #6
Hotpad, Animals
Hotpad, Barbecue Mitt with Heart
Hotpad, Blocks of Squares
Hotpad, Crab
Hotpad, Cross-Stitch Crochet, Tazzie's
Hotpad, Daisy
Hotpad, Doll Dress
Hotpad, Dress, JDU
Hotpad, Dress, Purry's
Hotpad, Duck
Hotpad, Filet Bird
Hotpad, Fish
Hotpad, Flower and Spider Filet
Hotpad, Goose
Hotpad, Grandma's
Hotpad, Grape Cluster
Hotpad, Hippo
Hotpad Mitt, Sharon's
Hotpad, Pan Handle Holder, Judi's
Hotpad, Pan Holder, Sylvia's
Hotpad, Patchwork
Hotpad, Pig, Sandi's
Hotpad, Pinwheel, Country
Hotpad, Post Pinwheel
Hotpad, Pretty Kitty, Ellen's
Hotpad, Pumpkin Pie
Hotpad, Raised Flower
Hotpad, Round, Beverly's
Hotpad, Ruffled Heart, Sandi's
Hotpad, Shell, Sal's
Hotpad, Six-Pack Ring
Hotpad, Snowflake Doily
Hotpad, Southwestern Duo, Mining Co.
Hotpad, Star, Sandi's
Hotpad, Tomato
Hotpad, Tomato, Patty's
Hotpad, Watermelon, Country's
Hot Water Bottle Cover, Lee's
House of White Birches contact info
How Big? Afghan Sizes
How Big? Body size chart
How Big? Child's Head Circumference, by age
How Big? Preemie size / wt.
How Big? Shoe Sizes, in inches
How Big? Sock / Shoe / Inch Conversion
How Big? Sock Sizes and Measurements
How Much? Yarn Equivalents
Hugg, Stuffed, Julie's
hugg'ems collectables (dolls, kits, patterns)

Indian Design Sales $
Industrial Crochet Machines
Inspiration, Beadwork, 1997 Features
Inspiration, Beadwork - 1998 Features
Inspiration, Clip Art, Barry's
Inspiration, Clip Art, Sewdoll's
Inspiration, Costume Jewelry
Inspiration, Free Needlecrafts
Inspiration, Needlepoint
Inspiration, Needlepoint Charts
Inspiration, Oriental Art Online Gallery--
Inspiration, Plastic Canvas Links
International Crochet Symbols
Irish Crochet Lace

Jacket, Afghan, .zip
Jacket, Men's
Jar Cover, Bunny
Jar Cover, Lion
Jar Cover, Santa
Jewelry, Beaded Choker, JPF's
Jewelry, Bracelet, Mary's
Jewelry, Bracelet, Sterling (several)
Jewelry, Earrings, Flowers
Jewelry, Gold Charm Bracelet, Mary's
Jewelry, Necklace, Mary's
Jewelry, Necklace, Sterling
Jewelry, Seed Bead Necklace, JPF
Jewelry, Watch Band
Jewelry Box, Lace Dish
Jewelry Box, Round ("milkdish")

Knit to Crochet Conversion
Knitlist '96

Labels, Charm Woven $
Label, Care, Deciphering
Lace Edging (JDU)
Lamp shade
Lampshade Covers LA2363
Lap Robe, Granny Square
Lapghan, Panel (MAM), Mining Co
Learn Afghan Stitch
Learn Basic Granny Squares
Learn Beaded Crochet
Learn Beadwork
Learn Broomstick Afghan
Learn Broomstick Lace
Learn Brushstroke Stitch
Learn Bullion Baubles Stitch
Learn Butterfly Stitch, Sandi's
Learn Cables, Mining Co.
Learn Camel Stitch
Learn Cathedral Windows Stitch
Learn Changing Colors
Learn Chart Symbols
Learn Charted Afghans
Learn Clones Knot (Irish Lace)
Learn Clones Knot (middle)
Learn Cluster Stitch
Learn Clusters and Shells Stitch
Learn Cord
Learn Crochet, Advanced and Pattern Stitches
Learn Crochet, CM
Learn Crochet, NNA
Learn Crochet, Dexter's 1918
Learn Crochet, Godey's 1850 (bottom of LR box)
Learn Crochet, Lefties, CGOA
Learn Crochet, Righties, CGOA
Learn Crochet, NKOTB
Learn Crochet, with Pictures, Deb's
Learn Crochet Basics, Sharon's
Learn Crochet Business
Learn Crochet History
Learn Crochet Ribbing
Learn Crochet Stitches, FiberTalk's
Learn Crochet Terms and Stitches
Learn Crocheting in the Round
Learn Cross-Over Shells
Learn Diagonal (Corner Start) Crochet
Learn Diagonal Shell Stitch
Learn Dotted Diamonds
Learn Double Crochet Ripple Stitch
Learn Filet, Mining Co.
Learn Filet, Patty's
Learn Filet in the Round
Learn Filet Increasing
Learn Filet Pattern Reading, KT's
Learn Granny Square, Shuksan
Learn Hairpin Lace
Learn Hairpin Lace, TAP
Learn Jewelry in Silver
Learn Knitting, Tom's
Learn Knitting, Tom's
Learn Knot Stitch
Learn Long Single Crochet
Learn Long Treble Neatness
Learn Loop Stitch, Scott
Learn Lover's Knot
Learn Mitred Tile Stitch
Learn Multiple Chain Stitches (near bottom), Y's
Learn Plastic Canvas
Learn Popcorn Stitch
Learn Popcorn Stitch, Shamrock
Learn Post Stitches
Learn Post Stitches, Y's
Learn Publishig Crochet Patterns
Learn Reverse Single Crochet
Learn Ribbing, KT
Learn Ripple Stitch
Learn Ruffling crochet
Learn Shuttle Tatting, Picotnet
Learn Single Crochet Ribbing
Learn Slanted V Stitch
Learn Spiral Stitch
Learn Split Ring Tatting, Picotnet
Learn Star Filet Stitch
Learn Tassels
Learn Tassels Floss
Learn Tatting
Learn Tatting, Tattered
Learn Treble Stitch
Learn Triton Shell Stitch
Learn Tulip Stitch
Learn Twisted Ribbing
Learn Wave Stitch
Learn Wire Crochet
Leg Warmers, Bea's
Leisure Arts Lites Leaflets
Leprechaun Bookmark
Lover's Knot Medallion Hat & Scarf
Lucky Penny Holders
Log Carrier

MC Escher Gallery
Machine Knitting Patterns
Magazine Addresses, Catz
Magazine contacts, Crochet Network
Magazine Index, Francy's
Magazines, Crochet Musings
Magic Torch One
Manual of Traffic Signs
Marble Pouch, Marisa's
Men's Fisherman's Sweater
Mens Gifts
Men, Remote Holder
Men's Willie Warmer
Mittens, Child 6-24 mos, Panda
Mittens, Popcorn Cuffs
Mittens, Sue's
Mittens, Sesame Street
Mittens, Striped
Mittens, Version 1
Mittens, Version 2, Adult
Mobile, Teddy Bears
Muff, Nursing Home, June's
Muffler, Women's Day (AOL only)
Muppets Home Page
Musical Instruments

Napkin Ring, Debbie's
Napkin Ring, Flower, Sharon's
Napkin Ring, Heart & Pineapple
Napkin Ring, Simple, Deb's
Napkin Ring, Starburst, Sal's
Needlework Software Site Descriptions
Note Holder, Holiday
Nursing Snuggle

Pansy 2"
Party Favor, Baby in a Basket
Party Favor, Cup and Saucer
Party Favor, Graduation Hat
Party Favor, Hat
Party Favor, Summer Garden Hat
Party Favor, Umbrella
Pattern Corrections
Patterns, Storing
Peanuts Characters (Snoopy.Com)
Pen and Pad Holder, Sharon's
Pencil Holder, cat, JDU
Pencil Holder, Sylvia's
Penguin Fridgie
Picture Bouquet Pattern
Pilloghan, Pillowgrahm, Footie, CZ's
Pillow, Bolster
Pillow, Butterfly
Pillow, cat/dog/bear
Pillow, Celtic Knot design
Pillow, Filet, Godey's
Pillow, Neck
Pillow, Popcorn
Pillow, Sofa, Godey's
Pillsbury Doughboy
Pin, Flower Basket
Pin, Two Hearts
Pincushion, Pineapple
Pin Cushion, Tree
Placemat, Apple, Lee's
Placemat, Everyday
Placemats, Quick, Shirley's
Plastic Bag Holder, Apple, Lee's
Plastic Pop Ring Potholder, Linda's
Poncho, Carole's Directions
Poncho, REB's Directions
Poncho, Rose's Easiest
Poncho, .zip, general instructions
Pot Cover, Fancy, Syliva's
Pot Cover, Plant, Lee's
Powder Puff, Flowered, Suzu's
Powder Puff, Pansy, Suzu's
Prayer Rock
Preemie Afghans, Sharon's
Preemie Booties, Ruffled, Melinda's
Preemie Bootie, Sharon's
Preemie Booties, Stephanie's
Preemie Burial Gown, yarn
Preemie Cap, HDC, Susan B's
Preemie Gown, Jo's
Preemie Cap, Joanne's
Preemie Gown, Sharon's
Preemie Hat, Ruffled, Melinda'
Preemie Hat, Sharon's
Project Linus, Bay Area Chapter
Project Linus Local Chapters
Project Linus, Susan B
Publishing Crochet Patterns
Pumpkin, 4"
Pumpkin Patch, 3 Sizes, Sharon's
Pumpkin Pop Cozy
Purse, Beaded Chenille
Purse, Blanch's
Purse, Coin Bag, Chenille
Purse, Cotton Summer Tote
Purse, Drawstring
Purse, Drawstring Bag, Rachael's
Purse, Drawstring, Theresa's
Purse, Evening Bag, Gwenn's
Purse Frames $
Purse Ideas, Dianna's
Purse, Julie's String Bag
Purse, Keys and Change, Linda's
Purse, Lunch Money
Purse, Marsha's Sling Bag
Purse, Pendant
Purse, Shoulder Bag
Purse, Sling Sac, Julie's
Purse, String Bag
Purse, Sue's with button
Purse, Tosca's Drawstring

Quillow, Maggie's Dad's

Rag Basket
Rag Basket (AOL only)
Rag Rug, Reversible (AOL only)
Recipes - Top Secret Recipes on the Web
Recycled Hat & Sandals
Recycled Plastic Totebag
Remote Holder, Jennie's
Renuzit Pattern Request
Resources for Crochet
Room Divider Screen
Rose, Rosebud
Rose, JDU
Rug Collection, Steff's
Rug, bathroon throw
Rug, Identifying
Rug, Nautical
Rug, Pencil
Rug, Pineapple Hearth
Rug, Rustic, JDU's
Rug, Six-sided cluster
Rug, Snug, 24 x 36, Sharon's
Rug, Textured, CP

Sachet, Cross-over Shells
Sachet, Pineapple Heart
Sandals, Recycled, Debra's
Sandals, X Strap
Sandals (women / children)
Santa Teddy Bear Pin
Scarf, Aran
Scarf, Elaine's
Scarf, Homespun
Scarf, Medallion, Lover's Knot
Scarf, Möbius
Scarf Set, Shell, Kim's
Scarf, Snowflake Pattern
Scarf, Winter
Screen, Room
Scrubbie, CM
Scrubbie, Charlotte's
Scrubbie, Heart shaped
Scrubbies, HGTV
Scrubbie, JDU's
Scrunchies, 1001 Uses for
Scrunchie Collection, Crochet Musings
Scrunchie Collection, CP's
Scrunchie Collection, Trish's
Scrunchies! By the Hook
Scrunchie, Barbwire's
Scrunchie, Christi's
Scrunchie, Hallowe'en Spider
Scrunchie, Homespun Waves
Scrunchies, June's and Variegated
Scrunchie, O'Grady's
Scrunchie, Ruffled
Scrunchie Ruffled Shell
Scrunchie, Starry Night
Scrunchie, Thanksgiving Turkey
Scrunchie, Valentine (Gail's)
See 2, 3, 8, 10
Shamrock, Stephen's
Shamrock Pin, JPF
Sharing Patterns with a Friend
Shawl, Chenille, Carol Duvall
Shawl, Corner Start
Shawl, Granny, Crobeanies
Shawl, Light as a Feather, Lion Brands
Shawl, Mohair Stole
Shawl, Wagon Wheel
Shawl, Granny, Dizzy's
Sizing Charts
Slippers, Diamond, SAG
Slippers, Granny Square, Julie's JPF
Slippers, Granny Squrae, Sal's
Slipper, Infants, Godey's (scroll down)
Slippers, Jiffy, Sylvia's
Slippers, Mary's
Slippers, Moc Style
Slippers, Moccasin style
Slippers, Quick CP
Slippers, Squares, FKH
Slippers, Squares (sub crochet for knit squares)
Slippers, Square, Linda's
Small Stuff Patterns
Snake, Rachael's
Snood, Bun Cage
Snood, Bun Warmer, SeaFore's
Snood, Pink
Snoods and victoriana
Snoods, Pattern Links
Snowflake Earrings
Snowflake, Emily's
Snowman Family
Soap Saver, Brenda's
Soap Saver, Carol Duvall Show
Soap Saver, Fish
Soap Saver, Holly's
Soap Saver, Satchel
Soap Saver, Stephen's
Sock Calculator (for knit, but should work)
Sock Edging, Beaded, Deb's
Sock Monkey Kit
Sock Trim, beaded
Sock trim, lace
Soda Cozy
Software, Craft, Cochenille
Software for Crochet, Fraucomp $
Software, Filet Crochet, Sand Castle Designs, Inc.
Software Directory $
Stadium Cushion
Stained Glass Towel Topper
Starching, Cornstarch or Laundry
Stitch Guide, CP
String Bag, QFY
String Holder
String Holder, Apple
Stole, Lacy, Sharon's
Sun Catcher, Black Beauty
Sun Catcher, Star Bright
Sun Catcher, Bugle Bead
Sun Catcher, Coral Reef
Sun Catcher, Forever Ebony
Sunflower Fridgie
Sunflowers, Basket of
Sweater, Cardigan
Sweater, Chenille Top, WD (AOL only)
Sweater, Child's Panda (mid page)
Sweater, Gingham & Lace Top
Sweater, tunic top with pouch pockets
Sweater Vest

Tablecloth Collection, CP's
Tablecloth, Butterfly motif
Tablecloth, Queen Anne's Lace
Tablecloth, Roses, Filet, Suzann's
Tablecloth, Star Motif
Tapestry Crochet Overview
Tea Cozy
Tea Cozy Freeform Directions
Teddy Bear Applique
Teddy Bear Mobile
Thanksgiving, Teddy Pilgrim Dress
Thread by brand, wt, oz, gm, yds, meters
Thread Holder
Tissue Box Cover, Sharon's
Tissue Cover, Travel, Gail's
Tissue Cozy
Tissue Box Cover, Travel, Linda's
Towel Topper #1
Towel Topper #2
Towel Topper, Animals
Towel Topper, Bobble-Stitch, CM
Towel Topper, Buttoned, P's
Towel Topper, Christmas Tree
Towel Topper Instructions
Towel Topper, Post Stitch
Towel Topper, Stained Glass
Towel Topper, Shell Stitch
TP Cover, Leprechaun's Hat, Lisa's
TP Cover, Potty Watcher
TP cover, Stars & Stripes
Translated Yarn (knit) Terms
Tutu, Lacy

Urban Legends Archive
UK / US Crochet Translations
Usenet Crochet (AOL only)

Vest, Colorful, .zip
Vest, long sweater vest
Vest / sweater
Vest, Tunisian and Knit
Victorian LA2156
Victorian Fashion Pages
Victorian Web Sites
Videos, Learn to Crochet $
Video Crochet Lessons $
Virus Hoaxes, Killer AOL cookies - not!
Virus Myths, It’s the End of the World (as we know it)
Virus Myths, Latest HOAX Information!
Virus Myths, Stopping chain letters & hoaxes
Virus Myths, Vet Hoaxes Page

Washcloth Collection, CP's
Washcloth, Back Scrubber
Washcloth, Diagonal
Washcloth, hand-sized
Wedding Accessories LA2575 $
Wedding Cake Tops $
Wedding Dress $, Antique
Wedding Dress, Kittycat's Saga (no pattern)
Wedding Dresses $
Wedding, Lucky Penny Holder
Wedding Sampler, Filet Heart
Weekly Project, Mining Co.
Window Shade Pull
Wire Crochet, Bonnie Meltzer
Wire Crochet: Kelly Darke
Wire Crochet: SeaFore
Wire Crochet, Wild Poppy's
Witch, Grizelda
Women's Chenille Top
Women's Dresses $
Women's Gingham and Lace Top
Women's Sandals
Worst Quilt 96

XS Angels
XS Borders, NS
XS Cats, Madeleine's
XS Charts, C.M.Barr
XS Charts, TapDancing Lizard's
XS Christian Symbols
XS, Designers by Name (Barb's)
XS Designs, Links
XS, Dragons
XS Free Charts
XS Mermaid

Yarmulke, Connie's
Yarmulka, Ruth's
Yarmulke, Sharon's
Yarn Comparison (commercial site, but good pics)
Yarn FAQ
Yarn by oz, gm, yds, meters, by brand name
Yarn Equivalents, On-line
Yarn Guide
Yarns, Interchangeable
Yarn Manufacturing, Levi's
Yarn Properties, Levi's
Yarn Sizing, Levi's
Yarn, Storing
Yarns, Using Different
Yarn Weight Comparison, Patternworks

Zip files, to UNZip them

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