By The Hook -- Halloween Spider Scrunchie
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Halloween Spider

Created September 25, 1997 - Last Modified October 06, 1999

Copyright 1997 by P. June Diehl

PLEASE! Before you copy this pattern see:
Care of the Halloween Spider Scrunchie!

Black yarn
Orange yarn
G Crochet Hook
Ponytail band

With the Black yarn:

1st Rnd: Sc around band, sl st into beg sc

2nd Rnd: Ch 3 (beg dc), 2 more dc in the same sc,
*3 dc in each sc * around the band, sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch3,
fasten off

With the Orange yarn:

3rd Rnd: sc in any dc from the prev rnd, *sc in each dc* around,
sl st in beg sc

Legs (Make 8)

With Black Yarn:
Ch 10, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch, fasten off

NOTE: Leave a 2 - 4 inch piece of yarn at the beginning
and the end of each leg (these will be used to tie the legs
to the body of the spider).

Twist (or fold the scrunchie so it appears that there is
one circle on top of another circle (will be off centered).

Sew/whipstitch/crochet 4 legs onto each side of the body
(from underneath)

OR when the scrunchie is not folded sew 4 legs on at about
4 o'clock and the other 4 at about 8 o'clock

OR put the legs where you think they look the best!

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