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1001 Uses for Scrunchies

Created June 05, 1997 - Modified August 26, 1999

(Someone asked - "Why should I make more scrunchies when I do not
have long hair?" These I found in posts I have saved from both
crochet lists (Crochet List & Crochet Partners) and some I
made up on my own.

  1. Put them in you hair like normal people, or if you don't
    want to be normal see below

  2. Put around flower bouquet

  3. Tie on gift package

  4. Put around bottle of something for a gift

  5. Use as decoration on a yarn jam jar

  6. Hold decks of cards together

  7. Put on the bottom of drinking glasses to catch the drips

  8. Decorate jars of preserves

  9. Dog collar for Chihuahua (be creative with size, make one
    for your dog or cat with an everyday or holiday theme)

  10. Napkin Holders (make matching ones for your glasses)

  11. Scarf holder

  12. Flower pot decoration

  13. Bracelet

  14. Anklet

  15. Curtain Tiebacks

  16. Gear Shift decoration

  17. Car Finder (put on aerial to find car in parking lot,
    make a small one with long fringes)

  18. Use them for anything you would use a rubber band for

  19. Hold together pencils (a cute back-to-school present for
    a young friend), crochet hooks, frequently used recipe cards, etc.

  20. Very large one could be a headband (i.e., baby's headband)

  21. Collars/bracelets for stuffed animals or dolls

  22. Scarf ties (Drape the scarf around your neck and use the
    scrunchie to "tie" the front pieces together)

  23. To hold scrolls of paper (certificates of

  24. Put them on your door knobs

  25. Use them to hold together thin skeins of yarn

  26. Use them instead of twist ties on bags

  27. Could hold a pair of socks together

  28. To keep appliance cords from getting tangled

  29. To keep your Christmas tree/holiday lights neat

  30. Give them as treats at Halloween to your female trick-or-treaters

  31. To hold the ends of sleeves up (or down!)

  32. Cut squares out of material, put potpourri in the middle
    and use the small bank scrunchies to fasten them at the top

  33. A bookmark band - make an elastic band which will stretch
    to fit the height of a book by using thin elastic cording. Tie
    cording tightly so it will not come undone. Now crochet your
    scrunchie using this band (a very large scrunchie indeed). Try
    to make the design out of thread or thinner yarn so that it
    will lie pretty flat and not have tooo much bulk.

  34. Decorative band for lamps (or anything else you want to decorate)

  35. Use as a cat's toy (Make sure your cat does not eat the yarn.)

  36. Try one for holding the corner of a t-shirt (t-shirt tie)

  37. Use around the base of a votive cup for candles

  38. Take several scrunchies and twist them several times.
    They look like flowers!!! Use them for any decorative purpose!
    In a vase, in a basket, on a package as a gift, as a pin, etc.

  39. Jar lid remover

  40. Decorate your Christmas/Yule tree (or any other house plant)

  41. Basket decorations - stretch them so they fit around a basket
    right at the edge

  42. Put one on your rear view mirror

  43. Use as gear shift decoration

  44. Use them to hold back long floppy dog ears

  45. Take several scrunchies and tack them together in the center so
    it will not be noticeable and can be used as earmuffs (put the elastic
    ring around your ears)

  46. Attach a couple of small scrunchies (or a long scrunchie)
    to some hair combs and wear them this way (can be used in short or
    long hair)

  47. Hold kids overall straps together

  48. Baby bottle cover/handle

  49. Baby wrist toy/teether - won't fall off!

  50. Hold purse/tote bag straps closed

  51. Loop several scrunchies together, thumbtack to the wall to make a
    tie/scarf holder

  52. Keep one looped around the visor of your car for holding important
    papers, toll money, etc.

  53. Loop several together, then around favorite toy for a leash in
    the stroller

  54. Use cotton ones with no beads for teethers - wet and freeze.
    Babies love the stretchiness of the elastic, along with the cold.

  55. 4 scrunchies + a large square of fabric + a pillow cover. Fold
    fabric in half, place pillow inside, use a scrunchie on each corner
    to hold the fabrid in place! (Perfect for Christmas!)

  56. Fold the scrunchie (a full ruffly one) in half, bring the
    folded edges together in circle, lay a ribbon inside the fold
    and tie in a bow (forms a wreath) Perfect decoration for the
    tree and an easy, quick party favor/gift!

  57. Keep one in your bag/car for a "reminder." If you
    need to remember, take the scrunchie out and place it on your
    wrist. It will help you to remember!

  58. Use to hold the straps on the grocery cart seat (for infants)

  59. Store them in the bathroom covering those unsightly
    hairspray/conditioner/mousse containers!!!!

  60. Attach to a pull chain for a ceiling fan or light fixture

  61. Keep 2 with your video game system to hold the
    cords together!

  62. Put one on your beer at a party so you don't lost it!

  63. Cover your old, unattractive (yet useful)candlesticks
    with a pile of scrunchies! (Keep away from the candle flame!)

  64. Decorate your phone - one of the most overlooked
    (yet most needed!) utilities in our homes!

  65. Attach one to your keyring - guaranteed you won't lost
    your keys that way!

  66. Business Card holder - that says it all!

  67. Cover a can with scrunchies for a wonderful craft room
    pencil cup!

  68. Slide them onto your mouse to cover that unsightly cord

  69. A "case" for a pool cue. Use 2 scrunchies to keep the butt
    and the shaft together.

  70. Put a scrunchie around both pieces of the car seatbelt so
    it doesn't cut into your neck. You can slide it up as far as you want!

  71. Using the smaller pony tail holders, use them at the end
    of a hair braid.

  72. Using the smaller pony tail holders, use them for 2 pony tails
    in your hair.

  73. An "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" scrunchie for the new mom.

  74. A stork scrunchie to announce the big event.

  75. A leather/chain scrunchie for the Harley crowd.

  76. After pulling hair back into a barrette, stretch
    a scrunchie around the outside of the barrette. This allows
    the barrette to be 'framed' by the scrunchie! One can get all kinds
    of combinations this way from fairly basic barrettes and

  77. Put the scrunchie around a mason jar top - or use any jar!

Do you get it?!??!?!? :)))

So, who needs long hair now?

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