By The Hook - Thanksgiving Turkey Scrunchie
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Turkey Scrunchie

Copyright November 1997 by P. June Diehl

Designed by P. June Diehl

Created November 21, 1997 - Last Modified May 13, 1999


Color A: Small amount of Toffee - Worsted weight Yarn
Color B: Small amount of Sand - Worsted weight Yarn
G Crochet Hook
Ponytail elastic

(Note: I used Soft Creations yarn)


With Color A, sc around the ponytail elastic, joining with a sl st in beginning sc.

Continuing with Color A.
Row 1: Ch 3 (beg dc), dc 6 more times in the same sp (total of 7 dc in same sp), (3 dc in next sp) 3 times, dc 7 times in the next sp

Pull a loop up and remove hook. Do NOT fasten off.

Insert hook in the last dc made into the last 2 loops (NOT counting the pulled up loop) - as if you were getting ready to make a color change.

Using Color B, loop Color B over the hook as if doing a color change. Pull Color B through the last 2 loops. (Will now be working with 2 stands of yarn for the next row).

[NOTE: at this point I have found it easier to take the Color B end and weave it into the top of the previous dcs - the next row will then be worked over this end.]

With the hook through both Color A and Color B loops continue. Row 2: Turn and Ch 3 (beg dc), dc in each of the previous dcs across. Fasten off.

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