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Dexter Instruction Page

Created April 25, 1998 - Last Modified October 06, 1999

Heavy Cotton Crocheting,
Dexter No. 4, Published 1917



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S c
Single crochet

Draw a loop through stitch or chain directed (2 loops on needle), draw thread through both.

D c
Double Crochet

Used most frequently in daisy petals or similar shapes. Thread over needle, draw loop through stitch directed (3 loops on needle), draw thread through all 3 at once.


Thread over needle, draw loop through stitch directed (3 on needle), draw off two loops at a time, twice.

H tr
Half Treble

Make as above, leaving the last two loops on the needle, to be taken off later, as directed. When taken off, the two loops are regarded as one. Used most frequently in narrowing blocks and turning corners.

D tr
Double Treble

Thread over twice, thread through stitch (4 on needle), draw off two at a time, three times.

Tr tr
Triple Treble

Thread over three times, draw off two at a time, four times.

Lg tr
Long Treble

Made like tr tr, with the thread over a given number of times, and loops taken off two at a time.


Repeat directions that follow this sign, as directed.


Wd sp=widen space; wd bl=widen block.


N sp=narrow space; n bl=narrow block.


Either a space or a block; a given number of squared in filet crochet. Usually used in counting.


With 1 tr made, ch 2, sk 2, tr in next st.

Lg sp
Long Space

As its name implies, this is a long space. Having a tr made, ch 5, sk 5, tr in next st. In the next row, work the tr in the third of 5 ch below.

Wd sp

Widened Space
Ch 2, tr tr in base of last tr when widening at the end of a row. At the beginning of a row, ch 3 for each added space, plus 4 for the turn. Turn, skip 7 ch, tr in next. If more than one sp is added, work in rest as regular sp.

N sp
Narrowed Space

Make last preceding st a h tr, then sk 2, tr tr in next st. Working this way at the end of a row leaves the needle in position for the next row to be narrowed without slip stitching back.


4 tr in 4 adjoining stitches. For two or more adjoining bl, count 3 tr for each bl and add one for the last bl, as there is always one tr in common between each two adjoining bl. Thus, for 3 bl, count 3 X 3 + 1 = 10 tr; for 4 bl, count 3 X 4 + 1 = 13 tr; etc.

Wd bl
Widen Block

After the final tr, make a d tr in same st, * then make a d tr in first two loops of preceding d tr, repeat once. Add three more d tr for each additional bl.

N bl
Narrow Block

Make final preceding st a h tr, make three more h tr, then draw off, first one loop, then two loops twice, then last 3 loops.

H bl
Half Block

Another name for the narrowed block. So called because it is made with h tr.

H s st
Hail Stone Stitch

This is usually work in pairs; that is, one stitch, then repeat, and join to proper stitch in preceding row. * Draw out the loop on the needle to a length equal to three chain, then work a s c over the single (left hand) thread of the three in the long loop. Repeat from * for the 2nd h st of pair.

If the joining is to a preceding row made in hail stone stitch, draw a loop through the 2 threads each side of the s c between 2 long loops of preceding row, then draw off all 3 loops. Otherwise make a s c in the designated stitch.

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