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Things You NEED To Know!

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You Tube Video -Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty? -Watch this video and send a link to your friends.

Sign the No Cap And Trade Petition -at

Check out the Ten Things You Can Do -at -Good Conservative commentary.
-Lots of Fair Tax information.
Tennesee Fair Tax .org
-Let's Reform The Tax System

T. Boone Pickens Plan -Texas Billionaire Working To Help The US Be More Self-Sufficient And Independant
T. Boone Pickens Plan
-Using Cheap, Clean Natural Gas To Bridge Energy Needs.
American Wind Energy Association
-Wind: Powering A Cleaner, Stronger America

Who Is This Guy? -Read Me First --Tons Of Reading Material Below
The Obama File .com -Read Up On The Candidate Who Even Has The Support Of America's Enemies. Comforting now isn't it?

Obama's involvement in the attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment

OBAMA VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE -Please Vote as if the future of The United States that we will leave to our kids depends on YOU, Because it DOES DEPEND ON EACH OF US. I TRUST John McCain and Sarah Palin to do their best for us. To those of you who would vote for Obama -Do You REALLY KNOW WHO HE IS or WHERE HE REALLY WANTS TO TAKE US? --MY OPINION: He'll take us straight to HELL IN A HANDBASKET!


Test Obama's Energy Plan

Obama Removes Flag From Campaign Jet

Barack Obama EXPOSED

A Letter by Colonel Harry Riley USA ret. --Blog Page Listing Names of Senators voting against English as America's Official Language --List includes Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, Senator Dodd, Senator Biden, and others.

Wall Street Journal Articles:
The Obama We Don't Know

What We've Learned About Barack

From The Center For Individual Freedom:
Obama's Resignation from Trinity and The Global Poverty Act From
Barack Hussein Obama -no hand over heart for National Anthem -- make your own decision.

Obama -Even If Only Partially True, It Shouldn't Happen.
*********************************************************************************************************************** Don't know what your party affiliation is, or what you think of the possibility of having the Democrats win the Presidential Election, This is what I think: Barack Obama has sewn up the nomination. --Let's get this out of the way --I'm white, Obama is black, Hillary is a woman. I have no problem with a woman being President, or a person of whatever color, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, or even the guy who turned his skin blue --no problem with those possibilities at all. But give me a good decent person, who is upfront and honest, and cares what happens in and to this country and everyone living here. The Clintons definitely have shaky history. Obama is an unknown, but some of the people in his background and situations he has been in don't in my mind make him someone I want leading this country, and especially being Commander in Chief. He may really actually be a great, nice guy. His voting history is very liberal, and he has relatively no foreign relations experience. He wants to withdraw from Iraq. I think lots of people have jumped on his bandwagon, because he is calling for change, and lots of people want that. Personally I don't trust him. Pat McGuirk



Ok folks, this is serious stuff, it's not metalwork, but if the trend continues, metalwork, or whatever your other hobbies are won't matter a hell of a lot. Go check out the links listed. Don't believe what they have to say because you saw it here, or because the first page you read says this or that. Do some research and THINK about things that have happened, and the Country, and the World YOUR GRANDKIDS are going to live in 20 years down the road. When you start seeing the possible dangers coming our way (I bet some of You already have), tell your neighbor to do his research, tell your kids to do their research. Pick carefully who you vote for in the coming elections. Those who want to back us out of the current war because we are loosing solders may condemn us to loose more, including civilians at home. THIS IS NOT FUN AND GAMES, a wide variety of indicators point in that direction. The listed links are mixed for a wider view. Just start at the top and work your way down. I will be adding to this list of references. PLEASE START NOWu

Coral Ridge Ministries intends to reach 30 Million Souls for Christ by 2012, but they need our SUPPORT.

Wake Up America! Before It's Too Late. -This Is A Video For A Quick Overview. Pause It To Read If Necessary.

A You Tube Video By A 15 Year Old -Touching, And A Must See. THANK YOU VETERANS

What Is Islam? -A short history of Islam and Its beliefs.

Coral Ridge Ministries article: Islam Challenges Church -More History, But More Toward The Militant Side. Look Around At Coral Ridge For Other Concerns.

Future America -A Look At Where We Are Heading.

American Congress For Truth -Born In Lebanon, Brigette Gabriel Has Watched Her Country Become Nearly All Islamic.

Countdown To 666 -Read and make your own decisions, but research, the Lost Liberty article is factual for sure.

End Times Report -Being Self-Sufficient, And Why You Need To Do That

This is a start. Read at the links above, do a google search, read some more, and tell your friends to do the same.
From Brigitte Gabriel's site:
"All that is required for evil to triumph is for a few good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke


You May Even Glow Like The Counter.

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