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Pat's Machine Shop Photo Album


The Aluminum Chips In This Picture Are Very
Close To Actual Size. They Are From A Roughing
Operation On A Large Horizontal CNC At Work.


This Picture Was Sent To Me By John R. Henriksen.
The Chips Are From A Billet Mill Cleaning Up
Large Steel Billets. --Note The 6" Rule


Here Are Some Quick Pics Of Some Of My Machine Tools.

These Pics Are Of An Old 24 in. swing X 16 ft bed Lathe.
No Name On It Anywhere Other Than Huschart And Marshall Of Kansas City, Who I Would Say Were The Dealers.
Welcome, thanks for waiting.

Carriage with several broken and brazed parts.
The apron has been broken and had a piece of steel brazed to the bottom of it.
In this pic the leg shown below is in the middle of the lathe bed.

End view of the leg at the tailstock end.
The shaft and small cone pulley laying behind the leg is the feed shaft.

Front view of the leg at the tailstock end.

Cincinnati Horizontal Mill     Low Speed

This Is My Newest Toy,
A Heald Horizontal Mill,

With A Universal Vertical
Head Attachment,

And A 12" Rotary Table.

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