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A Little Bit About Me

A Little Bit About Me

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by. For a little background info, I'm divorced with 2 kids. Nick is 28, and lives in Memphis Tn. Allison is 23, and works as a Physical Therapist's Assistant in Wichita.

After graduating from Yates Center High School --1971, I spent 2 years, in jr college, 3 years in the Army -stationed in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Georgia. I went to Vo-Tech School in Pittsburg, Kansas, and was recruited by Plessey Aero Precision in Wellington. 30 years later I am still with the same company thru several name changes -now TECT Aerospace. We make structural and sheetmetal airplane parts -wing spars, flaps, seat and cargo tracks, wing skin, floorbeams -quite a variety, for all the major airplane manufacturers. (We are 35 miles from Wichita "The Air Capital of the World" -Boeing, Beech, Cessna, and Bombardier (formerly LearJet) all have plants there.) For 17 years I built tooling - workholding fixtures, patterns, cams, form dies, joggle dies etc. I now do CNC Programming -use a computer and NCL Multi-Axis Machining Software to write programs, which are used with CNC milling machines to cut parts from extrusion or billets of aluminum. We have a variety of 3, 4, and 5 axis vertical horizontal mills, with up to 6 spindles. We also now have 4 Onsrud Spar mills that have been retrofitted to CNC. The company also machines some titanium and a little magnesium. Have been taking Catia classes at WSU in Wichita.

Some of my interests include blackpowder shooting, cars, computer (webpage, surfing, chat), a beer w/friends once in a while, old machines and tools, old books. I buy books (among other things) at auctions and booksales anything in the how-to area, history, self-help, really anything that seems interesting. I have a street rod project in the works, a '38 Chevy Coupe. I have done some welding, sandblasting, bodywork, and upholstery. I also have a sandrail, which needs to see the sand again this year. I like to snow ski and have played a little golf, just don't get those squeezed in very often.

A Friend asked in my guestbook what software I use to build my pages. I started with the basic editor at Angelfire, shortly moved to the advanced editor, and at least for the Links Pages a lot of the work has been copy and modify things I had already done with Angelfire's help. There is a lot to learn -I've picked up a lot along the way, and there is a lot I would like to do. Thanks for visiting. I'm glad people enjoy what is there. Dive in and build your own pages, it is a lot of work, but tons of fun.

I would enjoy talking with anyone with common interests.

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