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Pat's Volkswagen Photo Album


Here are some pics of my '70 Bug. My Son drove it to school for a couple years. Now after almost 3 years of not being driven, and sitting thru a bad hailstorm, I'm trying to get it ready for my Daughter to drive to school.

I reupholstered the seats shortly after Nick started driving it. Last summer (1999) I replaced the floorboards. I added a lowered frontend, lowered shocks, disk brakes and it will have 8 spoke mags shortly.

This last fall (2000), I noticed that it was still damp inside, and found that 2 of the back windows were leaking, so it immediately moved into the garage. I pulled the windows out, fixed the rust under the window rubber, am replacing the headliner, and taking the hail dents out of the roof. After this last work was started each thing led to the next, it all had to be done together. Note: The hail-dents-in-the-top job is just about done. 2-18-2001

It also needs a few more hail dents taken out, a new right front fender, and some new paint. Even at that it is far from what I would like it to be, but it should be drivable for a while.

Welcome, Thanks For Waiting.
Roughed Out Fender And POR 15 On Some Rust Spots, Glass Out, Nasty Wheels And Old Tires

Rear 3/4 Shot, Windows Primered, Headliner Still Hangin' In There

Getting Closer, Dents Better, Top Sanded And Primered

Top Good Enough To Put The Insulation In The Top, No Headliner Yet.
4-21-2001 ---OK, I'm Slow :-)

Insulation finally in.

I Lucked Out With A Pretty Good Color Match To The Original Paint Inside The Door Jamb.

If You Are Putting In A Headliner, When You Do The Pillar Behind The Door, Make Sure To Get The Welt Seam Pushed Into The Clips Like The Top Two Spots. Otherwise, When Finished The Welt Won't Look Right.

Finally Back To Pretty Much One Piece, Still Not A Daily Driver.

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