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Machine Shop Trade Secrets

by James A. Harvey

Machine Shop Trade Secrets is a very nicely done book. I think anyone working in, or even just interested in machine work would find it interesting and informative. The material is presented in list form, which makes it easy to read -- there's no fluff, just good solid information that you'll use everyday in the shop.

For someone who's already spent a while in the shop, you'll see things presented that you already use, but I think just about everyone will find something they haven't thought about or run into yet.

For those just starting out whether professionally, or just tinkering at home, get a copy and save yourself from learning a lot of things by trial and error. Get a jump on that guy at work who wants to fill you w/BS all the time. This is common shop practice information, in easy to understand form.

And last but not least, the pictures Jim included in the book really are worth a thousand words.

Thanks for the hard work putting the book together Jim, I'm sure it will be read and enjoyed by many.

Order your copy soon, I think you'll be glad you did.


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