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Cover of Machine Shop Essentials 

Machine Shop Essentials

Questions And Answers

by Frank M. Marlow

I'll be adding more review comments later, but wanted to get this page up and viewable. Machine Shop Essentials is a good book giving solid basic information on the working and use of lathes and mills. Also included is a glossary of machineshop terms, description and use of handtools, information needed for heat treating and much more. The line drawings with which the book is illustrated show the reader specifically the subject being discussed.

Machine Shop Essentials is a good all round book, especially for someone starting out in machine shop and related work.

View Some Of The Contents

906KB PDF Removing Frozen or Broken Taps and Fasteners
663KB PDF Cutting 60 Degree Threads
331KB PDF Sharpening Steel Lathe Toolbits
26KB PDF Bridgeport-style Milling Machine Advantages
101KB PDF Glossary

Order your copy soon, I think you'll find a lot of good information.


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