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by Kiara- X/S, Rated NC-17 (for fun death and destruction and SEX!), Ch. 17/17

My first Fanfic to be unleashed upon the poor defenseless population! Itís a Xander/Spike with a tweak. Its got wacky sex changes, sexy murals, big explosions, second-hand impalings, stolen RVs, lecture halls and cleavage! And Smoochies! You can't forget the smoochies! And the wet, sexy vampire in the towel! Oh, and with a little Angel irritation on the side.

By Kiara- X/S, Rated NC-17 (for more fun and death and destruction and SEX!), Ch. 9/?

Itís the sequel to Manly Girly-Giggles! Get ready to battle an alien menace and to watch Xan and Spike have slashy luuuuurve because our *cough* boys are far from done with them aliens or with each other!

By Kiara, Rated pg-13 for now. This one is a crossover between Buffy and Lotr. I've got five chapters done and am working on the sixth so stay tuned and all that....I'm trying some new styles so I'm scared that it sucks, so feel free to tell me what you think...

By Kiara, Rated nc-17. S/X. Necrophiliac monks with a necronomicon help our boys perform necromancy to save the world? Huh?