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What are your mysterious dreams about?

Last updated on Oct 4, 2004 at 5:21 AM

By far the most common type of dreams I've had, I've got tons of dreams in which someone is walking around in pools of mud or quicksand or something in the dream has a lot of mud or quicksand featured in it. These dreams, because there's so many of them, are documented here instead of on one page. Actual scenes of just about every dream is remembered so well, it's nearly photo quality. If only I had a machine to read my brain's imagery thoughts, I'd have a ton of images available. I could use my game development program, to build simple scenes, however, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do so....

So far, 21 dreams having mud in them, espeically deep mud or quicksand have been documented.

1. Early mud dreams

Dream 1-1: The endless mud lake

Picture a bridge going out about three miles with posts going into a pool of dark brown gooey mud sometimes with very small waves. Picture some small waves and someone's head and entire neck showing and the rest gone. Those that are taller have some of their tops of their bodies sticking out [like the most distant guy in the picture above]. That's just one example. An idea of this view without the bridge and the house is given in the picture just below the ad. Though this dream has been almost completely forgotten, I recreated this story in my mind game and you can read about it here.

Dream 1-2: Factory worker swimming in mud 'til sunset

There was another one with a factory with mud below. I then saw this guy exit the factory and go play in a pool of mud that was as deep as the top of their shoulders and playing in it for even four hours! It was only sundown that caused him to get out.

Dream 1-3: A watery mud lake

Another one is when a guy saw a lake. This lake was mud water [thin mud, but still dark brown] and this guy ran to it and jumped in. He played in that very muddy lake for as long as sunrise to sunset with occasional breaks of eating and going to the bathroom.

Dream 1-4: Stupidity about playing in quicksand

Another one was when this guy saw an open patch with a sign saying "danger: quicksand". The guy just jumped right in and sank to a spot in which about four inches below the top of their shoulders and above were showing and the rest of the body was submerged in it. He then just waded around for no appearant reason staying at the same depth. These are four dreams I can recall quite well.

Dream 1-5: I walked 7 miles in mud after plane crash

There are others yet. There was another one in which I was in. It was when I was flying in a small airplane and something went terribly wrong and had to bail out. I landed on a small island that was surrounded by very wavy mud water. There were areas of regular water and it was a 3 13/60 mile walk to the other side of the land. Since I was stranded and had no food but only water, I went in and it was up to my neck for the 3 13/60 miles until I got to the other end. Even a rainstorm came by with 25 mph winds [which made the waves high enough that the tops were as high as my lower chin!]. I had no idea where I was going and I ended up walking over seven miles and spent nearly two hours in it. I wonder if these strange muddy dreams I've been having lately could it symbolize a flood in my area? I actually wouldn't mind going in mud or mud water as long as it was warm enough.

If you were on an island surrounded by thin, smooth mud [sand particles are very tiny], would you ever go in or wait for a rescue? Assume the maximum depth that it reaches is as high as your middle neck without waves and that no storms come in. The depth never changes for the 3 13/60 miles.

Dream 1-6: The farm, the class, and the mud pool

On June 29, 2002 at about 3:15 AM, I had another one. This one had a farm-like scene. I have a story about this in the stories section*. I deleted the image I had because I couldn't seem to find it on my system, even though I've reorganized all my files....

Dream 1-7: Car chase getting stuck in quicksand

Around 2001 or 2002, I had a dream in which I was on a motorcycle. In this dream, I was driving around near my house and after some time, cars that resembled cop cars came behind but were far from cops. Even the humans inside those weren't cops [or maybe they were undercover]. I think that that night or the night before or so I was watching a long series of car chases on TV. When the advertisements came up, I played a unique car chase in my mind game, one I made up on my own. The car chases in my mind game are far different than those on TV. I believe that it was this that may have caused this dream. After being chased for a short time, I ditched the motorcycle in a pool of quicksand including myself and sunk to the bottom of it neck deep. I don't really know what happened.

Dream 1-8: The muddy sidewalk

There was also a mud dream that has been repeated at least twice. One occurance I think, was in 1999 and a second occurance in 2002. In both cases of this dream's occurances, I was with a group, about 20 members in this group. This group was with me apparently on a trip. To get an idea on what the area looks like, picture an area of about 1/4 of a square mile or a square that is a 1/2 a mile on each side. The group stuck close to me most of the time. As the dream's story went on, I was walking on a side ledge in this dream. There wasn't much here, just a small pice of dirt road at a 4:1 slope ratio. As this dream progressed, at the corner, the group, with myself, turned and walked out into deeper and deeper much until it got to 4 feet deep. The whole group walked in the mud including myself. I don't remember much of what happened in this dream, however, especially past this point, if anything happened.

2. 2003 and 2004 mud dreams part 1

Dream 2-1: The competition

On Mar 4, 2004 at about 4:40 AM, waking up around 4:10 AM, thirty minutes ago, after a long period of no mud dreams, I had another one. This one featured a contest-type one, but this one was a lot more evasive than most of the other ones. In this, you have a miniature underground-like city. Picture an area with a huge set of caverns going off in every which direction. Signs are posted to let those know where things are and the such. Quite a few major features were mentioned in this weird mud dream.

The rooms are quite a simple design. The competitor's room was where the mud was. I self-named these as I don't remember what was on the signs. Other key areas featured a small pool of water, about a 30E0A0** color. This pool of water resembled a hot tub. This room is very dark. Another room, the beginner's competition room as I'll call it, features something that resembles a seesaw and has this mud as well. The mud in this room is much thinner.

This dream had the special abilities frequently mentioned, the flash attack especially. I don't recall any gliding***, however. This dream has an interesting story I can recall quite well, due to the small time frame between the dream itself and the time of writing the notes down, the "power" of the dream, and how weird and interesting it was. To read the full story, click here.

Dream 2-2: Muddy entrances to a lake

On March 28, 2004, I had, yet another one, this time, mostly water, but with the same kind of thing happening in my mud dreams. Picture the scene of a lake, a nice peaceful lake. Now imagine a few cumulous clouds [the kind I like most] and that there's hardly any wind. In this dream, I had those special abilities, most used was the 90-foot jumps. From about 2000 feet above the ground, this is what the view looks like:

There are two key areas to note. The first is the east inlet [the place where the brown is nearly surrounded by water, a peninsula as it's better called], and the second is the island. By looking at the scaling of the map, this lake is about 1800 feet across [westernmost to easternmost points and this horizontal distance] by about 1400 feet high [northernmost to southernmost points and this vertical [by the map] distance]. This one is also a first: it features some old "friends" that I used to have. While riding in a small van, often called a "bus", on the way back home, there was this one driver whom I knew quite well. Though my certainty on her name is about 30%, fairly low, I believe that her name was Kathy [or Cathy]. Every time I mentioned something about blue water, she'd very often say "drop it", almost without fail. This dream featured something relating to her.

3. 2003 and 2004 mud dreams part 2

Dream 3-1: Clear mud and the infinitely high hotel

Sometime in late February of 2004, I had one other mud dream. This one is the most interesting of them all. Here, the mud is clear, just like water. Also weird about it is the fact that the very hotel that the dream takes place in is infinitely high. Using my mind game and every which thing I can think of, I've reached floors pretty close to the millions [seeing room number 94288318 is sort of odd [room 18 on floor 942883]]. Now, who's ever heard of a building extending 800,000 floors high? Not only was there some mud-walkin' in the 3-foot-deep clear mud, but even some dancing in it as well. In this dream, the flash attack and 90-foot jumps are used very often. The mud is about the same color and the same degree of transparency as water, only a bit more transparent, about E0E0E00C for the color.

Dream 3-2: Deep mud as roads

I had another dream in early March of 2004 that was similar to the other competition one, only this one is more more of a competition than the other one. This one features a flooded city of mud about 4 feet deep. If you stepped off the sidewalks, you'd fall right into the mud. In this dream, gliding was a big specialty for the special abilities. To cross between buildings, you had to glide across, otherwise, jump in the mud and start walking to the other side. A ways into the dream, there was supposedly a tournament going on, a wrestling tournament. I didn't go to it as I have practically no interest in it. In this dream, while most went to the wrestling tournament, I jumped around looking around the mud-flooded city. I soon returned and found one of my old classmates there. I jumped up and landed on top of the two-story building. I jumped off again and went inside. There were some stairs going up to the second floor and a pool of mud below them. I heard the small crowd above cheering, but it wasn't of much concern. Then, at some point in the dream, I just glid right over the mud then dropped right into it. Of course, I walked around in it a bit, jumped about 10 feet high, glid over to the building with the tournament and jumped in that pool. That pool was mostly water and was a bit chilly. I got out of it immediately, ran across the area and jumped into the warmer pool and started walking around in it. I don't remember much what happened. There was a pool of much, however, about 12 feet deep [? don't know and estimated by my guardian spirit, Speed.].

Dream 3-3: Quicksand carpets

Then, around November of 2003, I had one dealing with a store. Though I don't remember much about it, I know of a few things for sure. The store was a department store unlike anything I've seen in my home town. It had two stories. The low floor is the only one seen in this dream. In this dream, you have a raised main path that you use to get between department stores. If you were to ever step off the main path, you'd step into a pool of quicksand roughly 4 feet deep and of varying colors. I can remember colors like E020A0, 2060C0, and, I think, E0B000. And, as with any other mud dream, the one in the dream that's of focus is the one that goes into it and walks around in it.

Dream 3-4: School play and mud

Another one, around October or November of 2003, featured a school play and... mud. In this school play there was plenty of mud walkin'. As part of the play appearantly went, the class jumped into the mud [I had to as well] and walked around in it. I don't remember much of anything about this dream, however, but I do know that I've had it once.

Dream 3-5: Wild Wild Westerners trapped by a road which was quicksand

Another one I can recall was that of a city surrounded by quicksand in a Western-type setting. A group of four wanted to return home, however, the group couldn't get anywhere because of the quicksand that they were surrounded by. It was after hours and they needed to get home but couldn't. Like the school dream above, I don't remember much about it, though I do know that there was a lot of talking going on. I don't even remember if they jumped into the quicksand.

Dream 3-6: The mud/water carnival

I've also had another mud dream featuring a nice beautiful carnival. This one was so good that it was very much story-worthy giving a good B for a grade [and fairly long too]. Unfortunately, I forgot much of it. It was a very peaceful one with a night-time setting. I still remember many of the rides and activities in this carnival, however, they're classified as they'll be used in my game I'm making. I've still got loads of pictures of it in my mind. I haven't had a dream this good in probably three years, even though it is a mud dream.

4. 2003 and 2004 mud dreams part 3

Dream 4-1: Mud with another name

On April 23, 2004, I had a mud dream like no other mud dream. In this dream, the mud was called something completely different. I can't seem to recall the exact name well, but it was as if the mud was a living creature. In this weirdo dream, there were plenty of Sonic-like springs [from the modern Sonic games] hanging just below the land to cross over the mud [the name, for sure, is 5 letters and ends in an m [or the sound of the letter m]]. This weird one-of-a-kind dream seemingly took place inside a building with low light and few of them scattered around seemingly at random creating dark areas. The room was HUGE. It seemed as if it was about 1/4 to 1/8 of a square mile [or about a half a mile by a half a mile on a side for the square]. There were tiled paths that led you to various areas of this giant room. There were a few humans there and I was with one that lived in this region. They called the mud something strange. They said that in order for the [forgotten term of what the mud was called goes here] to know you, you have to go in and walk around a bit. Doing a few calculations and with the help of my guardian spirit, Speed, the mud was estimated to be about 4 feet deep. It was sort of fuzzy, unlike all other mud dreams, and it seemed very much like normal, hilly terrain. I don't recall if those special abilities were used at all, but one, for sure, was. Because of the springs, you could go flying at around 30 mph easily, thus having very hard landings. The special ability of disepating the excess kinetic energy out into a shockwave was used for sure.

As the dream started, not much is remembered. One thing is known for sure. I meet a native of this region that knew the room well. I went with him exploring the room getting further and further from the entrance and exit [they're right next to each other]. A ways into the dream, however, there was a time in which I was on a bridge to cross the mud. There was someone already in the mud and below the bridge, off to the side was a spring that sends you at about 25 mph. It points toward a large open area. Afraid that this "creature" would grab me and pull me in, and jumped down onto the spring and went flying almost straight across. I hit the land then made a couple of puffs [dust clouds] to stop. The guy I was with found me and returned. After some more exploration of the area, there was a really big pool of mud. The guy said that this was his favorite pool. According to Speed, this pool was the gooeyest. Also, there was a spring that sends you almost straight up at about 45 mph, one of the big springs. It was so close by that and just jumped on it. Up to about 74 1/4 feet I went and got a nice view of the surroundings. I then finally realized the immense size of the area and how far I've gone in to the room.

After the guy got out, he said something in the way of, "The [special name of mud] won't know you until you go in. Why don't you go greet [special name of mud]?". This is when I got scared. Not knowing what to do, I didn't go in. Then the guy gave some facts that nearly would make the dream seem like a night mare. According to Speed, he blocked this event and information. After a bit more exploring, I decided to jump in a shallow pool [3 feet] to get an idea on this. Though I did actually jump in and walk around a bit, I got out fairly quickly... and to my surprise, I wasn't even covered with the mud one bit! Worried, I checked my stats and noticed nothing suspicious. I was amazed about this, but didn't get to see what else has happened past this point mainly because I, in the real world, woke up.

This dream is unlike any other mud dream I've ever encountered, mainly due to two things: the different name given to the mud, and the fact the mud very much seemed like a creature. Thanks to Speed, two key bad things that would've been said have been blocked making the dream much better. Yet, it's another area to play around in my mind game. Care for a 500 mph run straight across [special name of mud] using the speed blast? That's what I did at the beginning. Stopping is very hard in the "small" space and I often crash into the wall [unharmed] at usually 40 mph, though, if I started the stop a bit sooner, I wouldn't be crashing into the walls like crazy; I just simply like the high speeds. Also, after launching off of the 45-mph spring, I used a flash attack immediately to go straight up and wow what a view! About 750 feet up, you can see just about everything!

Dream 4-2: Indoor mud rivers

Around 1999 or 2000, I can recall a dream which took place indoors. In this dream there were miniature rivers of mud about 2 feet deep. These rivers were just wide enough to fit a human fully with not much room to spare on either side [or roughly 3 feet wide]. Surrounding the rivers were cliffs that weren't all that high, about 2 feet above the top of the mud. Eventually, someone in this dream came along and assisted me. He was the one who walked around in the mud while I kept to the higher regions. Much of what happened in this dream has been forgotten, but what it looked like is hardly forgotten.

Dream 4-3: Snow mud

In early 2003, a snowy mud dream took place. This dream was outdoors. The ground had snow about a half an inch deep which ain't much. There was a large snow pile around the center of what appeared to be a school of some sort. This snow pile was also a mud pool that was strangely designed. If you were to stand on the top of the snow hill, you'd sink in mud that is 3 feet deep. Any areas where the snow hill was 3 feet high or higher, you'd be in 3 feet of mud. The snow hill, though the image is vague and unclear, is likely to be about 8 feet high total.

Dream 4-4: Floating city of mud

Around 2000 and again in early 2004, I had a dream which featured a city floating in the air. The streets were like that of solid air. If you step off, you fall down a long ways. Though this city was unsuitable for most, I was suitable for this dream. The first occurance of this dream isn't that well-remembered. Basically, what happened in the second occurance was the same as the first, only the second featured the commonly-mentioned special abilities I use, especially the 90-foot jumps and what is called a fall-glide-hop. As the dream started, I'm in this floating city looking around a bit, but I notice an area of unusually smooth "land". I step onto it and sink just a little bit into mud. I walked out further and further into it and the mud got deeper and deeper. There was one area that, if you were in it, you'd sink then fall into the secret area below, which had even more mud. At first, the mud was very easy to walk in, but, as I headed around the corner, the mud was getting thicker and thicker, thus harder and harder to walk in. I turned back the other way to where it was softer then found the secret area and sank falling into the secret area. The mud never falls from here. To give you a better understanding of this, let's say that you were down in the secret area looking up. Eventually, you'll see my feet appear then I'll accelerate then fall down. It's air in this area. The landing area is solid. I found my way through this area and started to return to the city. This here is basically what happened in the first occurance of this dream. The second occurance is basically the same thing for the beginning part, only it's a little quicker and longer-lasting. The extra length comes from jumping around really high and looking around the city hopping between buildings which were floating in the air. I eventually got into a small fight, but, either I woke up [most likely case] or my guardian spirits blocked this part making what happened not available to my memory.

I've certainly had some another mud dreams that I know of, but I just can't seem to recall them. Maybe playing around in my mind game would help me remember some.

Dream 4-5: The mud lake and mud monster

On Oct 3, 2004, I had a dream that took place in an area that resembled a football (not soccer) stadium only widened to twice the width making it almost square. Inside this stadium, in the center, was a big pool of mud. Near the center was a monster which looked like it was stuck in it and looked like a dragon with a super long neck. The stands were filled with watchers, some of them look as if ready to just jump in the mud. In fact, there were a few humans in the mud, but not up to their necks unlike most others, maybe just a foot deep. They were standing along the walls. Some of them, however, did go waist deep in the mud but that was about it, usually about 8 or so feet from the wall. I was in this dream, and I, too, was in the mud, a bit deeper than most others were at.

What actually happened in this dream, unfortunately, has been forgotten, but I liked this one. As usual, I can remember scenes of the dream so well, but not the events. I wonder why that is....

Some other mud dreams I have had are of these topics:

Timeline: [note: Although they may be out of order, the first 4 are basically school-related. The last ones that follow is an entire year's [or 2 year's] worth in events.]

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* This story, in it's fullest details possible, can be found here.
** This is an exact color notation used to precisely identify a color to extreme accuracy. To find this exact color, read this or use the color-changing table.
*** The glide ability is something used both in my mind game and stories. It allows constant acceleration at 5 mph per second to up to 800 mph top speed. It's almost like flying but utilizes gravity to pull you forward, not down. It becomes ineffective in mediums at 1.4 atmospheres [the density of the atmosphere at sea level times 1.4; drag can be entirely eliminated up to this density. This means that gliding will not work underwater effectively [the faster you go, the slower your deceleration is, again, limited to 800 mph.].
My mind game is a futuristic-like video-game-like "game" I play in my mind often. You can read all about it's complexity in fairly simple terms here.
The flash attack is a special ability that forces the surrounding medium to give you a very sudden burst of speed adding 100 mph in any direction. For example, if you were travelling 200 mph going straight up, and use the flash attack to go up, you'll boost to 300 mph. Use it to go down, you'll drop to 100 mph still going up. However, if you were to use it to go straight across, say north, you'd have 200 going up and 100 going north, a net velocity of 223 3/5 mph going north and 63 7/16 up from the horizon [These fractions are rounded to the nearest common fraction.].
Sometimes, especially with infinite, nonrepeating decimals, the fractions are rounded to the nearest common fraction to provide great accuracy, but simplicity. To learn more, view the FAQ page.
The color system isn't just for the six digits, instead, it's expanded out to a full twelve digits. The next two past the usual six is that of transparency. 00 means that it is absolutely transparent,, and FF is fully visible, common to most objects. 0C is a bit more transparent than water, estimated to be about 10. This is about that of clean glass 1/2 inch thick.
Speed is one of my two strongest guardian spirits, strong in terms of his stats. You can learn all about Speed here.
This special ability allows you to land, regardless on how much kinetic energy you have at a force as if you only landed at 10 km/h. Thus, for 48 km/h, that's a huge amount of energy disepated out into the shockwave. Some landings were about 40 mph, 64 1/3 km/h, having about twice the energy released than at 48 km/h!
Because I can't remember the special name given for this dream, I placed [special name of mud] where the actual name was supposedly used.
Slope ratio should be pretty easy to understand. Basically, what it is is the inclination of a slope. A 4:1 slope would indicate that, for every 4 units horizontally, you'll move 1 unit vertically. That is, imagine, as you go up a 4:1 slope, for every 4 feet you travel directly up that slope, you'll raise 1 foot. You can view a 4:1 slope by getting a board that is 4 feet long [by any width, preferrably 3 inches or greater] and another board 1 foot long [by any width as long as it holds up the bigger board. Position the 1-foot board underneath the 4-foot board so that one end of the 4-foot board is a foot above the ground. This is what a 4:1 slope looks like. The objects can be 4 inches by 1 inch, 12 inches by 3, etc..
A fall-glide-hop uses the fall-glide ability. The fall-glide reduces your downward acceleration to 5 mph per second instead of 21.9 mph per second [or 20 in my animations and mind game]. A fall-glide hop occurs when you just initiate a fall-glide when you're falling fairly fast [typically faster than 10 mph] starting when you're right near the ground. This causes a bounce to occur and you can fly up 4 times higher than what would be normal, mainly due to the reduced acceleration.