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The Sanctuary is closed to new membership at this time. Inquiries will be forwarded to appropriate staff. All public rituals have been cancelled until further notice.
We thank you for your understanding.

A Druid is a purveyor of truth and wisdom from antiquity forward. With the express purpose to be a keeper and transmitter of knowledge and wisdom which is to be utilized to maintain balance and harmony in all things spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and magical under our influence. ~ H.E. Crawford

"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought." ~ Matsuo Basho

"This life so short, and the Craft so long to learn." ~ Winston Churchill

“The United States is in no sense founded upon the Christian doctrine.” ~ George Washington

“The Bible is not my book, and Christianity is not my religion, I could never give assent to the long, complicated statements of Christian dogma.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Bendithion a Chroesawa
Blessings and Welcome!

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We are here for Fellowship of the Community. Unlike some well-known Traditions available today, we DO NOT discriminate against anyone because of Gender, Race, Physical Disability, Sexual Preference, or Different Beliefs and Practices!

Contact Cathbodua or Senior Druid/HP Rassilon or call
(864) 335-8565 for more information.

A community for the gathering of all Pagan Clans.

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Mission Statement
Code of Conduct
A Few Words About Our Direction, Our Goals & The Community
What is Druidism?
Frequently Asked Questions
An Introduction
Christian Druidry
The Laws of Metaphysics
(Study text from one of our classes)
The Third Age of Mysteries - for Today's Man
Seismic Monitor
Adonis von Zschernitz
the oldest male clay figurine ever discovered
The Other People
Contact Us
South Carolina
Pagan Parents
The Form and Essence of Druidism
The Tetramorph
(Study text from one of our classes)
Druidism is not Wicca
The Arch Bishop of Canterbury
A New Saint

The Guilds


The Chronicle of Cathbodua: Quantum Magick

This is an online reference site of Correspondences, Charts, Dictionaries, an Herbal, and much more, written and maintained by our Arch Druid

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Sanctuary's Cookbook

Other publications currently available

We are the Other People.
Druids are Heathens. Druids are not just Pagans.

Paganism is a umbrella title that has grown out of those who were not mainstream Christians and has now come to be accepted as meaning those of alternative religious faiths other than Islam, Judism and Judeo-Christian systems.

Druidism pre-dates these religious systems and encompases not only those systems but also those that existed before their advent.

An Open Letter to the Upstate SC Pagan Community
This letter may anger and offend some. It is the personal opinion of the author after years of attempting to interact with the local community. If you see yourself in it, remember, I have a right to my opinion of you just as you have the right to have your opinion of me.

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This egroup is for Greenville Pagans to have an online community
to network through and make contact that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to.

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This is a wonderful E-group called GreenvilleHelp, designed
to be a networking resource for the people living in and around Greenville, SC.
Please visit and think about joining.
The woman who started it is a wonderful and warmed hearted person, who we believe has a wonderful idea!

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