Name: Galen Otto Hunt
Born: May 31, 1898
Father: William Chester Hunt Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Hunt Wife: Maude Nualla Laughlin
Died: 04/27/1975
Place: Prescott, Arizona Buried: Military Graveyard for the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii

Based upon genealogical information supplied by work done by my father, Attorney Galen Hunt, the son of William Chester Hunt & Margaret Elizabeth Burger Hunt, our ancestor James Hunt was the son of James Hunt who was born in Ireland abt 1750, and came to America as a child, perhaps as an orphan. He was a pre-Revolutionary War settler. He was crippled in his feet. He was a shoemaker by trade. The family settled in Maryland after the Revolutionary War. Later the trip was made from Maryland to Wheeling, Virginia, by boat on the Potomas, and by wagon and oxcart team. They decided to settle in Alexandria. James Hunt Sr. called his family around him and sang "How Firm A Foundation." He prayed the Lord's Prayer and gave thanks to God for a safe journey. They moved again near Newburg, Preston County, Virginia. Monongalia County records were destroyed by fire in 1796. Because of this, S.T. Wiley assisted by A.W. Frederick wrote "The History of Preston County."

The son of James Hunt was named James Hunt and was born in abt 1770 or earlier. He married Jean Ayers and they produced 5 children. Their daughter Mary Ayers Hunt was born in 1789. She married Henry Snider. This places the marriage to Jean Ayers abt 1770, and James Hunt (son's father) James Hunt Sr's birth abt 1750. There was a third marriage to Margaret McMillan, which I assume to have occurred between 1770-1811. James Hunt married Mary Ann Davys in Oct 22, 1811. The children of James and Mary Hunt reflect this marriage date. John Wesley Hunt was born 22 Aril 1813. They were married for 33 years. He died 22 Dec 1844 in Newburg, WV. Mary Ann Davies/Davys was born abt 1753 in Virginia.

The Children of James Hunt and Mary Davys Hunt Were As Follows:

The surname David is Hebrew, David, from dowd, to love, and is translated "Beloved." The etomology of the surname "Davis" originally derives from the surname David.

King David,(c.1037 BC - 967 BC) reigned Judah c.1007 BC - 1005 BC. He was the second king of the united Kingdom of Israel. He was the first person on record to have the name "David." David rose from the status of a poor shepherd to become the greatest leader of Israel, wittily defeating the terrifying giant Goliath, and composing poetry and psalms, the latter ones being traditionally presented in the Bible.

Following the religious direction, the second historically known David is a 6th century saint from Wales.

The Davys/Davies/David/Davis name in Wales: Among the most common Patronymic surnames found in Wales today are: David/Davies/Davis - from David or DaffyddDAVIES (British). Meaning: "Son of David" - Davies is the typical Welsh spelling. It means 'the son of David', from the Hebrew male given name meaning "beloved". The name is not recorded in any part of Britain before the Norman Conquest of 1066, and is regarded as being a 'Crusader' introduction.

Coat of Arms: A red shield with a silver bend on which there is a black lion passant. Crest: A lion's head. Motto: Heb Dhuw heb ddym, Dhuw a digon. Motto Translated: Without God without anything, God is enough. Davies - Davis: Jewish Origins:

Meanwhile public opinion in England had been prepared by the Puritan movement for a sympathetic treatment of any proposal by the Judaizing sects among the extremists of the Parliamentary party for the readmission of the Jews into England. Petitions favoring readmission had been presented to the army as early as 1649 by two Baptists of Amsterdam, Johanna Cartwright and her son Ebenezer ("The Petition of the Jews for the Repealing of the Act of Parliament for Their Banishment out of England"); and suggestions looking to that end were made by men of the type of Roger Williams, Hugh Peters, and by Independents generally. Many were moved in the same direction by mystical Messianic reasons; and their views attracted the enthusiasm of Menasseh Ben Israel, who in 1650 published his Hope of Israel, in which he advocated the return as a preliminary to the appearance of the Messiah.

In the post Norman Invasion era, Jews in Britain came under persecution taking refuge under the cloak of Lombardism. The official control of financial and commercial operations was at the time lax, and little official difficulties would have been found by Jews masquerading as Lombards.

An example is in 1421 one Job, an Italian apothacary and son of John being found in country, was forced to accept baptism before receiving naturalization. Jews entering under the appearance of being Catholics attended Mass but upheld Jewish traditions in their homes. Sephardim frequently posed as Huguenots who as Protestant refugees from the continent were allowed to be non-Anglican. In America, one repost is that in the early days all early Sabbath keeping pastors were once named Davis.

Writer, artist, illustrator, Alana M. Campbell is a James Hunt descendant. She and her husband Tom and daughter Zani reside in Everett, Washington. Tom is a craftsman in natural stone. Alana Campbell is a descendant of the Hunt family through her father Attorney Galen Otto Hunt, paternal grandfather William Chester (WC) Hunt, grgrandfather Thomas Anderson Hunt, and James Hunt who married Mary Ann Davys/Davis/David.

The first of these 3 photographs was taken of Galen Hunt when he returned home from the war. The second photo was after his graduation from University of Chicago Law School. The third is of Alana Campbell's mother. Alana is Galen Hunt's daughter. She is a Pacific Northwest fine artist in oils, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. She and her husband Tom and daughters Ami and Zani reside in Washington state.

Alana Campbell is a Hunt/Davy/Davies/Davis/David descendant of James Hunt (born abt 1789) and Mary Davys/Davies/David, the daughter of Solomon Davis through her father, (Galen Otto Hunt) and grandfather William Chester Hunt & Margaret Elizabeth Burger. She is an artist and lives in Washington state with her husband Tom Campbell.They are the parents of 6 children.

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