Shamika's Personal Mathcamp Pic Collection Continued...
Now that i have given everyone else that i had head shots for their own horns and even tooted them, its my turn...

one day during group study i came to a great numerical theory conclusion and i wanted proof of how smart i could be when i tried. all the stuff on that board is stuff i wrote, now, dont ask me what it was or what it means, i dont' know. pay attention in number theory...maybe you could tell me.

There are a few more people i need to recognize while i am in the mood...

No, i did not tell Liz and Allyson to pose for this pic, at least, i don't remember doing that, eh, its still a great pic.

friendships were made at camp that could not be broken. then again, liz still owes allyson that twenty dollars...i dont' know if she ever did pay it, and i also don't know if they are still talking, none of my business though...dont' they look happy? =)

Group 5 Counselor Charles

this was my counselor from group five. if you see him around, only refer to him as "The Law". don't ask any questions about it, its just a known fact that that is who he is...

The Law and the R.A.

the chic next to The Law is the r a. she was so cool. she helped me when someone slandered my name in the kitchen after i requested that everyone clean up. now, i tell you right today, you make a mess, you dang sure better clean it. i have a habit of going and cleaning the kitchen at all hours of the night, but still, that is no excuse for everyone to act all wild and what not. the r.a. also had a slammin cd collection, unfortunately last summer all of my cds were stolen and if i ever catch the person that stole them, i am sure it was someone stayin in the dorms or something, i will pray for them and let the Lord do His thing before I have to hurt somebody up in here.

Jackie and Joseph(a.k.a Josepha)

these two are one of the five or six couples that developed during camp. they are discussing something with music or cds or something, i was just taking the picture, not eavesdropping. i don't mean to make you guys remember any bad times, i am here to reminicse on the good times.

The Junior Officers...?

there was a myth going around last summer that we had these two junior officers...i believe i may have caught a picture of the two together, but their strong powers sucked all of the light away from the camera. i believe their names were, let me think, chris cortez and carl ledbetter. but, eh, i could be wrong.

Josh and Georgio bustin out made architect skills

sometimes playing cards and dominoes all night just doesn't cut it for some campers. one night, josh and i believe georgio made the pyramid and dominoes. i applauded their boredom with this picture.

Another one of Josh's crazy antics

apparently, josh thought it would be funny to wear my robe one night. hhmm, i guess he was right.

Paul...hey, isn't that my...?

josh wasn't the only one caught in my robe...these pictures were taken during a bathroom break....i tell you, keep on your toes, while you are in the lobby

And in this corner...

*sits back and sighs*
ahh, that was a great pillow fig--wait a minute, that is my pillow!!, what can you do, it was still a great pillow fight.
i gotta learn to stop leaving my stuff in the lobby just lying around like that man. let the lesson be learned.

The big gulp

uh, just so you know...the one in the front(georgio) has his hand on the couch and not the other guy's(josh, you may not be able to recognize him without my robe on) thigh. really, look a little closer. but anyway, thanks to these two, the big gulp that you buy at the convienience store down the street from the dorms was banned from the cafeteria because they would go and refill them there, nearly took out the whole machine everytime. but they are a great source of containage. just use them wisely.

Liz, Tolu, and Allyson

lunch was not always a time to eat. once ppl introduced mao, you will soon be drawn into its addiction as well, we couldnt' stop playing. anytime we had a few minutes and a flat surface, we played. class, in the halls, the lobby, in the rooms, anywhere. ppl laughed, cried, sang, which sometimes got them a card...dang, that is a card for me for discussing rules, better move on...

Marlon and Amy

these two were also real cool friends of mine, me and marlon were just tight, we would talk about things and the world and i helped him out in some crazy situations. me and amy would jump rope during problem session sometimes...that reminds me, i hope i remember to bring my rope...

Well, those aren't the only people i met and knew at camp last summer. Here are some random shots i took around the last few days of camp...

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C. even more random pics of campers in general
D.everyone's opinions
E. the swt pics
The choice is yours. I can wait.