SWT pictures
I found a few pictures for you all that you might like...I thought some of them were pretty good and i thought the others were too funny to pass up. Some of these pictures are also from my own personal album from last summer. Enjoy!

This is a map of the campus. Isn't it beautiful. See that tree...just kidding. But the campus is really nice. There is a river literally across the street, but you just have to find the right street. And i didn't take a picture of this, i would have needed a bird or something to get the whole thing on one picture...

This picture I took myself, I am so proud of it. It looks all professional and stuff. Its the pyschology building. Well, its just a corner with some wasps i thought were cool, but it is a part of the building. And, that is what I want to major in, child and adolescent psychology. =)

One day my honors seminar class, kind of like when the counselor came to you to visit once a week in elementary, well we did that everyday and it was one of my favorite classes, went to the library and me being the "happy little camper" that i am, i took my camera with me. its disposable so the picture isn't as breathtaking as it was when i was looking at it through my own eyes, but if you ever get the chance, go up to the seventh, i think there are seven, floor of the library. there are also some cool books there too. you can use the card they give you to check out books. you are basically enrolled as a student while you are there.

this is another library shot..oh, oh wait a minute, who is that at the right corner...i don't remember seeing a faint floating body outside of the building!! oh, yeah, that's just nick's reflection. but its still a nice view. by the by, nick was in my group. brought his computer to camp and stayed on it most of the time, so if you do bring your computer, use it wisely. plz. and be courteous to your roommates as well.

The library has an awesome view. If you ever get the chance, you should definitely go up to the seventh, i think there are seven, floor and gaze out at the wonderful city of san marcos. i do believe that at least two of the four walls has nothing but windows.

this was one of the most beautiful parts of the campus, but just one of the most beautiful. there are plenty of beautiful places at swt.

If you would like to see more of the swt beauty, please visit the website and search for photos of the campus and surrounding areas. I have been there, its beautiful.

For those of you who are still with us, let's continue on with some more pictures from my own personal collection...

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