It's that time again folks and I am here to give a few words from some fellow campers of yestersummer...

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Not these guys!! These guys...
(But these guys were there, baring it all, all the time.)

Pointers from Marisol (former head counselor):

One thing I feel a lot of people forget is that just because the title of the camp has math in it, doesn't mean that's all you'll be learning at this place. Try to always keep in mind that you are surrounded by some amazing people who are more than just great mathematicians. Take the time to get to know people on a deeper level- you might be surprised what you learn from them and what they can learn from you. Math camp is a wonderful place not just because you learn concepts that students in grad school are learning, but because it provides you with an amazingly diverse environment. You'd be lying to yourself if you think that even one person there does not contribute to the greatness that is math camp. Maybe this doesn't make much sense now, but hopefully it will at the end of the six weeks when you've made friends that will be with you for a very long time.

some tips from me~

1) bring sweaters/jackets and a nice's cold in those rooms~ i froze last year... 2) list of the eateries and attractions [as few as that may be~ =)] in the area
3) map of where the nearest kmart/grocery store is
4) places where you can access internet - like the library lab
5) there are a lot of cricket/train sounds at night.. so if you don't like noise~ bring earplugs~ =P
6) how to call around the dorm or outside the dorm

elizabeth flores

betty and sandra I hope you guys are having a great time. math camp will be great and i luv you guys for being her w/ me.

-your cheerleader lizzie!

**P.S. roland and elizabeth are gonna be 1 year together on june 21,03. happy anniversary to them!


i have a suggestion. these arent suggestions that will help then LEARN better neccesarily but yea, use them if u want!

*when the fabric softner says use 5 min before finishing time, do it, or dont use it at all, or you clothes will have a nice weird looking stain on it.

well, i want to say something on enchanted rock..u can put these thoughts into better words (it makes since when i read it...)

*climbing rocks...ehh..ok
climbing rocks then going into cave...sure why not
climbing rocks WITH daddy long legs all over the top...
must find a way out since NO ONE warned me about this
...but then, oh what the heck, once in a year (maybe lifetime) oppurtunity, might as well embrace it and go through it all

...not considering it might rain while you're in the rock (like the 4 other weekends...)

so, climbing out of daddy long leg infested cave while it is raining and going up a mountain..ok maybe more of a slope...with cactus and small rocks which u can slip on (which i did and resulted in my hand being attacked my cactus needles) falling...cutting myself

NOPE, not fun.

yup, first hand experience.


I honestly don't know what you could add to your newsletter that could be of some interest to other viewers when it comes down to me. Well, you could add that many long distance relationships came about, including summer love. That camp honestly made a humongous impact in my life since it was college experience, even though at first I didn't think it would be much help, but it was. Also, that you have to watch how much mula you spend on junk food and make sure you save ur parents money for the second summer to come. Third, to develop communicating skills on meeting new people all over the place. That summer was the first time I had met anyone foreign or anyone other than the Hispanic people I am surrounded with down here in South Texas. It made me feel like I knew so many people when different cultures were put together. Also that Max was such a great guy and that he always wanted the best for us. To also encourage the new comers or the second year's to consider becoming a mentor or whatever they are called to pass their knowledge down to other kids. That's about it I guess.

(also known by Tolu and a select few others as Josepha)

Alright I'd like to start this off by giving a shoutout to all my non-returning second years, especially the ones from E-E. Now onto camp, to all you first years a bit of advice, don't burn any popcorn, don't lock yourself out of your dorm, don't jump up and attempt to hit any clocks in Derrick Hall, ummm don't fall asleep during study group(bedtimes are a mug to handle). Oh yeah be sure to buy lots of ramen noodles, they make good 12 oclock snacks. Make sure you buy an Extreme Gulp from the 7-11 down the street. Don't forget to eat at Jones, even though the food is cafeteria food it can be ok. Talk to as many people at the camp as you can. Donít get stung by any scorpions while at Bamburger Ranch. Have tons of fun at Enchanted Rock and don't try to be modern day Columbus and find your own way to the bottom or the rock. Ask as many questions as possible with the Colloquium speakers, (some of them give you shirts for asking questions). Don't be late for classes that's always a good one. Stock up on as much junk food as you can so that late at night you have munchies. Oh yeah and finally, don't try to pull of anything like I did last year and have a mass introduction at the introduction part of camp. I'll explain the story when I'm introducing myself and my partner Sunday.


...yeah i had something to say too but what i had to say seemed like a lot so i gave it its own page!

Well, that is all i have as far as suggestions go so if you have any questions,email me. I hope you enjoyed it!