Shamika's Personal Mathcamp Pic Collection
Let us begin with a few mug shots...


this isnt' a mug shot, but it will have to do. esther was always cool with me and always had a laughing face. i actually have absolutely nothing bad to say about her. well, at camp, i can say that about a lot of ppl, but its still good to be in that category...


she may not look like it, but allyson is hilarious. if you ever hear her sarcasm, you would literally laugh twice, once because its really funny and twice because you wouldn't expect such an insightful remark from such an unseemingly sweet girl. not that its vulgar or anything, its all in good taste, and in good fun. that is the thing i treasure most about allyson, her humor and insight. go allyson!

Head Counselor Phil

Phil was a real talker and a lot of the things he said were really intelligent, but the greatest thing about Phil is his laugh, once you get over it, its pretty cool and unique. if you want him to laugh, just tell him this. if he doesn't laugh, then just wait, he will find something funny at least once over the summer.

Joseph(a.k.a. Josepha)

joseph was real cool, always trying to keep things on the flip side. the cooler thing about him was you could tell what school he wanted to go to in five seconds flat...he wore it all over himself all the time,...what was it called...oh the name slips my mind. the school with the horns i believe. if you still can't figure it out, just ask him, he'd be glad to tell ya.


The very first day of camp, me and liz clicked unlike anyone else i have yet to meet in my life. we were just mad cool and it worked. eventually, she started hangin with allyson and roland a little more, but we are still like the other side of the pillow(cool). i remember days in group study when she was stuck or frustrated on a problem, i would encourage her and help her. those were some great times together...if only i could remember the things i taught her...i hope max doesn't ask me! but liz is cool, she is also, sad to say, a little bit better than me at freak dancing. one night, out of boredom, one of the biggest motivators for the things us mathcool ppl do, me and liz challenged each other to a small freak dance contest. because she was dancing with roland and she is a little slighter...nah, i can't even make any excuses, i lost hands down. but i am sure roland and sunshine had a good time either way.

Head Counselor Marisol

Marisol pushed Stanford of course, but there were other cool things about marisol. she was constantly encouraging and motivating us campers to believe in ourselves and to try. she took me to the medical office place when i cut my foot and when i had mysterious chest pains which remain mysterious to this day(isn't that phrase just ominous?). anyway, i also thought her accent was real cool. sadly, she won't be joining us, but she will be terribly missed. we luv you marisol.


now some ppl may call me a papparazzi(i don't think i spelled that right, but i don't have word so you are just gonna have to be phonetic real quick) or something, but i was just an innocent picture taker...this guy did not want his picture taken and i had to steal this, its blurred because he was on the run, but that is alright, he is an incredibly smart young man who could play the guitar and took time to explain things to me when i asked.

SWT Mathworks Honors Mathcamp Director Dr. Max Warshauer

this is the infamous dr. max warshauer's head...the back of it. what? i am an impatient woman and when i called his name, i clicked. if only i had waited just a few moments, i would have at least gotten a profile. oh well, i am sure you will see him soon enough. he is a really nice guy who cares a lot about us campers. on the fourth of july, he opens up his house to everyone and you can eat all kinds of ice cream and i heard that there were video games and basketball. i didn't go, but i still appreciate everything max did for me. it was max's idea for me to apply to harvard and stanford and other schools besides howard payne university(which is a perfectly fine school if you like a small town atmosphere and a quiet surrounding area, with no mall...) max encouraged and believed in me. he wrote letters of reccomendation for college applications and scholarships. i have so much to thank max for...*tear* let's move on before my html gets wet...

Mrs. Jefferson

my grandma away from home. mrs. jefferson kept close watch over us, but she was cool. she really cares about the campers and students who show potential and a desire to do something about it. she can open doors and plenty of others things for pickle jars. just kidding. actually, i am sure she could open a pickle jar for you, but you'd have to ask politely of course. i personally don't like pickles so perhaps i would ask her to open a jar of jam or marmelade or..why am i talking about jars again?? oh well, once more into the breach dear friends...once more *challenge*


honestly, i thought nabil was one of the finest looking boys at camp last year. he didn't talk too much to anybody but this one hungarian girl, and he wore sweettart pajamas and tide i think. but, i was called for so i behaved myself. however, during the school year i did get the chance to hook up with him. long distance relationship...only lasted a month...but...well, if you wanna know the rest, you gotta email me. i am determined to keep this site mathcamp related and this juicy story is a little too hot for this place...but we are cool now. it all turned out alright, but you wouldn't have thought so after he, oooh, let me quick...let's move on, shall we? we shall.


this is one of the other counselors. honestly, i thought he was a kind of stickler cause he was always trying to bust us on the rules, so i steered clear of him for a while, especially when he wouldn't let me touch his guitar one day. but on the very last day, after the talent show, we ended up walking back together and he told me how cool of me it was to let ppl borrow my karaoke machine and my utensils and food. and at that moment, i realized how stupid i had been to judge someone i really didn't know. so i apologize to him, and i now realize how everyone hears things but lets it travel in one end and out the other. don't judge a person by their first, or second, or even third impression. its a continuing process. the coolest ppl can turn out to be ...well, not so cool, and ppl you think you couldnt' stand can become close friends. a lesson well learned thanks to you yeeland, good lookin out.

Sunshine(a.k.a zachary)

Ah, sunshine. on the first day of classes, my friend chayna told me about this young guy in her class that came in and had solved all the questions max sent us before we got to camp and i told her he looked a little on the cute side. it turned out we both had mathematica at the same time and toward the end of the class, i suggested he eat lunch with me and my peps...well, there is a lot more to that story, and there are pictures to go with it to. If you wanna hear them, just click on my sunshine and he will take you there.

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