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~What was paradise? But a garden, an orchard of trees and herbs
Full of pleasure, and nothing there but delights~
~William Lawson~



flower Abele (White Poplar) - Time
flower Acacia, Mimosa - Sensitiveness
flower Acacia, Rose or White - Elegance
flower Acacia Tree (Locust) - Friendship; Secret Love
flower Acacia, Yellow - Secret Love
flower Acorn (Oak Apples) - Nordic Symbol of Life & Immortality
flower Almond (Flowering) - Hope; Haste; Watchfulness; Discretion; Thoughtlessness
flower Almond - Hope Giddiness, Heedlessness
flower Almond (Common) - Stupidity; Indiscretion
flower Almond Tree: Stupidity; Thoughtlessness
flower Almond, Laurel: Perfidy
flower Allspice: Compassion
flower American Elm - Patriotism
flower Apple - Temptation
flower Apple (Thorn) - Deceitful Charms
flower Apricot Flower - Doubt; Distrust
flower Arbor Vitae - Unchanging Friendship
flower Arbutus - Thee only do I love
flower Ash Tree - Grandeur
flower Ash-leaved Trumpet Flower - Separation
flower Ash, Mountain (Rowan) - Prudence, A Charm
flower Aspen Leaf - Lamentation; Sighing
flower Aspen Tree - Lamentation; Sighing; Scandal; Fear
flower Asphodel - Regrets beyond the grave; Remembered beyond the tomb


flower Balsam Fir - Impatience
flower Balm of Gilead (Balsam Poplar) - Healing; Cure; Relief
flower Barberry (Shrub)- Sharpness; Satire
flower Barberry - Sharpness; Satire; Petulance; Ill temper; Sourness of temper
flower Bay Leaf - I change but in dying; No change till death
flower Bay Tree - Glory
flower Bay Wreath - Reward of merit
flower Beech - Prosperity
flower Belvedere Wild (Licorice) - I declare against you
flower Birch - Meekness, Grace
flower Black Bryony - Be my support
flower Black Poplar - Courage; Affliction
flower Black Thorn - Difficulty
flower Bladder Nut Tree - Frivolous Amusements
flower Box (Boxwood) - Delicacy
flower Branch of Thorns - Severity; Rigour


flower Cedar - Think of me; I live for thee; Strength
flower Cedar Leaf - I live for thee
flower Cedar of Lebanon - Incorruptible
flower Cedar Sprig - Constancy in love; I live for thee
flower Cherry Tree - Good Education
flower Cherry Tree, Cornelian - Durability
flower Cherry Tree, White - Deception
flower Chestnut, Horse - Luxury
flower Cinnamon Tree - Forgiveness of injuries
flower Cistus, Gum - I shall die to-morrow
flower Cornel Tree - Duration
flower Cypress - Mourning; Death; Despair


flower Datura - Deceitful charms
flower Dogwood, Flowering - Am I Indifferent to You?


flower Ebony - Hypocrisy; Blackness
flower Elder Tree - Compassion; Zealousness; Sorrow; Death
flower Elder Berries - Love
flower Elm - Dignity
flower Evergreen - Poverty
flower Evergreen Thorn - Solace in Adversity


flower Fig - Argument; Longevity
flower Fig Marigold - Idleness
flower Fig Tree - Vigor and Corpulence<
flower Filbert - Reconciliation
flower Fir - Time; Pity; Fidelity, Boldness
flower Flax - I feel your kindness
flower Flax-leaf - Tardiness
flower Forsythia (Shrub) - Anticipation


flower Hand Flower Tree - Warning
flower Hawthorn - Contentment, Hope
flower Hand Flower Tree - Warning
flower Hornbeam (tree)- Ornament
flower Horse-Chestnut - Luxury


flower Judas Tree - Betrayed
flower Juniper - Perfect Loveliness


flower Kalmia (Mountain Laurel) - Treachery


flower Lagerstroema (Cape Myrtle) - Eloquence
flower Larch - Boldness
flower Laurel, American - Words, though sweet, may deceive
flower Laurel, Ground - Perseverance
flower Laurel, Mountain - Glory; Victory; Ambition of a hero
flower Laurel-leaved Magnolia - Dignity
flower Laurel, Viburnum - Glory, Renown
flower Lemon - Zest
flower Linden Leaf - Matrimony; Marriage
flower Linden Tree/Sprig - Conjugal love
flower Lime - Conjugal Love
flower Live Oak - Liberty
flower Locust - Affection Beyond the Grave
flower Lote Tree - Concord


flower Manchineal Tree - Falseness; Hypocrisy
flower Mandrake - Horror; Rarity; Honor
flower Maple - Reserve
flower Mimosa - Sensitiveness
flower Mulberry, Black - I will not survive you
flower Mulberry, White - Wisdom
flower Myrrh - Gladness
flower Myrtle - Love; Everlasting Love; Hebrew Emblem Of Marriage; Remembrance


flower Oak - Hospitality, Endurance and Triumph
flower Oak Leaves - Bravery
flower Oak, Live (Quercus virginiana) - Liberty
flower Oak, North American White - Independence
flower Oak Sprig - Hospitality
flower Olive - Peace; Security
flower Orange Tree - Generosity
flower Orange Blossoms - Your purity equals your loveliness; Chastity


flower Pear Tree - Affection
flower Pine - Hope; Pity; Fidelity; Boldness; Time; Farewell
flower Pine, Black - Pity
flower Pine, Pitch - Philosophy. Time & Faith
flower Pine, Spruce - Hope in Adversity; Farewell
flower Pine Tree - Courage; Daring
flower Plane Tree, Oriental - Genius, Magnificence, Shelter
flower Plum Tree, Blackthorn - Keep Promise, Fidelity, Flowers Stand for Difficulty
flower Plum, Indian - Privation; Suffering
flower Plum Tree, Wild - Independence
flower Pomegranate - Foolishness; Conceit
flower Pomegranate, Flower - Mature elegance
flower Poplar, Black Aspen; The Funeral Tree - Courage
flower Poplar, White - Time, Lamentation
flower Prickly Pear - Satire
flower Privet - Mildness


flower Red Bay - Memory
flower Rowan, Sorb Apple - Tree of Life; Prudence


flower Scotch Fir - Elevation
flower Service Tree - Prudence
flower Sorrel - Wit ill-timed; Parental affection
flower Sorrel, Wood - Joy
flower Southernwood - Jest; Bantering
flower Spindle tree - Your image is engraved on my heart
flower Spruce - Pity; Fidelity; Boldness
flower Strawberry Tree (Arbutus) - Esteemed Love
flower Sumac - Splendor
flower Sycamore - Curiosity
flower Syrian Mallow: Persuasion


flower Tulip, Tree - Rural Happiness


flower Walnut - Stratagem; Intellect
flower Whortleberry - Treachery; Treason
flower Willow - Forsaken Love
flower Willow, Creeping - Love forsaken
flower Willow, French - Bravery and humanity
flower Willow-Herb - Pretension
flower Willow, Water - Freedom
flower Willow, Weeping - Mourning
flower Winter Cherry - Deception
flower Woodbine - Fraternal love
flower Wormwood - Absence
flower Wisteria - Meeting you Means So Much to Me


flower Yew Tree - Resurrection, Faith, Sorrow



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