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~Each flower is a soul opening out to nature~
~Gerald De Nerval~


Nature combines colors in the most remarkable ways. The expressiveness of colors is very fascinating.Color can be used to give a dramatic or gentle effect. It can be harsh, pretty, rich or gay. It is helpful to have a knowledge of color associations ...check it out...

  • RED & WHITE - Unity

  • RED - Love, Passion, Aggression, Danger, Richness, Fire, the Devil, Joy

Red was a symbol of wisdom to the Aztecs, sacrificial blood to the Hebrews, the color of death in ancient Greece. Commoners in early Britain were not allowed to eat red food like lobster, red berries, fruit or mushrooms except at feasts to honor the dead.
  • RED, DARK - I miss you

  • SILVER - Life in death

  • PINK - Grace and Gentility, Perfect Happiness

  • YELLOW - Joy, Welcome Back, Youth, Wealth, Sickness, Luminosity, Deciet

  • ORANGE & CORAL - Desire, Warmth, Autumn, Vitality, Earthiness, Dullness

  • BURGUNDY - Beauty

  • PURPLE - I wish you luck and success in life. A symbol of royalty

  • WHITE - Innocence , Purity, Truth, Serenity, Crispness, Coldness,Honesty

  • VIOLET - Melancholy, Primness, Humility, Retirement, Solemnity,Luxury,Fantasy

  • PEACH - Get Together; Closing of the Deal

  • BLUE - Space, Peace, Cold, Cleanliness, Sea, Fidelity, Boundlessness, Heavenly

  • BLUE, DARK - infinity; wear dark blue for fertility

  • GREEN - Jealousy,Youth, Woodlands, Faith, Neutrality, Nature, Rest, Immorality, Male symbol in China

  • GREY - Old age, Passivity, Restraint, Resignation, Frugality, Twilight , Humility

  • BLACK - Darkness, Depression, Sophistication, Severity,Piracy,Evil, Contrast



Numbers also have meanings........

One - You are my everything.

Two - Let's go away together.

Three - When can I see you again?

Four - I look up to you and am truly grateful.

Five - I will do anything for you.

Six - I don't believe what you're saying.

Seven - I love you.

Eight - I will be faithful to you until I die.

Nine - I want to be alone with you.

Ten - Will you marry me?


Classes of Plants Suitable for "Classes" of People

Linnaeus divided plants into nine great classes, each corresponding to nine different degrees in the "stations of men."
1. Palms - Princes
2. Grasses - Plebeians
3. Lilies - Patricians
4. Herbs - Nobility
5. Trees - Notables
6. Ferns - Colonizers
7. Mosses - Servants
8. Sea Ware - Bond Slaves
9. Mushrooms - Wanderers



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