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~They shall bear thee up in their hands,
lest thou dash thy foot against a stone~
~ Psalm 91:12~


spinstar Angel Facts

spinstar The word angel is mentioned 194 times and the word angels 92 times in the Bible (King James Version).

spinstarAngels were created by God. ~Gen. 2.1;~ ~Neh. 9:6;~ ~Eph.3:9~ ~ Col.1:6~

spinstarAngels are not to be worshipped. ~Col. 2:18; ~ ~Rev. 19:10~

spinstarAngels are called "holy" ~Luke 9:26~, "elect" ~1 Tim. 5:21~

spinstarAngels report directly to God. ~Job !:6; 2:1~

spinstarAngels were present at the creation of the world. ~Job 38:1; 4, 7~

spinstarAngels announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. ~Luke 2:10-14~

spinstarAngels do not marry. ~Matt. 22:30~

spinstarAngels never die but live forever. ~Luke 20:36~~Rev. 4:8~

spinstarAngels are spirits, like the soul of man, but not incorporeal..~Ps. 104:4; ~ ~Heb. 1:7, 14~

spinstarAngels are invisible beings. ~Rom.1:18-32; ~ ~Col. 2:18; ~~Rev. 19:10; 22:9~

spinstarAngels are innumerable.~Deut.33:2; ~ ~Ps. 68:17; ~ ~Dan.7:9,10; ~ ~Rev.5:11~ ~ Matt. 26:53;~ ~ Luke 2:13;~ ~ Heb. 12:22, 23~

spinstarAngels rebuke idolatry ~Judg. 2:1-4~

spinstarAngels display joy. ~Job. 38:7; ~ ~Luke 2:13~

spinstarAngels display desire. ~1 Pet. 1:12~

spinstarAngels are stronger than man. ~Ps. 103:20; ~ ~2 Thes. 1:7; ~ ~2 Pet. 2:11~

spinstarAngels possess superhuman intelligence and power. ~Mark 13:32;~ ~ 2 Thess. 1:7;~ ~ Ps. 103:20~ ~Dan. 9:21-22; 10:14~ ~Rev. 19:10; 22:8,9~

spinstarAngels are swifter than men. ~Dan. 9:21;~ Rev. 14:6~

spinstarAngels are not omnipresent. ~Dan. 10:12~

spinstarAngels are not omnipotent. ~Dan. 10:13; ~ ~Jude 9~

spinstarAngels are not omniscient. ~Matt. 24:36~

spinstarSome angels help human beings. ~Mark 5:1, 5~

spinstarAngels appear to man in a human form ~Gen. 18:2; 19:1,10; ~ ~Luke 24:4; ~ ~Acts 1:10~

spinstarThe titles applied to them "Sons of God," ~Job 1:6; 38:7;~ ~Dan. 3:25;~and to men ~Luke 3:38~, indicate some resemblance between them and the human race.

spinstarSome angels are cherubim. ~Ezek. 1:1-28; 10:20~

spinstarSome angels are Seraphim. ~Isa. 6:1-8~

spinstarImperfection is ascribed to them as creatures. ~Job 4:18;~ ~Matt.24:36; ~ ~1 Pet. 1:12~

spinstarMajority of the angels remain true to God.~Rev. 5:11-12~

spinstarTheir purpose is to glorify God. ~Rev. 4:8~

spinstarTheir functions are manifold. They are agents of God's providence in carrying on his great work of redemption ~Ex. 12:23;~ ~ Ps. 104:4;~ ~ Heb. 11:28; ~ ~1 Cor. 10:10;~ ~ 2 Sam. 24:16; ~ ~2 Kings 19:35;~ ~ Acts 12:23~

spinstarAngels are ministering spirits to the people of God ~Heb. 1:14; ~ ~Ps. 34:7; ~ ~91:11; ~ ~Matt. 18:10;~ ~ Acts 5:19; 8:26; 10:3; 12:7; 27:23~

spinstarThey rejoice over a penitent sinner ~Luke 15:10~

spinstarThey bear the souls of the redeemed to paradise ~Luke 16:22~

spinstarAngels will be the ministers of judgement hereafter on the great day ~Matt. 13:39, 41, 49; 16:27; 24:31~

spinstarAngels will join all believers in the heavenly Jerusalem. ~Heb. 12:22-23~

spinstarGod employs the ministry of angels to deliver his people from affliction and danger, and that the angels do not think it below their dignity to minister even to children and to the least among Christ's disciples.


spinstarBible Names for Angels

spinstarMinisters: ~ Ps. 103:20-21~
spinstarHost: ~Gen. 32:1-2; ~ ~Josh. 5:14; ~ ~ Ps. 89:8~
spinstarChariots: ~2 Kings.6:16-17; ~ ~Ps. 68:17;~ ~ Zech. 6:5~
spinstarWatchers: ~Dan. 4:13, 17~
spinstarSons of the mighty: ~Ps. 29:1; 89:6~
spinstarHoly ones: ~Ps. 89:7;~ ~ Dan . 8-13~
spinstarSons of God: ~Gen. 6:2,4; ~ ~Job. 1:6, 2:1; 38:7~ ~ Dan. 3:25~
spinstarStars:~Job. 38:7;~ ~Ps. 148:2-3;~ ~ Rev. 12:3-4~


spinstarChief among the angels, Archangel Michael is considered the greatest of angels, a hero who defeated Satan. Michael takes souls to the other world, In Revelations, it is Michael who leads an army of God's angels against Satan. He is an angel of repentance, mercy, and righteousness, appearing in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian "angelology". He is often depicted with a sword. Michael is associated in shades of blue, to show his divine messages.

spinstar Activities of the Archangel Michael

spinstarHe helped a lesser-ranked angel get through to anwer Daniel's prayer. ~ Dan. 10:13,21~
spinstarHe will stand up for Israel during the Tribulation.~Dan 12.1~
spinstarHe disputed with satan concerning the dead body of Moses. ~Jude 9~
spinstarHe fights against satan in the Heavenlies.~Rev. 12:7~


spinstarArchangel Gabriel, presides over heaven, is the Prince of Justice and the chief of the angelic guards. A messenger angel who appeared to both the Virgin Mary and to Muhammad, Gabriel is the angel of annunciation, heavenly mercy, resurrection, and revelation. It is Gabriel who will blow the horn announcing the second coming of Christ. In the Islamic tradition, Gabriel is the angel of humanity, the spirit of truth, His symbol is the lily.

spinstarActivities of the Archangel Gabriel

spinstar He explained the vision of the battle of the ram and goat to Daniel. ~Dan 8:16~
spinstarHe explained the 70 weeks to Daniel. ~Dan. 9:21, 27~
spinstarHe predicted the birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias. ~Luke 1:13~
spinstarHe predicted the Birth of Jesus to Mary. ~Luke 1:26~
spinstarHe assured Joseph of Mary's purity.~Matt. 1:20~
spinstarHe warned Joseph about the plot of Herod.~ Matt. 2:13~
spinstarHe told Joseph about the death of Herod. ~Matt. 2:19-20~
spinstarHe announced the Birth of Christ to the shepherds. ~ Luke 2: 19-14~
spinstarHe strengthened Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. ~Luke 22:43~
spinstarHe rolled the stone back at the ressurection.~Matt. 28:2~
spinstarHe freed the Apostles from prison. ~ Acts 5:19~
spinstarHe sent Philip to the desert of Gaza to meet the eunuch. ~Act. 10:3~
spinstarHe instructed Cornelius to send for Peter. ~Acts 10:3~
spinstarHe freed Peter from prison. ~ Acts 12:7~
spinstarHe executed wicked Herod for blasphemy. ~Acts. 12:23~
spinstarHe reassured Paul on the deck of sinking ship. ~ Acts 27:23~
spinstarHe will sound the trumpet at the rapture. ~ 1 Thess. 4:16~


spinstarArchangel Raphael is the angel of healing who is the friendliest and merriest of all angels. An archangel and chief among the guardian angels, Raphael has special charge of protecting the young, the innocent, and travelers. He is the angel of prayer, love, joy, light, providence, and healing. He is often shown carrying a pilgrim's staff. Many identify the color green with Raphael, perhaps to associate the healing of the earth.


spinstarArchangel Uriel is the angel of repentance and the angel who warned Noah of the flood.


spinstarLucifer is Satan, once the mightiest Seraphim, now the fallen angel, the Devil.



Fold two hands together,
And express a dash of sorrow,
Marinate it overnight,
And work on it tomorrow.

Chop one grudge in tiny pieces,
Add several cups of love,
Dredge with a large sized smile
Mix with the ingredients above.

Dissolve the hate within you,
By doing a good deed,
Cut in and help your friend,
If he should be in need.

Stir in laughter, love, and kindness
From the heart it has to come,
Toss with genuine forgiveness
And give your neighbor some.

The amount of people served,
Will depend on you,
It can serve the whole wide world,
If you really want it to.
~author unknown~

Elysium Adoption Agency

Adopt An Angel

A reminder to be thankful for all the "Angels"
in our lives and to do our best to be an
"Angel" in someone else's.

(c)Angel graphic by Kitty Roach Used with permission.
(c)Angel` -
Elysium Adoption Agency



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