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Client Feedback Page
read what clients have to say about our wholistic approach

"I am the foster mother of A and Z. I have cared for these children during the past nine years. In June 2002 I took A for an assessment at the Brain and Behaiviour Clinic at Westmead. After EEG assessment A was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and learning difficulties. A trial of medication (Catapress) as well as occupational therapy, remedial intervention for academic and social skills was recommended. However no follow up suggestions or therapists were offered to me

Since I was not happy to medicate A I looked for alternative solutions. I was fortunate during my search to hear a lecture on the role of nutrition in children’s behaviour and learning problems given by Rosemary Boon at the local ADHD support group. I was very impressed with the Ms Boon’s lecture. I found her presentation very enlightening and her knowledge base covered many areas of concern to me in regard to A. I decided that A would benefit from a multi-disciplinary assessment offered by Learning Discoveries.

The assessment revealed many other difficulties hitherto unknown to me and missed in previous assessments by other professionals. I was present during the entire assessment process and felt confident that A was in the best possible hands. I already felt that nutrition played a large part in A’s behaviour but the way it was explained in simple terms made following the diet and taking the supplements much easier. The adjustment was initially challenging but I am glad that I persisted. The benefits to A and Z have been enormous and remarked upon by school staff and personnel at respite care.

A is now able to control his own emotions, he has fewer temper tantrums, is more respectful and is learning better. With a combination of neurofeedback, sound therapy, bodywork and diet, his concentration has improved so that he can now learn and is not as easily distracted in class. Academically, A is now sustaining an acceptable standard. He is now at the stage where he is much more comfortable with and accepted by his peers. He is now developing real friendships and his choices show maturity that I never thought possible.

Z also has learning difficulties and problems with anger management. Because of A’s success with Rosemary’s interventions I knew that Z would greatly benefit from an assessment and individually designed program. I am delighted with the progress she is making. I feel so strongly about this, that despite the lack of sufficient funding from DOCS, I chose to continue to pay for the interventions with my limited finances.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rosemary Boon and her clinic Learning Discoveries, to any parent at their wits end who are prepared to do the work and work with her. Her knowledge, expertise in the interventions she uses, caring and support continue to amaze me. This was by no means a quick fix and it took a lot of effort by both the children and myself. I now feel that my decision not to medicate and to investigate and follow through with Rosemary’s interventions has been vindicated with the success my foster children have achieved.

I would like to thank Rosemary for her hard work and dedication in helping me to change the lives of my children for the better."

M. F.

Central Coast, April 2004

"I was interested in learning more about Sound Therapy to see if it could be of some benefit to my son, who was born with Charge Association. He was profoundly deaf from birth and had difficulty putting two words together and his overall development severely delayed. He was dependent on a Bipap ventilator for sleep due to central sleep apneas, and walked with the aid of a walking frame because of poor balance due to the absence of semicircular canals. Probably the most socially disturbing was breath holding which resulted in seizures.

During the initial consultation, I was impressed by Rosemary’s realistic approach to the possible benefits and she gave me hope that Sound therapy might be of help to Niall, whilst not promising a miracle cure. Niall began Samonas Sound therapy in July 1997 and we were told Niall would probably take up to two weeks to wear his headphones for a full 45 minutes, but by the third day Niall was asking for his "music", and after a week the breath holds had almost disappeared. His attention to puzzles and his ability to complete them also improved. He began using his right hand almost exclusively within the first four weeks of starting therapy. Niall is now completing age-appropriate puzzles.

In December 1997, Niall had a sleep study conducted which showed great improvement in his apneas, to the extent that the ventilator was no longer required. This has confused his doctors as when Niall first started using the ventilator they thought he would need breathing support at least until much older; in fact he would never grow out of it. We are awaiting the results of a recent sleep study but what could be seen on the night indicates he is still able to cope without a ventilator. The doctors will not say he will not need it ever again as they have no clinical evidence as to why he doesn't need it now.

Niall took his first tentative steps on his own after his first bone conduction session (15 minutes) in August 1997. Over the next few months he used his walking frame less and less. By January 1998, Niall's balance had improved to the stage that when he couldn't fit through the doorway with his walking frame, he let go and walked through on his own. He has not used it since.

The other major difference is in his hearing. Recurrent hearing assessments over the past four months now places his level of deafness in the moderate to severe range. Because of the improvement in his hearing, his speech has also improved to the level of saying five and six word sentences but his pronunciation still needs work. In a recent report by his hearing teacher it was said that his receptive language was good for his age. He has also greatly increased his ability to respond to visual and tactile stimuli.

Now after telling you the facts I can tell you what a difference it has made to our lives. Firstly, to see Niall asleep without a mask on his face has been a dream come true, and secondly, to have him run up to me after Kindy without the aid of a frame, I'm sure you can imagine my feelings of pride. He has made progress beyond my most optimistic dreams.

I'm not saying that I think Sound Therapy is the miracle cure, because it takes a lot of time, effort and money to travel 45 minutes twice a week for each session of bone conduction as well as the usual doctors appointments associated with a disabled child, but it is the only one we have found that has been worth it, and believe me, we have tried many".

Anita. C., NSW
March ’98


"When I began neurofeedback, bone conduction sound therapy and the diet protocols with my children, I had some idea of what I wanted to accomplish. Even though I was determined to "get there" and improve my skills, I needed someone to carry me through with the same amount of determination and one who could provide the essential knowledge to make it a whole body-mind-spirit experience. Rosemary seemed to be the most highly qualified professional I could find and her extensive experience with children as well as adults inspired my confidence in her. She made the requirements clear right from the outset. It was comforting to know that she shared my own work ethics and belief that for any work to be successful commitment and responsibility lies equally with the therapist and the client. To this end I commend her efforts with my children and myself.

Personal benefits of the training have had far ranging effects on my life. It has helped me to become more organised, allowed me to concentrate for longer periods, improved my recall of reading material and enhanced my overall memory. I read faster, my thoughts flow easily onto paper and I even have more confidence. Old self-esteem issues seem to have resolved themselves. The training has also allowed me the opportunity to use my creativity in a focused manner and my moods and attitudes to making life decisions are now clear and unencumbered. I am now able to do several tasks at the same time with the same amount of clarity, vision, focus and creativity. This was impossible before and I would feel very frustrated at not being able to get things finished. Furthermore, I find that I do not tire as easily and require less sleep.

Most importantly, our home environment has improved dramatically. There is a greater harmony between myself and the children, more maturity in our relationships with each other and an openness and willingness to find peaceful solutions to challenges which arise.

The children and I started the training and diet protocols together and I strongly believe that this is an important factor to consider, as it seems to get everyone on the same wavelength. I believe that anger, rage and other destructive emotions have gone out the window forever. In my opinion no price is too high for such health.

In the final analysis, this work is a personal investment and requires commitment to the initial decision to improve the quality of one's life. Naturally, the client and the therapist working as a team determine the results. Rosemary understands this well. Her uncompromising attitude is derived from her belief in the value of the work she does and with a determination rooted in her experience and knowledge. She works with her whole heart and spirit to encourage us to follow her innovative path. Her thirst for knowledge ensures that the techniques and methods she uses are research-based and effective. Combined with her unique blend of psychology, she puts into action what she strongly believes in. Her level of experience allows her to carry all of her clients to a high degree of success and I know how much work she must put in behind the scenes keeping up to date with the latest advances and continuing her studies in related fields. She makes a difference in this world".

Nadine. D, WA
June 2001

"I commenced seeing Rosemary in July 2000 with our eldest child then 7 1/2 whom had a previous diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). After intensive traditional and alternative therapies he had the following problems still remaining; auditory processing delays and difficulties, concentration and planning problems, sensory issues (unable to tolerate babies crying etc.) and was silly when overexcited. He was also Dyspraxic.

Having dealt with many Professional (and unprofessional) people over the years I felt immediately at ease with Rosemary and had full confidence that she knew what she was talking about and would be able to further help my son , whom other Professionals had advised me had "come as far as he was going to".

Through diet, suppliments, Samonas Sound Therapy and bone conduction, Neurofeedback, light therapy and primitive reflexes our son has now no longer any sensory issues, his overexcitement is now much more controlled and his teacher has seen dramatic improvement in his attention span in class and in his work, such as presentation (handwriting), content in his essays and also improvement in his problem solving skills. We have also had NO more work sent home for completion since commencing with Rosemary which was previously a regular occurrence.

During this period our youngest son was attending a Physiotherapist because he had never rolled and had also been slightly late in walking (15 months) plus 2 months later was still very unsteady and falling over all the time. Traditional physiotherapy had not made any gains so a referral was in the process of being arranged to an Occupational Therapist so see if this could assist him in anyway. Rosemary on news of this advised that he should have Samonas Sound Therapy with bone conduction for about 20 sessions. After 21 sessions he was reassessed by his physiotherapist who could not believe the change and advised that he was no longer in need of assistance from the Occupational Therapist or indeed herself. Incidently, during this period his speech and comprehension blossomed as well.

Sound therapy continued for another eight weeks to ensure that the gains made would be consolidated. Jesse had an assessment with the pediatric physiotherapist a couple of weeks ago and she couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with him and said he was doing some 3 year old things (jumping off a phone book, hitting a ball with a bat and throwing a ball at a target, also catching!!!) He had stopped falling over about 2 weeks before the appointment and has not been falling over since. We will just have to wait and see now when we stop the Listening Programme if the falling over starts again but at this stage we are wrapped"!

Jenny J.,WA
June 2001

"Rosemary has been working with my three children aged fourteen, ten and seven years since January 2001.

My fourteen year old daughter has done neurofeedback training and bone conduction sound therapy with Rosemary. As a result of this training she has become much more organised in her daily life and schoolwork, and her reading and comprehension have improved tremendously.

My ten year old son has also improved dramatically since receiving a combination of neurofeedback and EEG driven light therapy. He is far more mature now and less prone to emotional outbursts which continually disrupted his class and home life.

My youngest daughter who has severe auditory processing difficulties and retained primitive reflexes continues to improve.

I have found Rosemary to be a thorough professional and a constant source of information, advice and support for all of us.

Ann D., WA
June 20001

"I feel that the sound therapy work and neurofeedback training that I have done has improved me in many ways such as my spelling and organisation. My rate of reading and comprehension have also increased and I now enjoy reading. I am now one of the best four people in my maths class. In maths, we are ranked or scored by levels. Level I is the easiest and Level 8 is the hardest. Most year 9's are at Level 3 or 4 with some at Level 5. However, I am at Level 6 which is higher than most Year 12's. I could not have done what I have done without your help.

I thank you very much for the work you have done with me and I appreciate how much time and effort you have put into this to help many people like myself".

Sarah D (14 years old), WA
June 2001

"Thank you very much for everything that you have done for me. You have improved my writing (as in neatness). You also helped me in mathematics and spelling. My teacher is very impressed with my spelling, mathematics and handwriting.

I forgot to mention earlier that the most important area that you have also helped me with is my organisation. For instance, my room used to be really messy but now I can't stand my room being messy".

Marie. D (9 yrs old)
WA, June 2001

"Thank you for your professional help and the great work you have accomplished with the clients I referred to you for assistance through the Special Intervention Program. The results you have managed to achieve through the use of EEG biofeedback surpassed my expectations. Particularly as the clients I referred to you had previously been seen by numerous other agencies and professionals with little to avail. Hence, they were referred to you as a last resort.

The feedback from my clients has been most rewarding and without question they feel pleased that they have been able to achieve exceptional results with this new technology and your assistance whereas previously they met only frustration".

J. Capitani
Occupational Psychologist
Department of Employment, Education and Training
June 1997

"My son was referred to the School Counsellor at Lansvale Public School in 1989 (Kindergarten) for severe behaviour problems both at school and at home. Implementing Rosemary's strategies and suggestions made all the difference to Alan and myself and returned our household to some form of normality. Unfortunately, she was only there for that year.

Alan continued to receive counsellor support for the next two years with no benefit in fact his behaviour started to deteriorate and in 1993, I began the desperate search to contact Rosemary as I was ready to give him away permanently because I did not know what else to do to help him. A year later I found her again and this time she was in private practice. Initially, I paid for the first six visits but this was not a long term financial proposition.

Since Alan did not relate to the department's counsellor I insisted that DOCS fund sessions with Rosemary. These sessions eventually began in 1995 and the improvement was gradual but beneficial. Alan managed to make up a two-year reading, spelling and comprehension deficit in just nine months thanks to Rosemary's excellent counselling, teaching and motivational skills. His behaviour and school work improved dramatically. He was no longer under constant threat of suspension at school and was more manageable at home. Unfortunately, funding was stopped too soon in 1995 and after yet more crises we found ourselves back with Rosemary once again. Unfortunately, this course of funding was also cut in half and therefore the number of sessions were reduced yet again.

The.latter sessions focused on regulating brainwave patterns as Alan was diagnosed as suffering from ADD and I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a comorbidity of ADD. We have found the EEG Biofeedback sessions and sound therapy together with counselling to be of great benefit. If this was in place in the beginning it would have saved me many years of trauma and heartache".

Nina.A, NSW
December 1997

"Rosemary has worked with my son David, age 13, for the last 18 months with her range of multi-faceted techniques including EEG biofeedback, light and sound therapy and remedial literacy programmes. As a result, his reading age has increased over this time from that of a 7 year old to a 13 year old. This in turn has meant that David has a positive future to look forward to and will one day become a valued member of the community as distinct from a young man who would have had enormous developmental difficulties as a result of his condition.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rosemary's multi-faceted techniques to anyone with Attention Deficit Disorder and Learning Disabilities because these training modalities help to develop well adjusted adults from children who for one reason or another would be left by society to fend for themselves in an increasing state of despair".

K. B (Barrister-at-Law) Sydney, NSW
December, 1997

"Rosemary has been teaching our son Benjamin, who is intellectually handicapped, for a period of approximately twelve months and has achieved results that we thought would never be possible. She has bought,him further in this time than his 12 years of schooling - 9 of which have been in special schools - ie. low intellectual/learning disabled school.

The method of teaching as applied by Rosemary has our son now reading multisyllable words with a high degree of accuracy and understanding, as opposed to his prior ability which was very limited. In fact, he was only able to read some words at a basic kindergarten level and had great difficulty in spelling two and three letter words at all. This is from a child of sixteen years of age who has been at school and pre-school since he was four.

Ben really enjoyed his lessons and his newfound confidence in himself just makes us feel so pleased and happy for him. As any parent of an intellectually handicapped child will confirm, it takes enormous amounts of energy and patience to teach them any skill - let alone one as complicated and important as reading".

Wayne. & Kathy. S, NSW
September 1995

"I began seeking help for my son Ryan when he was four years of age. It was obvious that he had a concentration and comprehension problem, and he was placed in an early intervention program with the Association for Children with Learning Difficulties for twelve months prior to him commencing school.

Throughout his primary schooling all his teachers acknowledged that he had learning difficulties, however they admitted that they were unable to help him I was referred to Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapists, psychiatrists and special schools an of which had the same answer "Just accept that he has a learning problem as there is really nothing that can be done"!

Fortunately, I did not give up. A friend recommended I talk to Rosemary as her son (who had a lot more problems than Ryan) was having great success with reading and spelling under her tuition. Although sceptical, I took Ryan to see her and was amazed at how well she not only understood him, but how easily he related to her.

He began I hour lessons with Rosemary 1 day a week in August 1994, and he has never looked back. The program she has devised to teach him, started getting results immediately. Combining her vibrant personality and gifted teaching skills, she has taught Ryan his most valuable lesson of all "That he was able to learn he just needed a different approach to learning." He is now 13 years old in Year 7. His learning confidence and self-esteem has improved dramatically. A teacher at his school, who has been in direct contact with him since year three is astounded, not only at his rate of progress but his ability to retain everything he has learnt and apply it to his regular schooling. Rosemary has found a way to teach, and for Ryan to learn, far beyond all my expectations".

Brenda. P, NSW
September, 1996

"My son Craig has been going to Rosemary Boon for the past 14 months. Craig has been described as having severe auditory perceptual deficits, language and Comprehension problems.

A short history of Craig's problems is necessary in order to demonstrate Rosemary's teaching qualities. From about the age of two and a half years Craig's speech and language problems were evident. However, when I visited my local GP I was told to give him time as 'boys are slow". On starting pre-school at the age of three, I was told Craig needed extra help which he received from the school. The second preschool said the same thing. Craig attended Speech Therapy in a hospital setting when he was four and when he started school I took him to a private Speech Therapist. After many months she eventually told me she could do no more for him. By this stage Craig is in First class. Then began the merry-go-round of physical assessments - ears, eyes etc.

A developmental orthoptist, suggested I see an educational Psychologist, for a complete psychological assessment. He concluded that Craig had severe Learning Difficulties which included short term memory deficits, auditory perceptual problems and language comprehension problems. Craig was three years behind in reading and was too low to be assessed on any standardised spelling tests although he was of above average intelligence. Remedial literacy programmes were recommended. The medical professions' answer to the problem was Ritalin which "may help but don't expect too much from Craig in life".

Meanwhile, I had come across Rosemary's name at school from parents whose children were progressing well under her teaching and guidance. Seeing Rosemary Boon was probably the best move I ever made. Within twelve months, Craig was reading, was able to sound out words, and his self-esteem has improved dramatically. He was no longer the "class clown", "the dummie". His silly behaviour at school began to decrease as he felt he could learn.

With Rosemary's determination and understanding of Craig's abilities, constant reassurance that he could and would learn to read with hard work, Craig began to show signs of improvement. His recent school reports reflect his growing confidence and willingness to try and work hard. Inappropriate behaviour is no longer an issue in the classroom.

Rosemary has taught Craig so many things. He loves going to her and relates to her as a friend. She has the ability to motivate Craig and inspire me to follow up with homework. Craig has always wanted to learn, but in the past found it too difficult. For the first time in his life, Craig is learning and remembering what he has been

taught. He knows he is making progress. Rosemary's ability to make learning fun is very refreshing for children who have difficulty sitting still. As a parent I find Rosemary to be an excellent teacher and to see my son's progress makes the effort all worthwhile.

I have since had Craig reassessed by the developmental orthoptist and the educational psychologist who conducted the original assessments. They both reported a significant improvement. In the first eight months with Rosemary Craig had made up an eighteen month deficit in reading and spelling.

Craig holds Rosemary in very high esteem. He constantly talks to his Special Education teacher about her with the result that she sat in on a lesson. She was so impressed with what she saw that she now uses a few of Rosemary's ideas in her classroom. She tells me that their enthusiasm has improved and they are now beginning to work.

I am indeed fortunate to have found Rosemary Boon as a teacher for my son. Other parents keep telling me of their frustration over the years and the failure of remedial programmes to effectively address the needs of these children. Craig is now in Fourth class, reading and spelling almost at grade level and has the confidence to make mistakes. Nothing else has worked in all these years of trying. Rosemary's remedial literacy programmes have. Her persistence and belief in children is extraordinary and her ability to impart her skills to others is tremendous. She teaches from the heart and delights in bringing out the best in others".

Cheryl B., NSW
July ’94

"I first met Rosemary Boon in February 1994. 1 had spent much time, effort and money searching for an answer to my daughter's literacy and self esteem problems. In Rosemary Boon I found an answer to my prayers and relief to my growing anxiety.

Initially I was impressed by Rosemary's professionalism and competency. Over the last 19 months these first impressions have manifested themselves in remarkable improvements in my daughter. Rosemary worked with my daughter on a weekly basis, providing one hour of individual remediation. Half way through the program my family had to move to the Central Coast, some 100 km from Ms Boon's clinic. Rather than have my daughter referred to a more convenient educational psychologist, I chose to travel the significant distance because of the quality of the tuition I knew Rosemary was providing.

The improvement in my daughter means that she is no longer required to see Rosemary. In the space of 1.4 chronological years my daughter, who is now 9.7 years of age, improved as follows



Post Remediation

South Australian Test of Spelling

6.3 years

10.10 years

Neale Reading Analysis
- accuracy
- comprehension

6.9 years
7.5 years

8.6 years
10.1 years

LAC Test

Raw Score 49

Raw Score 100(+6)

Woodcock Reading Mastery Test
- visual auditory learning
- word identification
- word attack
- passage comprehension

Grade I
Grade I
Grade I
Grade 2

Grade 3
Grade 6
Grade 4

At a personal level Rosemary displays many admirable qualities. She is a dedicated and industrious person who exudes vitality for her work. As a mother Rosemary is able to appreciate and relate to the very real concerns of her many clients who are also mothers.

Paula K., NSW
June 1995