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J. L. King And EX Wife Host Book Signing page2

Atlanta ( "The vision Brenda and I have is that 'A Conversation of Reconciliation' will enable us to bring the discussion of HIV and AIDS to the forefront in the African-American community," said J.L. King. "We want this tour to make a meaningful difference that contributes to the sustainability of African-Americans across this country," King added.

J.L. King first gained international attention for his New York Times best-selling book On the Down Low, which discussed the behavior of men who have sex with other men as well as women but do not identify as gay or bisexual.

"Now more than ever, we have to encourage dialogue and promote knowledge and understanding between Black men and women in relationships," said Brenda Stone Browder. "Our community is hungry for this kind of dialogue, and we're pleased to present this in a national forum that gets the conversation going."

Browder, King's ex-wife and author of the Essence bestseller On the Up and Up: A Survival Guide for Women Living with Men on the Down Low, is a writer, educator, and lay speaker in Springfield, Ohio. She became concerned about women's issues during a church service after seeing the pain on the faces of women while listening to their testimonies.

"As a divorcee myself, I fully understand the imprisonment of choosing to harbor anger and resentment versus the liberation of choosing to embrace forgiveness and reconciliation," said Mischa P. Green, author of 30 Things He Told Me But Can't Tell You Because You Won't Listen. "I commend both King and Browder for exhibiting the courage to allow the healing process that they are promoting to begin with them."

Supporters of the tour include Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Micheal Baisden, Black Entertainment Television (BET),, Ebony Magazine, Jet magazine and Park Hill Entertainment.

"Park Hill Entertainment is not only pleased to support this program, but sees this partnership with J.L. King and Brenda Stone Browder as a natural evolution of our association," said Park Hill Entertainment President/Owner Shirley Neal. "'A Conversation of Reconciliation' will help to educate and enlighten attendees, and promote healthy dialogue between African-American men and women."

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