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Dianne is available to be hired to perform at local events and will travel to special events out of her area. Dianne will accommodate her music to fit your event or function. She offers a variety of original music including Christian, alternative, love songs, and others. She sings by herself and plays an Ovation Celebrity 12-string guitar which can be put through an amp or a sound system. She is a mezzo soprano and is able to do harmonies to her self when recording. She also does specialized church music, Christmas music, and has written a Latin Mass for the Catholic Church. She will sing in Churches, Coffeehouses, Colleges, festivals, gatherings, do TV and radio and any special event, even the National Anthem!

She enjoys giving her gift to others and would welcome most any opportunity to delight an audience with her music. Since becoming Wiccan she would like a chance to give her Wiccan music to her sisters and brothers in the craft. Although she does different spiritual music she is not limited to any one kind of music and is open to do recording of most types of music including blues, jazz, classical, and contemporary styles of original music, especially love songs.

Dianne will play anywhere in the world starting out in her local area and working toward a global market. She will do a 15 minute spot or more up to an hour show to start with a break in between. Dianne will be looking to please her audience with what music they would like to hear, be it a Christian audience or other audience. She is open to express love on all levels and to uplift her audience with her beautiful music. Dianne appeals to all ages and has always delighted those who listen to her.

If you would like to hire Dianne to perform, please contact her using the contact information provided here.

Now Available On CD and Cassette!
The Sweetest Song is a collection of Dianne M Parker's older original Christian music. It contains 10 songs that begin with the title cut The Sweetest Song that is about the calling of Jesus. This album is a collectors collection of songs which will probably not be reproduced in future albums and is Dianne's first venture into the market place with her music.

The songs are now available for the first time on compact disc as well as cassette! Click here, or on the Store link above, to listen to samples of the first four tracks and to buy your copy today.

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