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The Sweetest Song by Dianne M Parker


1. The Sweetest Song
2. Starship Enterprise
3. I Am
4. The City
5. Oh My Heavenly Days
6. Oh I Believe In Jesus
7. God's Man
8. More Than Sweet Music
9. Jesus Mystery
10. Lift Your Hands In Holy Worship

The Sweetest Song is a collection of Dianne M Parker's older original Christian music. It contains 10 songs that begin with the title cut The Sweetest Song that is about the calling of Jesus. It is followed by Star Ship Enterprise which is a song about relationships, I Am about creation from God's point of view, The City which is about the grafting in of the Jews, My Heavenly Days a fun song about letting Jesus in, Oh, I Believe in Jesus a 60's style song about coming to believe, God's Man about the Godly man a Godly woman looks for, More than Sweet Music a love song, Jesus Mystery about what it is like in heaven, and Lift Your Hands in Holy Worship a song of worship.

This album is a collectors collection of songs which will probably not be reproduced in future albums and is Dianne's first venture into the market place with her music. There are 500 copies of the original cassettes of which over half have been sold. Dianne will autograph them at your request. The CD's will be available normally from now on. Dianne is not the usual Christian artist and focuses her music on love and freedom of spirit. She expresses herself very originally and includes her personal loves, her homing pigeons and motor cycle riding in her album picture. She does not fit the mold and is refreshingly real about her spirituality which has gone through many transitions. She embraces all that are loving.

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