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Songs of Tomorrow Records LLC is a start up record company which supports its first artist, Dianne M. Parker. It was formed to facilitate her career and to promote her work. We are currently looking for investors who might be interested in the company. An executive overview is available upon request. We have a unique business plan and we are working closely with David Newman DSc of Templar LLC ( to prepare for full entry into the market place with Dianne's CD's. In the future we will be taking on other artists and developing and promoting them locally at first and then world wide.

We are currently working with a local production company, Eagle's Cry Studio, to produce a CD which will be called Hidden Flame of Love which is a collection of Dianne's original Wiccan songs under her craft name of Eagle Light. We will be doing other CD's in the future of her original music in different genre, including 50 beautiful original Christian songs, and some of her older songs.

Songs of Tomorrow will invest in becoming an in home studio at Dianne's home in Malabar, Florida. We will offer the recording facilities to the public as well as develop our own CD's. We aspire to work with other record companies to develop a network of producers who can develop background music, arrangements, and provide other support for our artists. One aspiration is to work with David Foster and his people who produced the background music for Josh Groban because it is so amazingly done. Dianne has a very melodic voice which is of this kind of caliber.

The most important thing about Songs of Tomorrow Records LLC is that the company will be open to all artists of different spiritual paths, and focused on providing music that uplifts the spirit, enhances well being, and promotes happiness and love. We want to provide the highest quality of positive uplifting music as is possible. We will not ever promote anything negative in any way or do music that is harmful to others or the environment. Songs of Tomorrow Records LLC will always uphold the highest standard in making the world a better, more tolerant, loving place as a result of expressing beautiful music to the world. We all share this world and we must begin to embrace the things of healing and love for the sake of our survival as a people and a world. We will foster peace, reverence for our natural world, and spiritual growth through beautiful original music.

Now Available On CD and Cassette!
The Sweetest Song is a collection of Dianne M. Parker's older original Christian music. It contains 10 songs that begin with the title cut The Sweetest Song that is about the calling of Jesus. This album is a collectors collection of songs which will probably not be reproduced in future albums and is Dianne's first venture into the market place with her music.

The songs are now available for the first time on compact disc as well as cassette! Click here, or on the Store link above, to listen to samples of the first four tracks and to buy your copy today.

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