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Dianne Marie Parker has been a musician since she was 12 years old. She began writing her own songs after learning to play the guitar from a neighbor. Dianne never took lessons, but instead taught herself to play and sing from the examples of other musicians around her.

According to Dianne: I picked their brains and learned many things from them over the years. I have developed my own style which is folk classical contemporary. I play many styles of music which flavors my original songs. But, I focus on spiritual music, love songs, and alternative music. I have over 50 Christian songs which I want to share with the Christian community. I have many new Wiccan songs and a host of love songs. I have nature songs and specialty songs which I wrote from inspirational experiences. I write often and have a variety of sounds which will delight all ages.

Dianne's favorite musician is Josh Groban and she would like to sing some of her original songs with him.

She is a spiritually centered person with a focus on making love the main thing in life. According to Dianne: I want to share my love with the world through my music. I love the natural world and have a flock of homing pigeons which I enjoy. I have always respected nature and reverence the web of life within which we live. I live in Malabar, Florida in my own home. I am a massage therapist and run my own practice out of my home. I do out calls mainly. I am single and hope to meet the man I have been longing for in the future as I do my music and become known. I play locally right now and am looking to expand my audience in the future. I am a strong woman with a history of many trials which has developed in me compassion, understanding, and love to a deep degree. Life has taught me to be true to myself, to do my passion and live my dream and never compromise my values and my person hood, never give up on that which makes me happy and to be loving to all people, no matter what their religion, race, or other difference they may have. We all share planet Earth and we must see that loving each other is the point of living. These are some of my values and beliefs.

Now Available On CD and Cassette!
The Sweetest Song is a collection of Dianne M Parker's older original Christian music. It contains 10 songs that begin with the title cut The Sweetest Song that is about the calling of Jesus. This album is a collectors collection of songs which will probably not be reproduced in future albums and is Dianne's first venture into the market place with her music.

The songs are now available for the first time on compact disc as well as cassette! Click here, or on the Store link above, to listen to samples of the first four tracks and to buy your copy today.

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