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Hike South~St. Francois Hike~St. Louis Hike~Ozark Mt, Castor River Fine Arts ☼ Visual Communication
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sun_design ☼ nature_walks ≅ take-a-hike~a-walk-in-the-park~gardens-for the-soul ≅ soulshine
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fine arts, arts & education

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St. Louis, MO 63109                

Visual Art and Digital Communication, Artist ☼ Technology, Fine Arts and Design, Education

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Professional Experience: Creative Services ☼ Fine Art, Visual and Digital Design
Creative and Visual Communication - Interactive Education and Training Materials, Digital Design

- Interactive Web Design and Development, Graphic Design
- Ability and knowledge of Adobe software, Creative Cloud and Microsoft applications
- Advertising and Marketing - Design and Promotion Creative Services
- Visual Communication Marketing - Visual and Cause Marketing, Social Media Design & Networking
Professional experience in conceptualizing, design and development of digital materials

Technology, software and applications, Macintosh, Android and Windows
Advanced knowledge of Adobe and Microsoft applications:
- Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Fireworks, Adobe Acrobat, Sharepoint
- Adobe Creative Suites and Cloud, Coldfusion, Flex-Flash Builder
- E-Learning Software and Applications, (Adobe Flash, Captivate 6, [e-Learning Suite], Articulate)
- Microsoft Office, OWA, Powerpoint, Publisher, Excel, Word. Access, Outlook. Autodesk
- Microsoft Visual Studio, Silverlight, Azure
- HTML/ DHTML, XML, CSS, JS - QuarkExpress
- Apple Mac and Windows applications, Networking and Wireless Technology
- Mobile Apps and e/m Interactive Design Design and Development*
Fine Arts ☼ Visual Communication
Professional Artist - Fine Arts and Design, Visual Art and Communication
- Studio Art Exhibits, Awards and sales in photography, printmaking, illustration and design.
- Professional experience in conceptualizing in design and studio art

Education and Accomplishment in Fine Arts:
- Illustration: Figure Drawing, Anatomical, Drawing I-IV (Berry, Stack), Graphic Design I-IV, Pen & Ink
- Printmaking: Silkscreen, Litho, Intalgio-Etching (Cameron) (A.J. Mathenia), Photography (Schuchard)
- Painting: Acrylic, Oil (Bussabarger, Bernesche), Pastel, Ceramics, Sculpture, Digital Art, Photography and Media
- Digital Design: Interactive Webpage Design and Development, Image Optimization and Video
- Art History: Western Art, American Folklife, Italian Renaissance, 20th Century European & American
- Art Education: Art for Children, Teaching Technology, Children’s Literature, Teaching Foundations

Education Technology ☼ Visual Art, Fine Art
Education, Teaching and Learning, E-Learning Software and Applications, Graphic Design, Curriculum; Adult and K-12
- Technical, Graphic Design, Curriculum Design Assistant, Multi Media Video Specialist Assistant; Higher Education
- Technology, Education Assistant; Higher Education; e-Learning Applications and Interactive Design, CMS, LMS Systems
- Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; Educator Certification, Teaching Art Content, Visual Art 2011-14, 2002-2004
- Experienced Substitute Teacher and Volunteer in Library Programs, Visual Arts, Technology, Children's Literature

Professional Development ☼ Conferences and Affiliations
- Missouri National Educators Association, N.A.E.A., Mizzou Alumni Association, St. Louis, 2013
- UMSL Women in the Arts, Focus on Teaching and Technology Conferences 2011-2012
- NEA and NAEA, FATE (MACAA), Foundations & Theory in Art Education Conference 2011  
Education ☼ Digital Design, Visual Communication and Fine Art, Art Education
Teaching, Masters Graduate Student Admission/Acceptance, College Of Education, 2013. UMSL
Technology & Teaching, E Learning Applications Design.Continuing Education; Beginning Teachers Assistance Program, 2012. UMSL
Fine Arts & Visual Communication. EducationContinuing Education,Teaching 2011. STLCC-UMSL, St. Louis
Interactive Webpage Design & Development. Continuing Education, 2002, 2005. University Of Missouri, St. Louis
Graduate Student, Post-Baccluerate. University Of Missouri, Columbia
Graphic Design & Fine Arts, Arts&Science BFA, Academic Scholarship. University Of Missouri, Columbia
s. trent

Tower Grove Park Spring 2012  Tower Grove Park Seasons   Tower Grove Park Summer 2011 ~ Autumn 2011