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Good News
Monday, 6 February 2012
God and His Gift of Humor to Us!
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Tim Hawkins-Hand Raising and Sanitizer
Topic: Christians Can Have Fun!

I have always been one who had to fight not to poke at a sacred cow, I guess that is why Tim Hawkins has used humor in a Christian Sense to do so! I grew up seeing many different denominational structures in my formative years and learned a lot...

I am from a long line of ministers.(never aspired to be one).My Great Great Grandfather was a Primitive Baptist, as well as his son My Grandfather, My Uncle a Southern Baptist Pastor and I grew up in the Nazarene Church..I went to summer camps at Nazarene and Quaker Denominational Outings also and Summer camps at The Salvation Army Camp, went to YMCA when it was a Young Man's Christian Association, then I Pastored for a short time a Holiness Church though I am ordained through a Charismatic Church and also a Four Square off shoot church group..:)))))

 Many times I think I have seen it all. My Pastoral Mentor was wise in telling me to study all the greats of the faith, and the one thing I have drawn from it all is this: You either live the life "In Him" or You don't! He works with us, not against us...and I still hurt when I see sheep that are astray struggling to earn stripes with God, when He is there ever loving just wanting us to get our liturgies and works out of the way and just sit in His Presense and soak Him in!

Have You ever loved another so much that the blessed moments are just holding You in their arms and being silent...the beauty of the moment? It can be like that with Jesus, and all Your cares lift and encouragement and insight to problems come....

Now I will say I have been blessed going to Episcopalian Midnight Masses, Catholic Masses, Baptist Services as well as Full Gospel services...Why? Because God shows up! Now these words may disturb You, about a varied bunch of denominations..but just talk to Jesus about it ok! Remeber where there is "Love Shown" in a church, even in constructive corrective manners...there is God's Spirit!

Now I am all for freedom of worship, but I found Tim's explanation of hand raising so humorous I cried....enjoy:


Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 10:36 PM EST
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Thursday, 19 January 2012
Baby's Got Book!
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: Pastor Dan Smith
Topic: Christians Can Have Fun!

"Baby Got Book"

Lyrics by Dan Smith; Copyright 2004


Oh my goodness, Becky, look at her Bible

It is so big

She looks like one of those preacher guys girlfriends know...Who understands those preacher boys

They only talk to her because she looks like Mother Teresa, ok?

I mean her's just so big

I can't believe it's so huge

Uggh! It gross!

Look, she's just so...righteous

Verse 1

I like big Bibles and I can not lie

You Christian brothers can't deny

That when a girl walks in with a KJV

And a book mark in Proverbs

You get stoked

Got her name engraved

So you know that girl is saved

It looks like one of those large ones

With plenty o' space in the margins

Oh baby, I wanna read witcha

Cause your Bible's got pictures

My minister tried to console me

But that Book you got makes ("M-m-me so holy")

Ooh, momma-mia

You say you want koinonia

Well, bless me, bless me

And teach me about John Wesley

I saw her praying

While I was DJing

She got grace...pretty face

She ain't goin' down to the bad place

I'm tired of heathen guys

Sayin' they like pocket-size

Ask the average Christian to take a look

She's gotta pack much Book

So...Fellas (Yeah), fellas (Yeah)

Has your girlfriend got the Book (Oh yeah!)

Well, read it (Read it!), read it (Read it!), read that Holy Book

Baby got Book


(NIV with a ribbon bookmark)

Baby got Book

(NIV with a ribbon bookmark)

Verse 2

I like 'em leather and bound

It's 50 pounds

I just can't understand

How it is, some weenie

Wants the Bible on CD

She wanna get you saved

Amen! Double up! A-men!

I ain't talkin' about a paraphrase

Cuz Paul wouldn't use those anyways

like 'em real thick and red-letteredYou can't find nothin' betterSouthpaw's in love

Bibles that big are unheard of

So I'm sittin' here thinkin' "What if...

I find me a girl that shows midriff?"

You can have those bimbos

I'll keep those chick that do devos

A word to the Christian sistas

I can't resist yaI'll do God's time witcha

But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna pray

Til the break of day

Baby, got it goin' on

Like the wife in Pro-verbs 31

We just might get engaged

When we finish reading this page

Cuz it's worn and it's torn

And I know this girl's reborn

So ladies (yeah), ladies (yeah)

Do you wanna save people from Hades (yeah) Then read it...'til the pages fall out

Even white preachers got to shout

Baby got Book

(Thompson Chain with big red letters)

Baby got Book

Yeah baby

When it comes to a good book

Stephen King's resume just can't compare

39 + 27 = 66 books

And if you're Catholic...there's even more

So your girlfriend quotes Bill Hybels

But does she got a big Bible?

Cuz that little things she's got won't start a revival

My Bible study don't want none,Unless you got Book, Hon

...You can read Clancy or Grisham

But please don't loose this Book

Some brothers wanna play that hard hard role

And tell you that Book's too old

So they toss it and burn it

And I pull up quick to just learn it

So your girl likes paperback? Well I ain't down with that

Cuz my girlfriend's hot her Bible's rockin'

And she's got good doctrine

To the atheist chicks who try to dis

You ain't it Miss Priss

Give me a Christian, I'm insistin'

And I'll greet her with some holy kissin'

Some pervert tried to chase But he didn't make it past first base

She's quick to resist temptation

And she loves a new translation

So ladies who were lost and found

If you want the triple-six thrown down

Dial 1-800-reads-a-lot

And teach me about those Psalms

Baby got Book

(NIV with a ribbon bookmark)

Baby got Book

(Thompson Chain with big red letters)

Bible college knowledge but she still got Book (4 Xs)

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 2:24 AM EST
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