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Good News
Tuesday, 28 February 2012
This day!
Mood:  special
Now Playing: I am truly thankful!
Topic: Just Life!

Well, I'm back to work tomorrow God Willing, and this has been an interesting weekend which I thought I was gliding into it and it started off with a nice bombshell..:))

The rest of this weekend has really been spent recouping and soul searching...with the normal what the heck is going on and what am I here for? stuff...

Yet tonight as I checked in on Buster and carried his bed to the porch, he gave me that puppy dog look w/ tail wagging and I remembered how before my back surgery three years ago, I did not walk him much at all for a year prior to that....He got his exercise in the yard....

Temporary paralysis was setting in for me, at times alarming to say the least. I could not put in only a block or two walking at most and sometimes have to sit down until the numbness subsided. I was getting pretty despondent, and had to just about threaten my DR. (kidding) who finally ordered tests and referrals that backed up my claims...

Now it's about three miles a day combined and growing....

I thought about the times Buster drove me nuts, with me being in pain and could not run him down when he ran around the yard not wanting to come in...(there are stories to tell :))) yet surgery wise I am thankful. Even though I was not always the most level acting person during those I am glad to have made it through...and thankful to God for His Mercy and healing.

I am thankful for the friends that stuck with me through this, and thankful for Buster for he truly is a wonderdog! :))) Good Night All...Good Night Moon! :D

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 2:58 AM EST
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Saturday, 25 February 2012
Mail Bag Days
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: When life is just buzzing along....
Topic: Just Life!

Somedays take off like you are a railway are hooked into it and you hang on for the ride! T.J.Terry

This morning I slept later than usual, thus missing my morning walk with Buster...I was a bit hurried and made into work at opening (Usually I'm Early) 

I had this vision of the old Railway Mail Bags, and how they were set un a turnstile and hooked by the train as it went by. It was an old system of post that has been replaced with many other numerous ways of delivery..Not sure if it is still done in rural areas...

Yet today I felt like that bag, just hooked and hanging...going along for the ride...flapping in the wind!

And as was this morning I had a start-off snafu and figured it was all smooth the rest of the day..and it was pretty much so...

Times have changed, and though the technology levels are amazing and we can accomplish more..we take on more and rise to What Dr. Peter called the Peter Principle...Meaning one rises to their own level of incompetence...

On these mailbag days I think it is easy to feel You do not have a thumb on the pulse of things...It is a test of faith!

Yet as You press through in faith and not by sight You usually come out on the positive side of things...though somedays the ride is a little bit longer than You want to last...

I see people going through these things everyday. Businesses downsized workforces and peple overloaded with duties..and in a lot of cases most will be understanding to their plight because they are going through the same thing also!

I have a great boss who has the same wild sense of humor I have and that helps greatly...also on breaks I read a fellow writer's blogs of Her humor lightened me up also! 

So really no point to my meanderings other than that we be open minded to other's plights....and knowing that they like us are probably having a cruddy day also!

So on those days "Mailbag Days" Prayer helps and doing Your best to hold fast to what You need to do, trying to be a little light hearted, and having done Your best to let God care for the rest....

Blessings In Him, Brother Tim


Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 1:08 AM EST
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Tuesday, 7 February 2012
This day....
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: Living...
Topic: Just Life!

I figured other than my regular postings to drop a note on a personal level...As I ready for bed I am very thankful to God for blessing me so much. I had enecountered problems with getting a call through to my convalescing Mother in the early morning, and in the mean time My Sister whom I had not talked to for a while called...we had a good chat.


Sis is ten years older than I am and has been an extra Mom to me...we talked of family and her grandkids, it was very informative...Sis was the main one who always told me I was smart, sharp and intuitive...she is a multi-talented lady who understands her Brother more than anyone else in the family I think..I learned to create by watching her paint as a child, and was a model for her in her art. My first modeling job! :)))  The pay was good...BurgerChef and going to see The Sound of Music. South Pacific, Oklahoma...


So after the call I was able to get through to my Mom and chat...I call her daily...I chat with her, but mainly listen, and give ear to her...and we pray, it means alot to her, and I know God hears us!


It was Mom who has been the example of a Godly Woman, and how we as five kids, Mom have us read Uncle Arthur Stories at the Kitchen table...those stories were stories that were true of the miraculous ways God answered prayers for people...especially Children! Those stories even seemed far fetched until I took God at His Word many years later and started seriously walking with Him....there are memories of instances of things we endured as a family that I would not take a fortune for because those were times where God used Mom as an example to us, and I am eternally thankful!.

When Dad died I was about 9 and Mom went back to school and got her Nursing that time there was only My Younger Brother and I, and I stepped it up as a big brother should. My Sis and Oldest Brother were off to war, and older Brother off to college. In light of being fatherless, we still had fun as we as a family, did paper routes and traveled..and lived well! Every Sunday am & pm in church and Wednesday for Prayer meetings....


So, referring back to the call with my Sister, she touched on something and it struck a chord with me as we chatted. We had discussed me being single :)) which has been the longest stretch of me being that way since I was a much younger man....and I spoke about what I would like in that area...and how I felt I was more clear about making right choices, I think what struck me was talking of being multi-faceted (My paraphrased term) and it led me to later think I have been praying was all about completeness which I realized needed to be for me..and vice versa.


So those that do visit these pages and read my postings, just know this is not the norm. I welcome Your prayers for me in this matter. I enjoyed the last few years being single for sure, and God only knows it may be quite a few more or even for good. But once again I seek some clarity from Him in this area and where to go from here in general...first and foremost to know Him more! I am tired and instead of risking my posting as something rambling I will close out for the night! Blessings! 

Mahalos In Christ,

Brother Timothy

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 3:34 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 8 February 2012 3:14 AM EST
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The Bow!
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Noah's Song By Phil Keaggy
Topic: Just Life!

Tonight I caught a glimpse of a rarity I have seen on a two or three time at most in my life and I got a blessing in being able to snap pics of the Nightbow or Moonbow as I call them...they are rainbows at night and illuminated by the moon's light or reflection of the sun. Tonight is a full here I share....

As I posted the pics online I thought about the darkness and how the bow still shone in the darkness, as You can see the carlights blurred in this nightshot...It reminded me that even in the darkness Gods Promises show through, and they are comforting......

If You do not know about the bow Genesis 9 God gave the Bow to Noah and all of us as a reminder to us and Him, He will no longer destry the earth with a flood! It is a covenant!


Genesis 9:12 And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:

15 And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

16 And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.

17  And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth.


Wow what a promise, and here on Maui I am reminded of that promise even at night!

I am posting a song by Phil Keaggy which has blessed me these many years called "Noah's Song"


Noah's Song

By Phil Keaggy

Lift up your wings and fly,

Fly away far across the sea,

And bring to me the sign

That we are blessed free.

See how the sun shines in,

Oh how I've missed the warmth of light,

And sing to me the song

That removes the night.


Rain, rain, You were pouring rain

I wonder, Lord, were they tears of pain

Yet You saved me, Oh I praise You,

Hallelujah, all Your words are true.

See the rainbow, all creation new.


Speak now, Your servant hears,

For in my heart Your promise lives.

It says to me, all life is from You a gift.

See how the sun shines in,

Oh how I've missed the warmth of light,

And sing to me the song

That removes the night.


Rain, rain, You were pouring rain

I wonder, Lord, were they tears of pain

Yet You saved me, Oh I praise You,

Hallelujah, all Your words are true.

See the rainbow, all creation new.

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 1:31 AM EST
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Sunday, 5 February 2012
in awe
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Personal Poetry!
Topic: Just Life!
in awe

It's been a long tough haul,
& most would have given up,
Lord You lifted me, restored me
in my times of dryness,
You have filled my cup,

In the newness of the moment
I am standing here in awe
Your everlasting kindness,
yes your precious mercy
in the wonder of it all,

for I did not earn Your blessing,
and nothing good
that anyman could see,
You looked upon this little one,
bound by his humanity,

You heard my cries of despiration
Your arms there, open wide
tattered rags for robes spotless white
Your grasp from the depths, lifting me                                    
breakthrough was not denied

In the newness of the moment
I am standing here in awe
Your everlasting kindness,
yes your precious mercy
in the wonder of it all,

11:58 Copyright 2012
By: Timothy Jon Terry

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 8:37 PM EST
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Feb. 1st. 2012
Now Playing: Meanderings...In praise of God's gift of pets.
Topic: Just Life!

I normally should be asleep, as it has been a long day, but I realized I needed to make a Safeway run for some Almond milk and bread etc. Well You always end up buying more than what You went for but if You shop well it's worth it.

Today has been a reflective one for went well, and I picked up a couple of frames for later use...but since I paint therefore I frame :D When I came home for lunch Buster was laying there waiting on me..Sharp dog, he keeps better time than a watch does. :) Well there he was not wanting for the yard, but laying there just wanting me to rub him down. I must say I have learned so much about life and myself, from parenting him over the last 4.5 years since the day I first saw him . 

I was on the heels of a divorce and burned out from doing social work related abuse and neglect work. Hinging on depression and whittled down to near nothing in many ways... I was getting out of it to do something else as a sanity saver and was working out my notice. There was Buster at a day home, I was to pick a child up at...I commented on how handsome a puppy he was, and the owner hinted at getting rid of him. I gave her my card and said ( not believing she would) if she decided to part with him to call me.. She did the next day...Buster his leashes, collar, bowls, and wading pool which I could not fit in my car....

Buster had another name, which I felt did not I named him Buster. I got the name from the movie "A River Runs THrough It". One of my favorites..a crusty gal by the name of "Old Rawhide" said to Brad Pitt and his Brother "Buster here wants to fish" talking of her there You have it....I did not realize I was being Prophetic at the time, but if I ever got anything right it was naming him Buster, for a Buster he has been! :))

 I just loved him from the start, even when he would snatch the brahs and panties of the fellow lady tenants' off the clothes line and play with them...even when he would dig three foot deep holes in the yard with the Landlord scolding him, and even when he chewed up my cell phone and a pair of glasses. I was just glad he did not get hurt.

Now here years later I can still look at him with a glint of that puppy in his face, and slightly slower than at a year, but a little more settled than before...still the best watchdog, yet not as reactive to the passersby as when he was a pup. He's solid and healthy, and as I have said before his dedication to me demands of my dedication to him...

I have seen unconditional love in Buster, and I have been thankful that God has blessed me with him. I always said if I were to get serious and settle down again that Buster and I are a package deal! :))) No lie!

So my little blog posting today is just some meanderings about my dog, my best friend! 

Tonight when I came home from Safeway there I saw the dim light glinting off his eyes as I laid down his bedding for him, realizing how thankful I am for this responsibility..and he was just wanting me to rub him down...

I am thankful for a lot of things, and who am I to complain? It all could have been worse, but it has been very good! God has been very good to me, and has helped me make a lot of since of things I once questioned. So thanks for dropping by and letting me share, I hope You drop by again...or drop me an email! 

Blessings, In Him, Tim




Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 3:42 PM EST
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012
Daily Living...
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Getting fit....
Topic: Just Life!

This morning I was out and about with Buster, we have a 2a day walk regimine for now as I have been bringing things more into a better fitness level. I knew the day (or hoped) that I could return to a semblance at least of core work after my back surgery over two years ago. 

 This move for me I feel is for all the right reasons now...not to return to the look I had modeling, while in college days, though we all want to look good, but you can look good not feel good physical...Mind You I can feel good after half a Pizza Hut Pizza :)))) but that is a synergistic emotional thing with my stomach, and it catches up with You after a while...usually within a few hours :)))..It's not about being single and looking good for the ladies, because that will go usually once You settle down (Statistics prove that one) In all honesty I am getting a little too old for that. 

Well I think this all is about being better fit for the saying goes It is not so much about years added to your life but about having life in your's about being our be maximized...

I feel we all need to do that for the Lord, in whatever capacity we with this in mind I appreciate all the prayers for me in this of succeeding with getting the weight and fitness in line.and keeping it all in line...but mainly keeping it all in the right perspectives...

Paul said it best:

8 Training the body helps a little, but godly living helps in every way. Godly living has the promise of life now and in the world to come.

9 This is a statement that can be trusted and deserves complete acceptance.

10 Certainly, we work hard and struggle to live a godly life, because we place our confidence in the living God. He is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe. 1 Timothy 4:8-10  God's Word Translation

 May God's blessings be upon You this day, blessings of Grace and Favor from Him and May You find it in Your Fellow Mankind! In Him, Brother Tim




Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 12:38 PM EST
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Reflections On My Nightly Walks with Buster....
Topic: Just Life!

Anyone who has followed my blogs in the past , and follow now would be wondering how is Buster? Buster is my Golden Retriever. I have had him for over 4 years now. He is a blessing....

Nightly for 3 of the last four years Buster and I have had a nightly walk...being the one year before my back surgery, then I would release him in the yard and let him do his thing...I am thankful for the back surgery and when I am very tired and aching from work it does not take much to remember when I was disparing over not walking him. God truly gave me a new lot in I will leash him up and off we go into the night air...

The skies at night on Maui are breathtaking at times...oftentimes very clear and the stars like You could reach out and touch we walk I will look down at my 85lb hound happily tugging at the ever reminding him to slow down...

Buster has been my companion and best friend for the longest stretch of my single years, and I must say I have learned more of human nature from him than many years of doing social work..His faithfulness demands from me my faithfulness...such is God's faithfulness to is so true and pure we are drawn to show our faithfulness to Him and His ways....

Even in my aloneness is when His faihfulness is shown....I am reminded of that when walking with Buster and I many times have thought it would be nice to share this with someone I love....yet as I am silently growning within myself Buster nudges me wanting me to rub his muzzle or massage his back...

No summation here, as these things are as they are, and I learn to center and enjoy each day!

As I have shared on other blogs I once more share the song...

 GoD And DoG by Wendy J Francisco

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 3:27 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 24 January 2012 3:33 AM EST
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