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Good News
Monday, 6 February 2012
God and His Gift of Humor to Us!
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Now Playing: Tim Hawkins-Hand Raising and Sanitizer
Topic: Christians Can Have Fun!

I have always been one who had to fight not to poke at a sacred cow, I guess that is why Tim Hawkins has used humor in a Christian Sense to do so! I grew up seeing many different denominational structures in my formative years and learned a lot...

I am from a long line of ministers.(never aspired to be one).My Great Great Grandfather was a Primitive Baptist, as well as his son My Grandfather, My Uncle a Southern Baptist Pastor and I grew up in the Nazarene Church..I went to summer camps at Nazarene and Quaker Denominational Outings also and Summer camps at The Salvation Army Camp, went to YMCA when it was a Young Man's Christian Association, then I Pastored for a short time a Holiness Church though I am ordained through a Charismatic Church and also a Four Square off shoot church group..:)))))

 Many times I think I have seen it all. My Pastoral Mentor was wise in telling me to study all the greats of the faith, and the one thing I have drawn from it all is this: You either live the life "In Him" or You don't! He works with us, not against us...and I still hurt when I see sheep that are astray struggling to earn stripes with God, when He is there ever loving just wanting us to get our liturgies and works out of the way and just sit in His Presense and soak Him in!

Have You ever loved another so much that the blessed moments are just holding You in their arms and being silent...the beauty of the moment? It can be like that with Jesus, and all Your cares lift and encouragement and insight to problems come....

Now I will say I have been blessed going to Episcopalian Midnight Masses, Catholic Masses, Baptist Services as well as Full Gospel services...Why? Because God shows up! Now these words may disturb You, about a varied bunch of denominations..but just talk to Jesus about it ok! Remeber where there is "Love Shown" in a church, even in constructive corrective manners...there is God's Spirit!

Now I am all for freedom of worship, but I found Tim's explanation of hand raising so humorous I cried....enjoy:


Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 10:36 PM EST
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