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Saturday, 25 February 2012
Street Light Epiphanies (Personal Poetry)
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: By Timothy Jon Terry
Topic: Personal Poetry

Street Light Epiphanies (Personal Poetry)


I remember the late night drives to the studio,

passing darkened stores all closed

past the homeless and their bottle, warming on the streets

hostess bars, lots jammed with cars in long rows,

the hookers leaning against the outside walls

waiting for their patrons to show,


though I never went in that direction

I often wondered about it...but will never know,

though I cast no stones as to their vocation,

in their darkness there is a lacking of the light,

and the need fulfilled is shallow...unreal,

whatever the want is for the creatures of the night,


there I would be passing seeing the lonely patrons

leaning talking, seeking to meet their need

a false feeling, a false kindness, a pretended love

that feeds their need to be,

I am a man such as they are,

and have that same need I would think,


I chose not their path but tried to understand,

for it is a love that's truly not real nor free,

for as a picture of itself is not of substance,

though it's subject is one of beauty that we see,

the picture is but only a represention, a glimpse,

a mere molecule of who it purports to be,


though it is a shot in the dark,

Vegas would give no odds,

that one might find there , some reality,

a possible right for the wrongs,

the sell is so strong,

it blinds the eyes to see,


I know some would go

just for companions,

and in their mind's eye,

look away from the dollars paid,

she is a willing ear, and a tender touch, a kind word,

all of that, a relief from the stresses of the day,


yet there I would drive

by the lampost lit side streets

it foddering the reason for my paints

knowing more.....yes, seeing

the understanding of my own loneliness,

bit still waiting on love that is real and free........


© Timothy Jon Terry

February 25th, 2009

12:42 am

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 2:37 AM EST
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